Another Round of Yuri Quizzes

sporcle yuri anime manga visual novel quizzes

As you guys may already know, we like making various yuri quizzes, so here are a few more to test your yuri knowledge on.

In addition to those brand new quizzes, we’ve also brought an older quiz of ours to Sporcle, so feel free to check that out as well.

We’re constantly thinking about new quiz ideas, so look for more yuri quizzes later on in the year. And if you guys have any ideas, let us hear them~


11 thoughts on “Another Round of Yuri Quizzes

  1. I got a 68% on the who am I quiz. will try harder next time! 😛 These quizzes you do are always fun, and will try the other ones later. Always let me know where I need to do better as a yuri fan! 🙂

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  2. my average is mid range to low which im really sad about, definitely need to study more yuri. also definitely need more yuri quizzes theyre so much fun to play

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