Yuri Anime Review: Candy Boy

candy boy yuri anime

As was chosen by the readers of YuriReviews, Candy Boy is the next anime to get a review, and needless to say, this should be required viewing for any self-respecting yuri fan.

Synopsis: Twin sisters, Yukino and Kanade Sakurai, room together in the dorms at their high school, enjoying school life with their friends and one another. One day, Sakuya Kamiyama, an underclassman, seeks out Yukino, while Kanade learns from a friend that Sakuya has admired Yukino for a very long time. This innocent revelation sets into motion a chain of events that eventually lead to Yukino expressing her feelings for her sister. (Source: MAL)

Year: 2008-2009
Length: 7 (15 min.) Episodes + 1 (13 min.) ONA + 1 (7 min.) OVA + 1 (9 min.) Special
Genre: Romance, School, Yuri

And keeping with that synopsis, you’d think that the other part of this love triangle, Sakuya, would cause create some tension between Kana and Yuki, but after the initial misunderstanding, it’s not like that at all. Sakuya and Yuki get along well, and after we learn that Kana is the one that Saku adores, not Yuki, Saku proceeds to be the show’s comic relief, which suits her quite well. Comedy isn’t listed as a genre of this anime, but there were more than enough funny moments spread throughout the series, so that’s another plus. A little later on, another character, the twins’ younger sister, Shizuku, provides some drama, in the form of jealousy over the closeness of Kana and Yuki. These episodes with Shi felt like a nice little break from the norm, and they inevitably helped the girls grow closer, so I think it was a nice little detour from the Yuki x Kana lovefest.

First off, that synopsis makes the series sound much more dramatic than it actually is. In the very first Candy Boy episode, Side Story For Archive (also known as Episode 0), Yukino’s teary-eyed plea for Kanade not to leave her, does a decent enough job of hitting you right in the feels, but after that, things calm down considerably. This is a rather slow-moving, character-driven story about these two girls whose relationship is going through some growing pains, yet they manage to pull through. I probably made that sound almost as serious as that synopsis, when in reality, this anime is overly sappy and sweet, which is probably what a majority of yuri fans want to see from their yuri anime anyway~

At its heart, this is a simple story that focuses on the relationships of these four girls, and all the good and bad that come with living and loving. All in all, it’s a rewarding little story that may be simple, yet it’s still easily enjoyable.

candy boy yuri anime
(from left to right) Shizuku, Yukino, Kanade, and Sakuya

Considering how short the episodes are (roughly fifteen minutes for the main series, and even less for the original ONA, special, and OVA), it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the cast is small, with only four characters playing significant roles.

Let’s start off with my favorite of the two sisters, Kanade. As the seemingly more mature of the two, Kana’s act of balancing her relationship with Yuki, her one-sided relationship with her kouhai, her fluctuating relationship with her little sister, as well as her aspiring art career, is enough to make anyone stressed out, but she handles it impressively well. Luckily, she’s not all business, and with all the ridiculous things that Saku and Yuki make her put up with—like Yuki trading photos of Kanade to Saku for snacks—seeing her get upset is half the fun. Of course, the end result usually winds up in Saku getting ignored, as well as Kana and Yuki making up in very cute ways, so if that’s what’ll happen, keep on giving her a hard time, guys!

There may or may not be a “kiss” (it’s debatable whether you can call it that), but as far as everything else goes, this has almost everything that a yuri fan could want from an anime, so what’s not to love about it?

On the flip side is Yukino, and as serious as Kana oftentimes was, Yukino is pretty much the opposite. From making questionable exchanges with Saku, to her incessant whining in order to get her way, I found her equal parts cute and annoying, which is the reason I prefer Kana more. Later on in the series, she seems to do away with the airhead routine a bit, and she immediately became more likable to me. All the cheek abuse Yuki brings upon herself is funny, but I guess I’m not really a big enough fan of that type of character, so I’m sure others liked her far more than I. However, one thing I did really like about her was how she was almost always the one who instigated the yuri moments between her and Kana.

Always sleeping together on the bottom bunk, the constant hand-holding, the finger sucking, the planning of their future together, etc. There may or may not be a “kiss” (it’s debatable whether you can call it that), but as far as everything else goes, this has almost everything that a yuri fan could want from an anime, so what’s not to love about it? What makes me like the yuri in this more than an anime like Sakura Trick, is that it has that sweet love story AND there’s that little bit of a serious side, due to the changing landscape of the girls’ school/work life. But thankfully, it’s not all like that, thanks in large part to Sakuya.

candy boy yuri anime

Yes, Kanade’s diminutive, love-crazed stalker is one of those types of characters that I always enjoy, and for that reason, she was my favorite character in the show (I know I’m in the minority with that opinion). As far as Shi goes, I didn’t find her as enjoyable as Saku, Kana, or Yuki, but she wasn’t all that bad, and she brought with her some conflict, so it could be far worse. Overall, this anime sits squarely on the shoulders of Yuki and Kana, just like Atlas, and their budding romance is what keeps things interesting and is reason enough for to watch this. So for the great chemistry between Yuki and Kana, and enough yuri to make almost any fan happy, the characters are one thing that Candy Boy does really well.

