Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Quarterfinals

yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation

Trust me when I say that this round will be intense! I can basically see all of the remaining manga winning this tournament and for the first time I have absolutely no clue which ones might actually make it to the next round. How exciting!

As always, you can find the updated tournament bracket right here.

With that said, enjoy this round!

Girl Friends


Milk Morinaga

Ratana Satis


Fluttering Feelings

Hiromi Takashima


Magan & Danai

Lily Love


Ratana Satis

Bloom Into You


Nio Nakatani

Show Higashiyama


31 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Quarterfinals

  1. (I can’t really speak for the remaining manhua/manhwa candidates, since I stick to Japanese productions, keep that in mind as you continue reading this post)

    I definitely think either Kase-san or Girl Friends will win, Bloom Into You is good, but not nearly as good as those two.

    With this in mind, I honestly don’t know which one I’ll go for, they’re pretty evenly matched, I guess it boils down to which one would translate best into an anime.

    The thing about Kase-san is that it has a fairly small cast in comparison to Girl Friends, so parts of the budget that would be used on voice actors in a Girl Friends anime adaptation could be put towards other things in a Kase-san anime adaptation (I’d really like a Kase-san anime to have especially good animation for the running scenes and whatnot), among many other budgeting differences according to each manga’s specialties.

    Like I said before, this isn’t just a “Which is your favorite yuri manga” list, this is a “Which yuri manga should get an anime adaptation” list, and I think we need to keep that in mind.

    But maybe I’m just overthinking things, we should be having fun above all else, after all.

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    • Does that mean it isn’t fun to overthink things? ★~(◠‿◕✿)

      When I cannot choose between two evenly matched alternatives, I engage in the same kind of analysis as you have. I hadn’t looked ahead to this likely match-up, but now that you’ve made me aware of it, I’ll overthink it, too.

      I agree that Kase-san has several characteristics that make it a more economically viable choice for an anime adaptation. I also think the smaller scale of the story and the self-contained episodes would make it easier to tell the entire story of Kase-san, as anime adaptations of manga usually require some pruning of the source material, and I believe some chapters in Kase-san could be dropped without losing the core of the story (that being said, they better leave unedited the chapters where Kase reveals just how and why she fell in love with Yamada). Nonetheless, while Kase-san might be less expensive to produce and easier to adapt, GF could be turned into a great anime, if the right writers, voice actors and studio are involved.

      I like both series, but they are very different in character. One of the main differences between the series is that GF fully explores the process of recognizing and accepting one’s lesbian identity, while Kase-san begins with the assumption that Yamada’s lust for and love of Kase is natural and right (Yamada’s friend Mikawachi “warns” Yamada that Kase is gay, but Yamada mostly receives the warning as a green light). I prefer the art of Kase-san, and very much like that Yamada falls in love with Kase and doesn’t worry much about what that means or what others might think. As far as friends go, I appreciate Mikawachi’s complexity and conflicted feelings for her childhood friend.

      Next up, Lily Love vs. Bloom Into You. Anyone want to start?

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  2. I’ll be extremely surprised if Kase-san manages to beat Girl Friends in the Semi-finals. I think it’s a solid Yuri manga, but I’m really not into it as much as I am into Bloom Into You. I’d have to reread Kase-san to explain it, but it just doesn’t hit the top for me.


    • Hm, honestly, it’s a more recent one and thus maybe a little more popular right now than Girlfriends. Though, I’m actually rooting more for girlfriends seeing that it would simply make a more drama packed and thus probably also more awesome anime than maybe Kase-san would.


  3. Such a brutal and heart wrenching tournament T.T but Girlfriends, Kase-san and Bllom into You are my tops picks! I hope one of them can go the distance. The ones I want to win the most is Girlfriends though. I can feel even more pain and suffering in the final rounds… we will all be able to make it out ok?!?! >.< Also, I didnt know you guys worked for Aperture Science! 😀

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    • I think Girl Friends is really good but it just didn’t blow me away like it seemed to with everybody else. I’m fairly sure that part of why it’s got so much love is that it a fairly early release in pure-yuri history, was good yuri and also completed.

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      • Oh that much is very true I think. Back in the day there simply were not that many translated works around, especially not such lengthily ones. Also, I believe that for soooo many fans Girlfriends was just the first yuri manga they read and maybe even got into all of this thanks to this work.

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      • Well for me Girlfriends hit a bit of a personal chord. I mean yeah, I agree it was an early yuri favorite, and one of the first longer format manga’s that I (finally) took the time to read.
        But I guess it just resonated with me. It taught me a thing or two that I took away and helped me out.

        So, yeah, personal attachment definitely factors into these things too…

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  4. To quote one of my favorite Broadway musicals: “Agony! Oh, the torture they teach!”

    Firstly, I really like Pulse. The characters are great, there’s lots of drama, the NSFW scenes are pretty steamy and there’s a fair amount of lighthearted, sweet moments… but after much agony, I may have to vote for Girlfriends here.

    Girlfriends seems to make for a much more rounded story, is filled with lost of sweet moments and, as as mentioned by Kinda Private earlier, there’s is that struggle of discovering and coming to terms with one’s own self. Plus, Pulse isn’t finished yet (as far as I know), and the story could go anywhere. I’m sure you guys have all seen anime that are amazing then trip at the last few episodes leaving you going: “What just happened?”.

    Geez. I still can’t believe we asked to be tortured like this. 😛

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  5. really happy that some of my favorites made it, i hope they can continue into the next round, but the hardest one had to be yagate kimi ni naru vs prism both are some of my favorites but it was so hard to choose. im excited for the outcome

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