First Impression: Netsuzou TRap

A19054-2507456677.1487130429Finally the day has come that the first of the big two upcoming yuri shows premiered.

Even after the shock that each and every episode would only last for about 10 minutes, the hype was still strong, and many of us yuri fans anticipated this summer anime season partly or maybe even mostly because of Netsuzou TRap.

So far, I’ve refrained from reading any other first impressions of this show, simply because I’m easily influenced and I want to put up a, let’s say unfiltered first view on this adaptation. Putting it like this, I think it’s obvious that my enjoyment of Netsuzou TRap might not match or even come close to what other fans experienced, but oh well…

Though, first things first, the premiere episode basically put us right into the action, showing Hotaru and Yuma being “friendly” with each other, just like the first few pages of the manga depicted. The whole first episode in general stuck closely to its manga version, basically never straying off from what is shown there and featuring the first manga chapter in its 10 minute run. I’ll just assume that this pattern will continue and that each and every episode will cover one chapter only. Since I don’t know what happens in chapter 12, they might have to change some things or leave some chapters out to get to a fitting finale, but who knows.

Personally, disregarding the length of the episodes, I was a little disappointed by how fast-paced this first episode felt. We move from location to location, from one kiss to the next, without even knowing the characters at all. Of course, this episode needed to feature the main problem or conflict of the show, and that it did, but it just went too fast in my eyes and left no room to actually get to know the cast a bit first. Well, I’m pretty sure they will, of course, catch up on that in the next few episodes, and I also have to admit that you just can’t go too much in-depth with episodes that are hardly 10 minutes long.

netsuzou trap yuri anime

They could have put in more of this though~

Other than that, and I already know I’ll receive a bit of criticism for saying this, I’m just not too happy with the animation in this one. Don’t get me wrong, the art style itself is really nice. The characters look like they are supposed to from what we know of the manga, and you can see the influences of the artist present in here, too. Though, the animation is just not as fluid as I wish it would be, and some scenes just felt a bit off in how the characters, and even the perspective, moves. I know, they probably didn’t have the biggest budget, and seeing the anime studio behind this, I guess it was to be expected to just not look too fancy and costly.

I guess you could say my expectations were a little too high, and I was just hoping for something that might actually help the genre grow, instead of seeing something that I fear will be forgotten easily or simply overlooked. Well, I shouldn’t judge it all too soon, I guess. This was just the first episode, and if anything, what we all can expect, and what I actually enjoyed quite a lot (surprise, surprise), is ,of course, the never ending yuri action, as well as the nice drama that already hit us in this first episode.

So I guess I should just see how it all plays out in the next few episodes.

Though, how did you guys enjoy this first episode?


28 thoughts on “First Impression: Netsuzou TRap

  1. It’s passable. How you interpret that, its up to you. I think it wanted to get the main set pieces out of the way pretty quickly. With it being a short, not too surprised by the pacing. Good first impressions though 😁

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  2. At least it’s not 3-5 minutes episodes.

    Fast pacing upsetting: Right now it’s 12 episodes of less than 10 minutes. Dunno how that will work out.

    Unsatisfying animation: Your reaction to the trailers and you delaying your thoughts here gave away that this would be your biggest gripe

    All I can say is…hope for the best when Citrus comes out.

    As for me. Right now I’ll take what I can get. I liked the premiere.

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  3. I agree with you on the pacing. Episode zipped by (is an opening that long necessary for a 10 min show like this?) and I never felt like I got to know these characters, which makes it difficult to care too much about what is going on– hope that changes! So far the most interesting character is Hotaru, since she seems pretty possessive of Yuma and definitely seems like her ‘pranks’ are more than likely a cover-up for how she really feels. It may not turn out to be the best yuri experience, but a show like this airing definitely is a step in the right direction! 🙂


  4. That pretty much lined up with my thoughts almost completely. The fast pacing sort of skipped over the nuance that the series has. Of course, it’s not the most nuance filled series to begin with but this episode seemed to strip out most of what was there. And, yeah, it could/should look better than it does. Overall I did enjoy the episode but it ended up a little on the disappointing side, and I say that as someone who isn’t even a huge NTR fan in teh first place.

    My biggest concern now is how Citrus will turn out, and not just because I’m a huge Citrus fan. If it gets the low budget job that it looks like NTR has then I have a sinking feeling that we’ll see them both not do well, and then the production companies will just throw up their arms and say “Well, we tried the yuri thing and it didn’t work so we won’t do it again” even though the fail was in their laps from the start.


    • I have my hopes up. We don’t know the anime studio yet, which is pretty much my biggest concern. But once we know about that, we can actually start hyping or getting even more concerned 😀


  5. My biggest dissatisfaction was with the animation, I don’t why I was expecting it to look like something similar as “Kuzu no Honkai”.. I have no complaints with the voice acting. And of course I can agree that it’s rushed, and 10 mins per episode it’s not enough.


  6. Honestly, it looked better than I was expecting, especially when I heard it was a Chinese studio doing it.

    NTR is the happy-little-surprise that became animated, whereas Citrus is the one we are looking to to save yuri, so I’m not placing too-high-a-expectations on this show.