No, this series isn’t one to feature any intricate fighting scenes or fancy special effects of any kind, yet Candy Boy still looks surprisingly good. It all boils down to the art style, with the characters themselves looking particularly nice, especially considering its meager beginnings on Cho! Animelo and Nico Nico Douga. Realistic enough to not be considered too much on the moe side, yet cute enough to keep things on the light and fluffy side, it’s a near-perfect visual balance that ends up working out very well. It may not be the best-looking anime of its time-frame, yet you can’t deny that it still looks pretty impressive, at least for the time.

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While the main Candy Boy series doesn’t have a full-fledged OP theme, it makes up for it with three different EDs, not to mention having that oh so rare of occurrences, an insert song (which is actually just the first ED, but whatever). I’m all in favor of multiple themes, and I do usually appreciate the brief pause that an insert song provides, but I didn’t find any of these songs all that memorable, and I’m sure I’ll forget all about them in no time. I think the same can be said of a majority of the anime I watch, so it’s not a major gripe, but I think they could’ve been a little more noteworthy. One last thing, how is it possible for the same person who voiced Yuki to be the same person who voiced Satsuki in Kill la Kill?! From a baby doll voice to an authoritative voice worthy of respect, you, Ryouka Yuzuki, are good.

It’s not the most exciting anime out there, and even though I prefer shows that are a little “busier”, you really can’t argue that this is a prime example of yuri anime done right. With some romance, comedy, cuteness, and a somewhat realistic portrayal of a lesbian relationship, there’s a really good chance that yuri fans won’t be disappointed with what Candy Boy has to offer~

Lena’s Opinion: 7
“A yuri classic~”

Story: 7
Characters: 8
Animation: 8
Sound: 7
Yuri: 9
Total Enjoyment: 7.5

candy boy

16 thoughts on “Yuri Anime Review: Candy Boy

  1. I was wondering since we are on the topic of Yuri and sisters, would you guys maybe do a review on the VN Love Ribbon? It is such a wonderful and sweet VN. It handles its topics in a realistic matter too 🙂


    • Well, I’m not that into visual novels, personally, and knowing how busy Lena is at the moment, I can’t see her doing the review anytime soon.

      I think it’ll probably happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath… 😦


  2. At first, I’m very happy my vote came out on top and you reviewed Candy Boy, yay! Sadly, I can’t agree on some point on what you said. I share quite the opposite opinion about the characters: Yuki’s my favorite wheras Kana annoyed me every now and then. (I still like her though) Sure, at first glance, Kana seems to be the more mature one and Yuki’s the childish but it’s also thanks to Yuki, Kana’s even able to live her dream and stay strong. (Since that gets talked about towards the end I won’t go into details now though) Also Yuki’s surprisingly mature if it comes to her relationship. I like how she at no time gets jealous of Saku but instead is even friends with her. 😀
    Also the songs are great to me, I even downloaded 2 of them and often listen to it. ^.^

    Still a great review and this series definitely deserves it’s place here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When Yuki started working to help pay for Kana’s prep classes, I was really impressed, and I immediately thought more highly of her. And there’s that time she so deftly handled Shi’s separation anxiety issues, so it would seem that Yuki really is a lot more mature than I give her credit for. But in between all that, her childish act still got on my nerves a little bit. 😀

      That was pretty great how her and Saku were still friends, despite Saku’s love for Kana. Let’s just pretend all the snacks she gets from Saku don’t affect her judgment. 😛

      I can’t agree on your opinion of the review, but the series definitely should be here, and thanks anyway~ 😛


  3. Candy Boy is pretty much the exact opposite of what you’d expect when the synopsis involves “lesbian, incest sisters”. It’s a mature look at how they grow through life and come to terms with what their relationship is, without ever actually having a lay-it-on-the-table conclusion. Also, I’m so glad that we see a yuri relationship in-motion. Lots of anime end by the time they get together, and most yuri the cast don’t even get together(!) so seeing them falling deeper in love is a real blessing.

    I was sort of… disregarding of incest until I saw this show, which changed my mind to think that it’s not all bad. Love is love, and Yuki and Kana quite clearly love each other! (Thankfully I did get over that, because I loveloveloved Love Ribbon!)

    I personally gave this show a 9/10 because of how cute it is, though it is very true that not a lot happens and some people dislike that (while I liked it more for that!)

