Yuri Quickie: The Kase-San Music Video

I’m in love with this~
Also, I totally agree with OG, we now need a full anime adaptation of this!

The Yuri Empire

Yamada and Kase-san PV Image

The wait is over doods and peeps. The highly anticipated Kase-san animated short has premiered. It is a 5-minute long music video and my reaction is a simple one: Give us an anime adaptation. Seriously. Use the same animation quality in this music video and we are good to go.

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24 thoughts on “Yuri Quickie: The Kase-San Music Video

  1. I just watched it, wow the animation is so beautiful!. I hope Zexcs studio to make a movie or at least one (twelve-episode) season of this manga, I read the manga and it’s so easy-breezy, looking forward to it.

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  2. This was awesome!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! 😀 now where is the full 12 episode series huh Japan?!!?! give us what we want and we will throw all our money at you!

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      • Thats it. its time to play the lottery! all winnings must go to funding of new yuri anime and manga! starting with a full 12 episode anime of Kase-san! then… a new Chimeko anime! 😀

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  3. Well, the voice acting left something to be desired, also the ending felt a bit rushed, and I can’t help but feel like there wasn’t enough character development.
    Still, I look forward to season two…

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  4. WOW. I’ve been really busy lately and just saw this. It made my week. I was grinning like a gormless idiot for the whole 5 minutes! Though, it feels a bit bitter-sweet.

    I feel like an adorable puppy at an adoption center finally lavished with 5 minutes of attention… before the humans move on and adopt the pure-breed in the next pen over! Come back! I need moar! Take me with you!!! 😛

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