    From remembering the first chapter, there was only a little bit of dialogue/monologue cut out but it did feel kind-of important. Hopefully they start making slightly longer episodes since even this was under the quoted 10 minutes.

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  7. Personally, i was very disappointed. I already knew that it’s an Anime about cheating but watching that first episode disgusted me. True, i am a big fan of yuri, see deadfan, but cheating is unforgiveable, no matter the reason.

    On side note, it was too rushed. I had the feeling like they just wanted to fill our eyes and brains with lot of fanservice and it was annoying.

    The two guys seems like not-so-bad characters. I don’t even want to see their reaction when seeing what the two girls were doing in the closet. I am not homophobic person but i can’t approve that kind of relationship. If they want tp be together, they shall break up with the guys. If not, forget each others.

    *sigh* I can already see where this anime will be going: lot of drama and angst and fanservice and very few comedy scenes. What i don’t even want to think about is when the guys will ask a kiss or something like that and… I’d rather not think about it.

    The ending? Let me spoil you…or not since i haven’t read the manga at all (not even a page). This is based on my theory according to my experiences as an Anime fan. *ahem*
    “It will not end well.” There will be heartbroken people. If it’s a seinen Anime, the girls will have a line like “I know that we will have to part someday so i want to spend our time together.” and it annoys me that the yuri is temporary and will end once they graduate. That was mostly why i still hate Sakura Trick because odds are saying that both Yuu, Haruka, Mitsuki, Shizuku and Kaede will turn straight after graduating. I hate the thought only.
    The second possible ending will have them keep their relationship a secret before mastering the way of dating and will separate to focus on their legitimate boyfriends. It annoys me to tell this but this ending is the most to be expected.
    The last one with good ending is the less probable: our favorite yuri ending where the two girls realize their real feelings and break up with the guys and get together. If it is a josei anime, we might get them as an official couple and might even have a preview of their future life together (and maybe even dealing with how tp tell their parents). This one is my favorite ending and i do hope this happens but just like i said, chances are not favorable.

    Overall, i will not follow this anime. I will wait for it to finish airing first and will then see the spoilers for the ending here or at OG-Man’s blog, Yuri Nation. If the ending is favorable for the true yuri, i will watch. If not, i could always wait next year for more anime.

    On side note, i will be waiting for the first impression for Citrus so continue your amazing job. Do not forget to mention if they added the het kiss or not. That way, i will see if i will watch it or not.

    Good day to you all!


    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. I suggest watching more to get why things are as they are. None of those endings will happen. Because you’ve got things wrong about the story (which is understandable, because you’re making similar assumptions about the story as I did when reading the manga), which make all of these theories silly in hindsight.

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      • Well… I think we will have to wait for the last episode before giving any conclusion. Though i am sure it will not end happy for everyone. Someone will be heartbroken for sure (or if not, something like lot of drama will happen).

        *sigh* Sometimes, i just wish we get pure yuri anime about girl meeting girl, befriending each others, finding romance with each others, becoming a couple, graduating together and living together under the same roof as lovers.

        Talking about that, i was disappointed by the manga ‘Two and Two’. It was very nice but then we realize there are cheating going on and we feel guilty for reading it.

        I don’t want to play the jerk who find shelter in religion or philosophy but “cheating is wrong no matter how we look at it.” Men can love men and women can love women but one shall only have one lover.

        Also, the reason i believe it will not end well is based on few things: one, the two girls are naive. They are not as naive as most people but still show shade of it. Two: they are greedy. They don’t want to break up with their boyfriends but they want each others. Even if the anime will go astray from the manga, odds are there that the studio has planned this to be a lot-of-drama ride. Maybe their first kiss and first time will be het ones and i hate to think about that but according to my logic, het fans/homophobic will both hate and love this anime.


    • You really jump to conclusions way too fast. As a manga reader I could already prove you wrong on several things but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Wait a bit to explore everyone’s feelings and motives because that’s what the series is all about.

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  8. As a yuri fan I really wanted to love this first episode. But I am so uncomfortable with this whole NTR/Chating thing that it kinda sours the experience for me. But I am at the same time intrigued and curious about where the show will go, so I will probably keep watching nonetheless.


    • First part is just the same for me, though I liked the drama in this and the NTR surprisingly didn’t put me off as much as I thought it would. I guess that’s mainly because I just can’t sympathize with the Yuuma’s male love interest.


  9. I admit the show does look grat and the yuri action is even better in motion. hate the 10-minute length for the episodes but it did work out for Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san so who knows. but once NTR anime ends the wait for Citrus will be even more brutal!

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  10. Honestly… Symphogear AXZ’s first episode got me more hyped than NT. Can’t blame NT though. While I dropped the manga at like chapter 3 or 4, it’s turning out like how I remembered the manga to be: good/okay concepts that are made two-dimensional. It’s poorly executed, which the anime just seems to highlight even more. I dunno, someone convince me it’s worth it to pick up NT manga again, and that it gets better. :/


    • Hmmm, I personally love the manga, but it seems like you have your reasons for not liking it and it doesn’t change after the first few chapters…. 😛


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