Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 0

yuri anime most deserving of an anime adaptation

We’re excited to announce our next tournament that is going to focus on the yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation.

What an interesting pick, we’re quite hyped to see how this one will play out~ As for the rules: We’ll start with a preliminary round or “Round 0” in which we will list all the participating yuri manga we came up with and give you the chance to add some more. After that, each round will last for one week, while the participating manga will go against each other in a random order 1vs1.

If you wanna make suggestions  for possible additions, please note the following:

In this tournament, we are not going to feature any doujinshi, even if they are a multi-chapter series. Manga that involve sex as the main theme will also not be featured, since we would end up with a hentai adaptation rather than an anime one. However, we are are not sure if we should also include non-Japanese works, such as What does the Fox Say? or Fluttering Feelings for example, since they would surely not end up getting a Japanese anime adaptation, but rather a live-action drama or something similar in the country they were made in. So in this case, please take the poll below to decide if we should include those or not.

Furthermore, please don’t list anything that has yet to pass the 5-chapter mark, since we simply can’t add all manga out there to this tournament, so the newer ones that have simply not gotten past that mark can not be added here.

If you make any suggestion, please only name those manga that focus on yuri and none that only have it as a side-story or the like. Since we already have quite a number of participants, please only name those manga that you think are already popular enough to make it past at least the first round, so please don’t just name any yuri manga that comes to mind, and only stick to the more popular ones for the sake of not having a tournament with too many participating manga.

In the end, we should end up with either 96 or 128 manga and from there, the tournament will officially begin by sunday next week. In case you’re not interested in this tournament, feel free to still look around and maybe discover a new manga that you haven’t read before~

With that said, we’d appreciate your support so we’ll end up with the perfect line up~

Non-Japanese Works

What Does The Fox Say?

Fluttering Feelings

Team Gaji



Lily Love

Ratana Satis

Ratana Satis


The Love Doctor



Their Story

Her Pet



The Mistress Story

Magan & Danai



The Third Party

Unnie’s Taste


Jang-jin Com


White Angels Have No Wings





Keum Kyesoo

Tea cozy (usa)

Always Human

Daily Witch



It Would Be Great If You Didn’t Exist

Everyday Lily


Gom Mali

Japanese Works


Shinmai Shimai Futari no Gohan

Hiromi Takashima

Yutaka Hiiragi

YuriCam: Yurika no Campus Life

Notes from the Garden of Lilies

Shigemitsu Harada & Takahiro Seguchi

Atsushi Suga

Cirque Arachne


Nika Saida

Jun Ogino

Miss Sunflower

Comprehensive Tovarisch

Sugano Manami

Iri Arata

Girl Friends

School Police

Milk Morinaga

Milk Morinaga

Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossoms-Pink

The Secret Recipe

Milk Morinaga

Milk Morinaga

Hana & Hina After School

Age 15

Milk Morinaga

Ryuu Asagi

A World Without Freedom

Renai Manga

Naoko Kodama

Naoko Kodama

Wife & Wife


Hisanari Minamoto



Qualia the Purple

Eri Ejima

Hisamitsu Ueo & Shirou Tsunashima

After Hours

Bloom Into You

Yuuta Nishio

Nio Nakatani

Blue Friend


Fumi Eban

Megane Otomo

Ayame 14

The Feelings We All Must Endure

Amano Shuninta

Amano Shuninta

Riko & Haru & Irukawa Hot Springs

Poor Poor Lips


Hayako Gotou

Hayate x Blade

A Divine Love Alone

Shizuru Hayashiya

Ichika Hana



Haru Akiyama

Tooru Naomura

Hanjuku Joshi

Office Romance

Akiko Morishima

Akiko Morishima

She, her camera and her seasons

The Flower and the Star


Kario Suzukin

The Real Her

More Than Friends?

Youko Imamura

Mochi Au Lait



Show Higashiyama

Show Higashiyama

Dear My Teacher

Catulus Syndrome



Fragments of Love


Takemiya Jin

Takemiya Jin

Futari to Futari


Yoshitomi Akihito

Uko Nishi

Frag Time

Happy Sugar Life


Tomiyaki Kagisora

A Room For Two

Ouji-sama Nante Iranai



Kimi Koi Limit

My Ignorance of a World Yet Unknown

Moto Momono

Moto Momono


Sakana no Miru Yume

Kemeko Tokoro

Ogawa Maiko

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Sayuri’s Little Sister is an Angel

Kabi Nagata

Hachi Itou

Her Kiss – Infectious Lust

Pure Water Adolescence

Miyuki Yorita

Kowo Kazuma

Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange

Gakkou no Sensei


Shinya Suyama

A Kiss and a White Lily

Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu




Kimi no Tame nara Shineru



Bright and Cheery Amnesia

Hoshikawa Ginza District 4

Oku Tamamushi

Kenn Kurogane

Sorairo Girlfriend

Sayonara Folklore

Chinjyao Rosu

Kazuma Kowo


Rock it, GiRL!!

