Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 3

yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation

Let’s not waste any time and get right to round 3. Have fun voting~

And as always, you can find the updated tournament bracket right here.

Girl Friends

Wife & Wife

Milk Morinaga

Hisanari Minamoto

Notes from the Garden of Lilies

The Feelings We All Must Endure

Atsushi Suga

Amano Shuninta



Show Higashiyama

Hajime Mikuni

Sayonara Folklore


Kowo Kazuma

Ratana Satis


Fragments of Love

Hiromi Takashima

Takemiya Jin

A Kiss and a White Lily

Hana & Hina After School


Milk Morinaga

Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange

Miss Sunflower


Sugano Manami

My Unrequited Love

Fluttering Feelings



What Does The Fox Say?

Magan & Danai

Team Gaji


She, her camera and her seasons

My Ignorance of a World Yet Unknown


Moto Momono

Lily Love

Seifuku no Vampiress Lord

Ratana Satis

Tomoki Matsumoto

Dear My Teacher



Haru Akiyama

Bloom Into You

Blue Friend

Nio Nakatani

Fumi Eban

The Flower and the Star

Their Story

Kario Suzukin


Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossoms-Pink

Aqua Blue Cinema

Milk Morinaga

Hiyori Otsu

The Love Doctor



Show Higashiyama


37 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 3

  1. Lena!!! This is pure evil! I looked at the updated brackets and this is going to wind up pitting my two favorite mangas against each other :,( One is the first manga that got me into yuri, Girlfriends, and the second is the one where Mel is fallowing my Dream of being a sexy lesbian trauma surgeon with the cutest gf ever in Pulse. I’m going to have to prepare my heart for the rounds to come.

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  2. Gamma lost…. Swap Swap lost…. Office Romance lost…. Yuzumori-san lost…. Bright & Cheery Amnesia lost… The Secret Recipe Lost…. Hanjuku Joshi…. I never knew heartache could be this intense T.T depression time….

    This has been one brutal tournament. Wonder who will make the final round. either way no one is getting out if this without some emotional scars 😥

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      • yeah, I love all these manga. sucks to see them lose but thems the breaks! the people voted and those are the results! just have to keep hoping my other favorites that are still running can do better! 😀

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      • I may not be the best respondent, as I generally prefer manga to anime, but the creativity of anime producers, in conjunction with the varying episode and season lengths being used for anime now, create opportunities for adaption of all sorts of manga. Every adaptation of manga to anime I have seen has involved some pruning of story elements and at least some modification of artistic style which, I assume, was made in part to allow the adaptation and in part due to artistic expression. Because this modification is inevitable, the question of whether a manga would make a good anime seems to me more a question of how much modification of the story and art would a manga’s fans tolerate in order to see an anime adaptation.

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      • xD Kinda Private that made my day! lol I didn’t think about the pruning that would be taking place in the anime adaptions. With that in mind any manga can be turned into a great anime. Which makes a lot of sense actually. Because like you, I prefer to read manga half the time, but I’ve read and watched Ms.Kobayashi’s Dragon maid and I have to say that I like the anime better! They cleaned up the manga quite a bit and added depth between the characters that you couldn’t read. So I guess it’s all about who gets a hold of the manga :3

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    • I have to agree and disagree. It covers two of the main title that every person in the yuri genre has read and then two that have just recently reared their heads in the world of yuri. I think that two of these will definitely make it until the final rounds for sure. Without a shadow of doubt. This is absolutely getting good. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to stalk the tourny xD

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      • LOL! A nice dream indeed! Also, I think I may be FAR too gullible… I read the first line and thought: “Wow, Lena Lena knows someone at KyoAni?? That’s frickin amazi–no, wait.”

        *sigh* if only… But if Kobayashi-san no Maid Dragon is any indication, hopefully they’ll be more open to yuri and less likely to pair off characters for het endings. 😛

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  3. Always nice to see another installment of “Favourite Yuri Manga Without Actual Consideration Of Whether It Would Be a Good Anime”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good “favourite manga” competition, but let’s be up front about what’s under consideration here.


