Yuri News Update – June 2017

Let’s start off with some great news first that will hopefully lessen the pain of what is going to follow…

So, just a few days ago, we got another trailer for Netsuzou TRap, and it looks freaking promising, even though we have to admit that the animation is not… let’s call it “high quality”. Nevertheless, take a look at the yuri goodness right here:

With the trailer, however, also came the information that each episode will only last for about 10 minutes. Let’s not try to hide it, this simply sucks, but we gotta look on the bright side; It’s still much better than having even shorter episodes, so I’ll stop my complaining and simply start hyping myself up again. Join me, guys!

citrus manga yuri animeIn other news, we finally got some more information on the upcoming Citrus anime. Well, rather than the much anticipated premiere date, we got the confirmation that the cast for the anime will stay the same as what we’ve already seen, or more like heard, from the drama CD:

  • Ayana Taketatsu – Yuzu Aihara
  • Minami Tsuda – Mei Aihara
  • Yukiyo Fujii – Harumi Taniguchi
  • Yurika Kubo – Himeko Momokino
  • Shiori Izawa – Matsuri Mizusawa


Let’s hope we’ll get some more information soon. Plus, pretty please, a trailer, so we can finally see how it will all look like in the end. I guess I’m not the only one here dying to find out more~


20 thoughts on “Yuri News Update – June 2017

  1. re: NTR being only 10 eps long. It sounds bad, but the NTR manga IIRC just published its 4th volume in Japan. That’s not really enough material to make a full 24 minute 12 ep series, without stretching things out or adding new content in.

    Citrus now has enough material for 7 volumes I believe, it’s also a bit wordier than NTR, so I would expect it to to be full length when it comes out.


  2. really sad that netsuzou trap is only 10 mins long but it makes sense since the manga is still short so im not to sad about the decision well hopefully it does well so we can get more yuri animes also im so happy that the cast for citrus is the drama cd cast even though i wished my dream cast was casted as the characters but oh well because i love the drama cd cast a lot, so excited!!!! now all we need is the release date!!!! im just so happy this year has been amazing for us yuri fans, heres to hoping for more in the upcoming months especially since love live sunshine season 2 is out in the fall which means more cute moments between the aqours members

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  3. Why do people like Citrus so much? I just want a good yuri adaptation of something simple. I guess popularity over a good story.


    • You essentially hit the nail on the head. You can just take a gander at the Yuri Tournament that’s going on and see plenty that are deserving of an Anime adaptation. Citrus is fairly new, the art style is good, and that’s all there really is. The story is fairly generic compared to plenty of other manga; it just got lucky and went from there.


      • I enjoy Citrus too, but yeah, I do feel like it’s been in a bit of a rut lately.
        It seems like Yuzu gets herself all worked up to approach Mei, and when she finally gets to that point then Mei will come on strong and Yuzu runs away (??). Rinse and repeat.
        I would really like so see more development between the two…


  4. Honestly, I’m fine with short episodes of NTR. The manga has gotten to the point where it’s just drama that I really don’t care about, and as I’ve stated in the past, I dislike cheating, or anything of the sort, with a burning passion. Even Unrequited Love has that vibe to it, but I digress.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if Citrus gets the same treatment with shorter episodes, since there isn’t too much content to go off of. Granted I like Citrus, I’m not fangirling hard over it and don’t really mind if this happens.

    I find it unfortunate that even with all of this Yuri content coming out, the stuff that’s already out feels so slow. I understand that it’s a way to keep your readers enticed, but I’m just not a fan of that in general.


    • Aw man, I sure hope Citrus will get “full” episodes. I mean, the more yuri the better right?
      I hope even though you don’t enjoy it that much, you’ll still give it a chance~


      • I enjoy the Yuri part, but then the NTR part overwrites it and makes me feel a bunch of things.

        I hope Citrus can be 24 minute episodes, but I just don’t think there’s enough content in the manga to do so without having fillers, which would be just awful.


  5. I feel like the suits at the anime production companies are just toying with us at this point. first kase-san is just 5 mins, now NTR is going to be 10 mins per episode. Still, could be worse! 10 minutes is still waaay more than we usually get.

    Kinda stoked that Taketatsu Ayana is going to be in Citrus though. She’s one of my favorite seiyu. 😀

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    • Haha, I know right?!
      Well okay, the Kase short was probably not meant to confuse us and we rather just couldn’t get that information fast enough, but it sure feels like this now 😀

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  6. man thats a huge bummer that NTR episodes will be so short. but I still hope for the best. I cant wait to hear more about the Citrus anime, that one has me WAY more excited than NTR! 😀


  7. I am really glad about the adaptations of both NTR and Citrus. I am worried with the release of NTR that we are going to have a lot of het fan-art and doujinshi. Kodama Naoko is an expert at writing angst and leaving you wondering if the series was actually yuri to begin with. I am really excited about Citrus, because of the themes the manga deals with. I like how the story revolves around the relationship between two “siblings” and the amount of oppression that they have to deal with. Sometimes the angst can get really annoying as I would really like to see how the couple’s relationship develops instead of having to worry if they are going to end up together. Other than that I am feeling very positive about the adaptations and I really hope the series draws more fans for the genre, people who like myself see yuri as something beautiful and emotional. Sorry for the long comment 😛

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    • Don’t worry about long comments, I feel with you.
      I think Citrus will be the one to possibly and hopefully gain the attention the genre needs so badly right now.
      Let’s hope for the best!


  8. Yeah!!!!! Force that enthusiasm!!!! It still looks like some very nice yuri though and with bisexual angles, that makes me smile.


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