Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 2

yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation

Even the first round held quite some surprises. Let’s hope it’ll continue just like that with the second one as well~

As always, you can find the tournament bracket right here.

Have fun voting!

Girl Friends

Kimi Koi Limit

Milk Morinaga

Moto Momono

Frag Time

Wife & Wife


Hisanari Minamoto

Notes from the Garden of Lilies

The Real Her

Atsushi Suga

Youko Imamura

The Feelings We All Must Endure


Amano Shuninta

Takemiya Jin

Riko & Haru & Irukawa Hot Springs



Show Higashiyama


Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni!

Hajime Mikuni

Shou Hikawa

Qualia the Purple

Sayonara Folklore

Hisamitsu Ueo & Shirou Tsunashima

Kowo Kazuma


Office Romance

Ratana Satis

Akiko Morishima


First Love Sisters

Hiromi Takashima

Mako Komao & Mizuo Shinonome


Fragments of Love

Eri Ejima

Takemiya Jin

YuriCam: Yurika no Campus Life

A Kiss and a White Lily

Shigemitsu Harada & Takahiro Seguchi


Hana & Hina After School

Bright and Cheery Amnesia

Milk Morinaga

Oku Tamamushi

Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange

Yuri Mekuru Hibi


Reona Mizuki

Sayuri’s Little Sister is an Angel

Miss Sunflower

Hachi Itou

Sugano Manami

Cirque Arachne

My Unrequited Love

Nika Saida


Fluttering Feelings

The Secret Recipe


Milk Morinaga

What Does The Fox Say?

Hanjuku Joshi

Team Gaji

Akiko Morishima

Magan & Danai

School Police


Milk Morinaga

She, her camera and her seasons



Uko Nishi


My Ignorance of a World Yet Unknown

Jun Ogino

Moto Momono

Lily Love

Kimi no Tame nara Shineru

Ratana Satis


The Third Party

Seifuku no Vampiress Lord


Tomoki Matsumoto

Dear My Teacher






Haru Akiyama


Bloom Into You

Secret of the Princess

Nio Nakatani

Milk Morinaga

Blue Friend

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Fumi Eban

Kabi Nagata

The Flower and the Star

A Room For Two

Kario Suzukin


Their Story

Her Kiss – Infectious Lust


Miyuki Yorita

Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossoms-Pink

Chouchou Nannan

Milk Morinaga

Takemiya Jin

Aqua Blue Cinema

Ayame 14

Hiyori Otsu

Amano Shuninta


The Love Doctor

Tooru Naomura



Renai Manga

Show Higashiyama

Naoko Kodama


40 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 2

  1. oh the pain… Hoshikawa didnt make it nor did Maka Maka T.T must fight on and keep voting for my favorite series! glad Gamma made it though! 😀 wonder who will make it to round 3.

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  2. I’m fairly sure the results are suggesting that the finals will be Girlfriends or *possibly* Kase-san vs Bloom Into You at this rate, though I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it isn’t! Lots of these shows can be winners after all.

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  3. Unfortunate matchups: Bloom Into You vs. Secret Of The Princess (BIY, of course, but still, I LOVE Secret Of The Princess), Prism vs. Renai Manga (Prism, my fave, but still), Lily Love vs. Kimi no Tame nara Shineru (LL, obviously, but still), and Hana & Hina After School vs. Bright and Cheery Amnesia (haven’t decided yet, maybe B&CA?). Maybe I should adopt the glass half-full perspective?

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      • あははは。レナちゃん、大丈夫、大丈夫。本当。
        (wipes tears from both eyes while waving Lena off)

        Seriously, I’m fairly confident the winner and runners-up will be among my favorites. I expect GF, BIY, Kase-san, LL, or Pulse will be up there, and a number of others I love are running strong, too.

        Apologies in advance to any one this offends, and to kicking losers when they are down, but I can sleep well now that Ohana Holoholo and Rock-It Girl have been eliminated. I’m not sure what it is, but something about those two in particular set me on edge.

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  4. After thought, I am stopping voting on My Lesbian Edperience with Lonliness. It is just too short to sustain a longer story at this point.


  5. I’m genuinely surprised that Yuzumori-san made it past round 1, but you know what, I ain’t complaining!

    I don’t think Swap Swap will be able to win this one, but what surprises me the most is Hana and Hina aren’t doing better at the moment. To be fair, the Amnesia one is really cute, but there just isn’t enough substance for me to think it should be doing so well. The same could be said about Unrequited Love. Granted, I don’t even know if it’ll go down an NTR route or not (which I’m not a fan of, even if it’s Yuri), but something about it keeps me hooked.

    I think the title match will be Girl Friends vs. either one of the manhwa or Bloom Into You. As much as I love Bloom Into You, and even a few of the manhwa, I’m still pulling through for Girl Friends!

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      • I wonder if it’s because of what I mentioned in the first round where newer fans are introduced to the genre from big ones like Citrus and Bloom Into You, and look into other works. That, and perhaps because it’s colored people may or may not find it more attractive to read. I personally am on the fence about most manhwa because of how long they take to progress.

        I could see Their Story making it the furthest, but I think it will fall eventually to the big ones Bloom, Girl Friends, etc.

