And the next Yuri Tournament will be… ?

yuri tournament


After crowning the Best Yuri Character, the Best Yuri Pairing, and the Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History, it’s time for another tournament!

This time, we’d like you to decide the topic of the tournament, which is why we tried to come up with some on our own, as well as collected some possible topics you guys came up with. You can vote for your favorites down below.

After you guys have decided what kind of tournament we will do next, it’s time to collect the participants. This time as well, we’ll be relying on your input, so before the tournament starts, let’s all do some brainstorming together in Round 0 to make sure we won’t forget about anything.

But first, let’s vote!


And yes, I know, we could have gone with the Greatest Yuri Manga, too, but I think that tournament might as well last forever, so let’s not go with this one for now.

If you have any more suggestions for Yuri Tournaments, feel free to list them in the comments, and we’ll save them for next time~


17 thoughts on “And the next Yuri Tournament will be… ?

    • That might be too big actually. We might end up with like 20 rounds and the participating artists might be so many in the beginning that the preparation would simply take too long.

      Though, we will keep this in mind, maybe one day!


      • I wonder if you broke it up into separate tournaments if it might be doable. Maybe do one tournament of Morinaga only, then Takemiya Jin, Shuninta, Hakamada Mera, etc.
        Then you could roll those winners up into a single tournament showdown…


      • Oops, sorry about the confusion. Admittedly I was throwing out half an idea there.

        So I was trying to come up with some way to reduce the field of entries by having pre tournaments that might whittle that down somewhat.

        One way would be to have a single entry by author. To get to that point you could have mini-tournaments where all of one authors titles battle it out, maybe as a single round. Once that title is decided it would be entered into the final tournament.
        Another way might be do it by genre (age gap, fluffy, sports, triangle, etc). This might be more interesting, and a single title could win multiple genres.

        Anyhow, just throwing that out there as a possible suggestion, hope it might help 🙂

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      • Ahhh now I get it, like mini tournaments leading to bigger ones? That actually does sound interesting, especially for those that will most likely have a lot of participants anyway.
        Will keep that in mind thanks! 🙂

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  1. AW YES! Another tournament is on the way! 😀 cant wait to see which one it is! I voted for Best Yuri Anime but any one of them would be good. though I cant see the worst yuri character having many candidates to choose from. most all of them are good. I can see Cross Ange being on there though. I already know what id vote for for Best Yuri Anime! 😀

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  2. Obviously just rooting for my own suggestion of yuri confession 😛 As much as I’d love the others I am concerned that manga will be an easy shoe-in for Girlfriends and visual novel will go straight to Kindred Spirits though. Yuri anime would be interesting though!

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    • Thought so too. There are quite a few to chose from when it comes to Manga, but only a select few are that popular. In the end it would probably be a final round between Citrus and Girlfriends, though that’s just my guess.

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  3. yay another tournament! i love these a lot, theyre always so much fun, i was torn though on which one to choose since all topics are great but in the end i chose which yuri manga deserves an anime adaptation since im interested to see which mangas would make it into the tournament

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    • So far, it seems like your choice might make it.
      I think this would actually make a great tournament and finally one in which Citrus can’t participate in (anymore) 😀

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      • yep because citrus is getting an anime!!!! (so happy the dream came true!!!! so excited for it) and im really curious as to which mangas would make it into the tournament cause there are so many good yuri mangas that definitely deserve animes (heck all yuri mangas deserve animes)

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        • I can see that this one is really winning, huh? I’m a little surprised but quite excited to see how this will play out. Now now, let’s see how many Manga we can find to add should this really win ~


    • It’s slow, but that’s what makes it good. It’s currently the only good thing about the show, even though I really liked it in the beginning.


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