Natsuki Kurotsuki & ma-sa & Kuromame

Minoru Tanaka

Shinigami Alice

Manga no Tsukurikata

Mikuni Hajime

Auri Hirao

Request to Onee-chan

Renai Idenshi XX

Taki Kitao

Eiki Eiki & Mikiyo Tsuda


49 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 0

  1. They are all such good choices! Every round is gonna be hard.

    And here are some other candidates:

    – Chatting at the Amber Teahouse (Fujieda Miyabi)
    – Goblin Is Very Strong (Salamander)
    – Iono the Fanatics (Fujieda Miyabi)
    – Out of the Blue! (Kumichou)
    – Seifuku no Vampiress Lord (Matsumoto Tomoki)
    – She Gets Girls Everyday (Muku)
    – Shoujo Kishidan × Knight Tale (Inue Shinsuke)
    – Strawberry Shake Sweet (Hayashiya Shizuru)
    – Strange Babies (Ohsawa Yayoi)
    – Virgins’ Empire (Kishi Torajirou)
    – Yuri Mekuru Hibi (Mizuki Reona)

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  2. Good that you included Yuzumori. I would have definitely said it anyway, but now I can just say how great and amazing and wonderful and super really special it is 😉

    I want to add Mimi Mix, but know it probably won’t make it on the list because it’s so new, but I can still help spread awareness for this fantastic yuri manga with kemonomimi (animal ears for those not familiar with the term) as the central theme, and a MC that is certainly unique. Hopefully scanlators get to it soon enough, I’m not ruining my copy to provide scans though, so sorry 😛


    • When I google Mimi Mix, only the MAL page turns up, but I can’t read it anywhere 😛

      How many chapters are there out yet? If it’s more than 5 and if the central theme is yuri, then we’ll definitely add it~


      • みみみっくす might be easier to find it with the jp name. As it’s too new. I’m pretty sure it’s past five chapters, but can find no evidence. So you may as wlel keep it off I guess. My reasoning is that it has the first volume released, and usually there are more chapters than what goes in a volume out.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Omg, Candy! Daaaaamn, I have to re-read that one 😀

      Thanks for the additions, though the more we get the less I think 128 participants is enough…
      Now, I think we have to decide if we actually wanna add all of these or ignore the “less popular” ones…. well, only if we can obviously tell that they are. It’s gonna be though 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • Or you could just seed the most popular ones say into round 3 or later. That way the other ones wouldn’t get blown out by an obviously popular title that would win regardless.
        Gives the little guys a bit of a fighting chance.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s actually an interesting idea, but maybe too hard to actually do, seeing that I can name some popular ones but I can also see how people will harshly disagree with my picks 😀


  3. What Does The Fox Say
    The Third Party

    Would make amazing Yuri live action drama! If possible a Anime dilatation would be nice!
    Or even a lesbian TV series. 😀

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  4. This one’s going to be a more hardcore, insider-ish competition than the others. I mean, as a yuri newbie myself, I only really know the shoo-ins like Girl Friends, Octave and Prism.

    I’d add Iono the Fanatics and even The Miko’s Words and the Witch’s Incantations by Miyab iFujieda since that’s the only other ones I know. Hopefully the turn out is as good as the others.

    Liked by 2 people

      • awesome reads indeed! I must confess that non-japanese manga have been a pretty hard sell for me but because of your posts on it a while back, i decided to give it a chance. Finally read Pulse and that changed my opinion of non-japanese manga in general. It turns out that I really like Ratana Satis’ work! Her drawing style is amazing! Never bothered to see what else she had until I saw Lily Love on this list. I stayed up far too late last night reading that one, and it’s quite good.

        You’ll be happy to know that I’ve been enjoying quite a few non-japanese titles now. 🙂


    • I read manga more than I watch anime, so I am pleased -finally!- to have a tournament where I am familiar with the contestants. Alas, I find choosing a favorite very difficult so I know I’ll find this challenging.

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  5. Elixir (Non-Japanese work)
    My Girlfried’s Ex-Boyfriend (Non-Japanese work)
    Yuri Mekuru Hibi/Oshigoto
    My Unrequited Love
    Seifuku No Vampiress Lord
    Secret Of The Princess
    Miss Angel and Miss Devil (Non-Japanese work)
    The Chain Of Youth (Non-Japanese work)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think, it might as well be a great opportunity to use these for a list of all yuri manga…. hmmmm, I wonder if people would be interested in that as well and even more so if this is even possible to do 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  6. So glad to see a new tournament! this looks like a fun one! you already have a lot of the ones I would suggest on there… EVEN GAMMA! 😀 I would like to suggest Maka Maka and Otome no Teikoku. those are both good series.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Some good series that no one else has mentioned:


    Gokujou Drops

    Hatsukoi Shimai

    Heart Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls’ Academy

    Husky and Medley

    If This Wish Comes true and it’s sequel All You

    Love DNA XX

    Majyo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane


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  8. Lena – Thanks for including Stretch, Shinmai Shimai and Miss Sunflower. Two others to consider are Secret Love by Ootomo Megane and If this Wish is Fulfilled by Hakamada Mera. Someone mentioned Strange Babys (sic) by Ohsama Yayoi — has anything been done with her series 2DK, G-pen, Alarm Clock ?

    Finally, do you know anything about the future of After Hours? VIZ Media will release an English edition two weeks from now, but the series appears to have screeched to a halt in Japan. I like Kei very much, and appreciate the atypical setting of the story — age gap where the younger partner isn’t a minor and the older partner doesn’t have an obligation to exercise extra care. I hope to see more of this one.


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