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  6. I am also disappointed that Hoshikawa Ginza 4Chome didn’t go further. It must be too old at this point. 😦 Most difficult choice this round for me: She, her camera and her seasons v. Collectors. xD

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  7. At the time I was giving my votes, (all of?) the presumed popularity faves are in clear lead of their competitors (5 with +75%) and surprisingly many other pairs very close to a 50:50 stand-off (two were exactly on 50% and 5 more within a ~2% margin!). Especially the latter makes it a very interesting tournament, and a lot of hearts will be broken and many tears will be shed before this is over…

    I found myself voting against some of the manga I enjoyed, just because I couldn’t imagine a proper anime adaptation for them. While on the other hand, I realized I need to catch up on quite some titles and just voted based on the most promising premise (and how anime-adaptable it could be) based on MAL descriptions… Interestingly, though, most of the ones I didn’t know yet didn’t make it to round 2 .-.

    Once again, I find it quite interesting what the majority voted for (so far), even if or because it differs from my own choices so much at times.
    These tournaments are always highly entertaining. Thanks for all the effort!

    I predict a semi-finale between Girl Friends, Kase-san, Lily Love and Bloom Into You (with an honorable mention of Their Story which will loose against BIY in the quarter-finals) 😛

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    • I think you’re one of the few people that actually vote for what they think might make a good anime, instead of just voting for their favorite manga 😀

      You continue doing this, I hope many more will follow your lead!

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      • If you don’t think something can make a good anime, then you don’t have faith int the manga. Obviously you have to take into account what form it could take if it were adapted, but those are things you have zero control over and it could any way for any manga. Who actually expected NTR to go 10 minute episodes, for example.

        The point I’m trying to make is that ANYTHING can make a good anime. It all depends on how it’s handled. And ANYTHING can make a terrible anime. Nothing is guaranteed. So, instead of voting for what looks the “most sellable”, why not just vote for what you actually know you enjoy the most, and hope that it gets handled right?


      • Hm, there are ones I really like to to read, like mostly comedy ones, but that I just wouldn’t necessarily want to see as an anime.

        For me, the most romantic manga would also be the ones I’d most likely want to see an anime of… though I’m a perv and I just wanna see girls making out, so….. 😀

        Though, you are definitely right, handled the wrong way, even those could be a big disappointment.


      • @cirno9fan
        Well, generally you can turn everything into an anime. But I in my opinion there are things that wouldn’t translate well into another medium. And yeah, sure it’s about how it’s handled. E.g. a lot of internal monologue voice-over can fail in execution and reception (besides many other criticisms Kuzu no Honkai got, I even heard that one there). A 4-kouma manga can be very entertaining but may lack an overarcing story to fill some 13 x 20 minute-episodes and keep audiences attached (tho, Kobayashi-san excelled in making it work despite the arguably good/bad finale). Trying to fill 12 episodes of an anime or a decent movie with a completed manga of only a few chapters of lovely romance but without really anything happening may also be a bore and flop.
        And I think, that most of us read “anime adaptation” in the tournament-title and think of “13 x 20 min episodes or at least a full movie” – as proven by the Kase-san and NTR outrages XD
        This is still a fictional poll with no influence on the real world whatsoever, so I believe our make-believe-expectations are just that high.

        My criteria of “what would even work in an anime adaptation” are admitably a bit fluid, but generally I thought about:
        – What is even an interesting story / premise that would cause even people to watch who aren’t already fan of the manga (and hopefully enough to keep a series running or justify a second cours or at least cast a good light to the yuri genre so more adaptations could follow)?
        Is the manga just cute for my own quick-read taste or is it actually a good story that “deserves” an anime and is not the quadzillionst rehash of an objectively unexciting plot – does it at least have a nice twist to it (compare to: school girls stage performing Romeo and Juliet clichee, like Sorairo Girlfriend – though that at least tried to offer a little twist here and there)?
        – How much does the manga offer (so far) – despite how amazing the premise and art may be, is it beyond a handful of chapters yet so enough source material is there to even animate?
        – Is the story-telling in the manga so particularly tied to the medium that an adaptation would basically have to rewrite the whole thing, thereby possibly destroying its essence / what’s so great about it?

        There are simply some stories that I enjoyed ‘on paper’ and which may I count as favourites, that I believe, even if “well handled” wouldn’t translate well to animation or just don’t bring enough to the table to entertain in that format as much. That’s not saying they’d make for a horrible anime. Just that in the other medium delievery and also my expectations are different. Yes, if the right team was on it, it could surprise me by using a particular animation style and art, adding elements, side-stories and even molding out characters much differently or more elaborately – the possibilities are endless! – but I can just give my vote based on the manga as is.

        The other way around, there are anime that I quite enjoy but their manga adaptations just don’t work as well for me, even if objectively ‘handled well’, just because some things just don’t translate well 1:1 (and have to be changed) and/or my expectations are so much tied to the anime and -style.

        Does the manga then not deserve an anime? Maybe it does deserve more recognition in my opinion. But if an anime for any particular manga would be the best way to go is imo a very different story. Spagetti are yummy, but doesn’t mean a painting of it will cause me as much enjoyment. And before I draw Lord Of The Rings into this, I’ll stop my rant… ^^;;

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  8. ahhh this was so challenging especially yagate kimi ni naru against ohime-sama no himitsu but still i managed to pull through, i hope my picks can move onto the next round

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  9. Gah! Torture! And more torture coming this weekend! Got my votes in and I’m praying that Girlfriends doesn’t pair of with Bloom into You, Pulse or Lily Love next round because choosing between those would be agony.

    Also, I want to ask, who does the lead image for the posts? Kudos, because they’re REALLY good. 😀

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  10. Shitsurakuen makes a better anime than The Love Doctor, though. 15/10 much better anime than The Love Doctor. T___T


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