    • I believe people who vote take that into consideration since it is in the title of the poll, or at least I do. I think of my self and the audience when voting and ask my self,” What would give the most yuri and be an enjoyable anime for others as well?” So I have actually voted against a manga that I liked because I knew in the end it wouldn’t fulfill the requirements of an enjoyable yuri anime for everyone watching.In the end this poll is to just have fun and see where it goes. It’s exciting seeing the mangas I’ve read compete against each other and those I haven’t read yet. And since votes may be higher on a manga than you expected it would be, who knows? From this you might find a manga you’ve never read before and come to love it:)

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    • You summed it up nicely XD It took me basically writing a novel in the previous round’s comment section…. But that’s usually the case with these polls, no matter how smart the actual title and implied criteria are… It’s entertaining nevertheless 🙂

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  4. I’m very surprised that Hina and Hana still aren’t doing better. I like White Lily, but it jumps from character to character too often, which is one of my biggest peeves when reading or watching ANYTHING. Hina and Hana REALLY started picking up from chapter 17 and onward, but I wonder if people just haven’t read them yet as I don’t seem them on the big manga sites.

    Unrequited Love and Fluttering Feelings is a no brainer, but like a broken record, FF is just so drawn out with very little progress being made between the two ladies. There’s plenty of content to create episodes out of, but it’d be so many fillers that I just don’t see it being worth it. Unrequited Love would fall into the same boat as NTR. There’s not enough chapters to go around, and it’ll probably end in a way that people may or may not be content with.

    I just went back and read Prism a few days ago, and was reminded about how much I enjoyed it regardless of how short it was. It’s unfortunate how it had to be ended, but I feel as if it was going in the direction and have the impact that I’ve been looking for in a Romance genre in general. It may be that I haven’t looked hard enough (and I’ve read a good amount of Romance manga), but I digress.

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    • I’m actually surprised to see some titles still in here too, Hina & Hana and White Lily being two of them.
      In case of the latter, I have to admit, I lost interest after a while, just because of what you said about it.

      Well, I have to catch up since I just stopped following it for what seems to be forever. Though, I guess I’ll take the chance and just see how things are now.

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    • I really liked White Lily and didn’t mind the extensive cast at first. At this point, however, the threads are a bit tangled, and I’m not as interested in several of the recently introduced 1st year students. In contrast,I was indifferent to Hana and Hina at first, mostly because of a prejudice against ギャル、but, like you, have become invested in it as the story has progressed, primarily because of Hinako’s complex and deeply insecure personality. She has a very good heart and I want things to work out for her.

      Short as it is, Prism may be my favorite yuri manga. Megumi and Hikaru, their friends and siblings, and their amazing teacher are all fleshed out with great economy, and the love story is told without heavy reliance on tropes, with realism and sensitivity. There is more going on in these five and half chapters than occurs in multiple volumes of other manga, and very few wasted frames. I particularly like how Higashiyama-sensei drew Megumi and Hikaru together as they became closer, their growing intimacy reflected in the way they drape over and, later, entwine around each other. I am sorry the series drew to a close as a result of the tracing issue. I love Stretch, too, particularly Ran, and consider it a yuri manga too, even though Keiko never acts on her inner desire for Ran despite all of Ran’s efforts, but wouldn’t vote for it to be the next yuri manga turned into an anime because it isn’t yuri enough for that title. I hope Shou’s/Akiri’s next manga sticks with the yuri theme.

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      • Prism fills the void in my heart when it comes to romance. The artstyle, the realism of the characters, and (while short) the adversity they faced. It feel so natural unlike many other manga and anime that I’ve stumbled on. While cliches are fine, sometimes it’s good to bring things down to earth, and even with how short it was, Prism hit it just right, and I wish it was continued or something EXTREMELY SIMILAR could come along and pick it right up.

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  5. …since the 4 obvious popularity faves are all in different brackets and will likely end up competing against another in the quarter final, I am way more curious about who will be the ones that will have to lose against them in round 5 😛 (Tho, I predict a savage fight between Bloom Into You and Their Story next round 😀 )

    And yeah, I still try to vote based on the premise, but that outcome seems sorta inevitable XD

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  6. It’s been a while, but I thought Fluttering Feelings is never going to finish because the author was seriously ill?


  7. another great round, im sad some of the mangas i chose last round didnt make it but im still happy because its a lot of fun and all yuri mangas are great cant wait for the next round

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