    (I also didn’t notice how pretty this show was until you mentioned it. For it’s peculiar beginnings, it actually looks very good!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aside from briefly mentioning that they’re sisters, I didn’t really even bring up the incest debate, since I think it’s kind of a moot point. And it’s not like it was used for titillation or anything like that, so you said it best, love is love~

      It’s been a while since it came out, but I think it still looks pretty decent. Who’d a thunk it? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t think most of us yuri fans have much of a problem with incest (since, well, the main sick point of incest is apparently making deformed babies which is hard to do with lesbians!) but you’re right, it’s mostly quite irrelevant to Candy Boy. They don’t look alike, they don’t act alike and you can even just imagine they’re very close childhood-friends-turned-lovers instead of sisters!

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  4. Always loved this little mini yuri series. Twincest is always a huge win! 😀 I wholly agree with Lena’s remark at the end saying that this series is a classic because it sure is! :Dnow… I hope you guys will be reviewing Strawberry Panic next? 😀

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  5. This is the show that taught me that shows/comics/games about romantic love between adopted/biological sisters is good once in a while. I owe it a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahhh… So nostalgic!

    This was my very first yuri anime and that brings back lot of memory. I remembered 5 or 6 years ago when i was still a huge fan of shounen manga and attempted to find a sequel to shaman king and ended up decovering what yuri meant. Since then, it bacame my favorite genre.

    Candy boy! An awesome show! I loved it so much… and you know the saying “Firsts are always importants and emotionals!”.

    The interraction betwen Kanade and Yukino… in addition with Shi-chan and Sakuya-senpai… d’awwww… It was so sweet that i almost got toothache. Each time i finished an episode, i quickly ran interned to download the next one ASAP. I liked it to the point i finished the 7 + 3 episodes in one day (when i usually finish an anime of 13 episodes in two weeks).

    Overall, thank you for the awesome review! It gave me the envy to re-watch the anime 5 years later (too bad i still have an anime marathon in addition with real life stuffs AKA college). Anyway, nice day to you!


    • For a lot of people, it seems either this or Strawberry Panic was their first yuri anime. Kinda weird that it always seems to be these and not some of the other ones.

      It was sort of the same for me, but it did help that the episodes are only fifteen minutes. 😀

      And no problem. Good day to you as well~


  7. I thought this was a rather sweet, funny and at times heartfelt anime, based around a subject matter that could put some off (twin sisters in love) but it’s done without been sleazy or untasteful. I think the amount of episodes and the time they were given, plus it only having 4 characters. I think this was the perfect amount of time for this anime. Unless they expanded the amount of characters, and added more drama especially about the sister’s relationship been viewed by other people. This show would have been very tedious after a while.

    But I enjoyed it especially the episodes involving the little sister Shi, which were the most heartfelt and sweet. The stalker Sakuya, can be a little annoying at times but the run time of the show doesn’t make her grating (if it was longer it certainly would have). Yukino and Kanada are rather sweet especially Kanada. Also love the little music theme that plays throughout the series, gives the anime a warm and fuzzy feel.

    So overall, I like that the writing doesn’t judge the sisters relationship and it makes the show better for it. The side characters of Shi and Sakuya add to the show. And it’s a show you could get done in two and a bit hours, so you wouldn’t have to invest much time into it. Well worth a watch 7/10


    • Yeah, I can imagine some people just hearing it’s about two sisters and immediately thinking it’s something that it’s not. Just goes to show you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover~

      Even the specials and ONA/OVAs were short, so it’s like they knew making it standard length probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

      Awww. It was the opposite with those two characters for me, but the main girls were really cute~

      I do enjoy me some short shows. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to watch a full-length anime, so these shorter ones are much appreciated, especially if they have as much yuri as this one. 😀


      • I was a little worried before I started watching it, amazing they even got this anime made based just on the story alone. But at times you would think it was just a intense bond between them rather then a sexual one, but I definitely think it was a smart move not to show any make out scenes.

        It’s really just about the two sisters chatting when it boils down to it, with two other characters popping in and out to break up the chats. I think under 15 minutes is the perfect time to spend on these characters and a one season with two specials. Anything longer you would need to expand it out. I don’t think it would have worked.

        You not a fan of Shi or Sakuya, I could understand people not liking Sakuya. Those type of characters can be grating after a while. But Shi for me was perfect, it gave the show the heart it needed and she was the most mature out of them all lol.


        • I didn’t really like Shi’s jealousy involving Kana and Yuki. Before she got there, things were kind of light and fluffy, then she arrived and was a buzzkill for me. 😛

          And Saku can be pretty annoying, but with her, I usually found it either cute or funny. Not so much with Shi.


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