Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Semifinals

yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation

I gotta admit, seeing Girl Friends getting kicked out by Pulse is very surprising, to say the least, but that’s what makes this tournament so interesting! Now it’s a clean 2 vs 2, Japanese vs non-Japanese works. How exciting is that, and who would have thought the non-Japanese works would make it so far?! Just imagine if we got a finale with only Ratana Satis’ works…

It definitely stays interesting! As always, enjoy voting!

You can find the newly updated tournament bracket right here.



Ratana Satis

Hiromi Takashima

Lily Love

Bloom Into You

Ratana Satis

Nio Nakatani


29 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Semifinals

  1. I intended to use this manga tournament as a way to find more yuri to read, and by the nine it worked. I’ve got to say, some of the choices were hard. Girlfriends was amazing – aggravating for it’s realism – and super adorable, but in the end it couldn’t help but feel like every generic high school romance. I don’t know? Pulse was gorgeous in every way, with memorable characters, beautiful artwork, and the intimate scenes were… *ahem*.

    I think I really do prefer when the characters are… not 12 year old looking? I think Pulse, and some of the other works made me realize that. I don’t mind the cute schoolgirl shows every now and then, but it feels like that’s every yuri ever. While I’m not sure how realistic such a hope is, it would be really refreshing to see something different once in a while.

    Pulse vs Kase-san… I don’t know. Kase-san has that little animated short that’s cute, so I can see it winning just off that – and because of that, they might just make it an anime anyway. Didn’t Free! start of with a short of some sort too? I guess ultimately my feelings about Girlfriends versus Pulse apply in this case too.

    Then when it comes to Lily Love… I still can’t get over Mew and Donut. The names are just too cute. I wonder what they are in… Thai is it? Bloom into You was alright, but not particularly memorable for me.

    Admittedly, before a few weeks ago, I was unaware non-japanese manga was a thing. But it’s… so good? Granted, I only have a small sample size, but I’m very impressed so far. It makes me wonder though, would a japanese studio even be willing to animate something non-japanese? That’s brings up a question I’ve been considering in all this – whether this is a contest of which manga would make the best anime, or which manga will most likely be an anime.

    By the way, where is Murciélago in the bracket? </3 Obviously it's far too late for suggestions but I do think it would work well as an anime. It has very defined story arcs, and would definitely appeal to an audience outside the yuri-consuming community.


    • Oh, this should be about which one would make the best anime and not which one will most likely get an adaption at some point. If it was about that, I think Kase-san would have the advantage because of the short music video~

      Also, since you seem to be new to non-Japanese works, read Fluttering Feelings! It’s about grown ups and they neither look like 12 nor is it your typical high school story 😛


  2. My, my, Girlfriends kicked out by Pulse? I have to say, I’m surprised, especially since Girlfriends seemed to be in the lead for quite a while. Too bad, in all honesty, I had hoped Girlfriends would win one of these tournaments now that Citrus is out of the picture, the winner of the last few tournaments and the manga which is already getting an anime adaptation. But I’m getting sidetracked. I think I’ll refrain from voting for now, as I’ve not read any of the remaining manga apart from Pulse. I do now know what manga I’ll give a shot next now, though.

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  3. Girlfriends lost?!?! I cant believe that! its all up to Kase-san now for me! this is such a brutal tournament! so many great manga lost so early on. Kase-san is literally neck and neck with Pulse I hope it can come out on top.

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  4. The fact that Girl Friends lost blows my mind. I’ll accept defeat, but am genuinely curious to see people’s opinions on why Pulse deserves an Anime adaptation over ONE OF THE BEST PIECES OF YURI CONTENT TO DATE!?

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the rest of these deserve an adaptation. All are either unfinished, have too much filler content or just don’t have enough content at all to be considered being turned into one. I will point out that all 4 of these are of the modern age of Yuri, which would reaffirm my theory of there being more new fans you haven’t read older works. It really wouldn’t surprise me.

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    • I am a newer fan I guess, i don’t know what you would define as new. All the people up in arms affirms my theory of everyone being super into girlfriends because of the nostalgia factor or something. it’s sometimes hard to tell if people like things because they were one of the first they’d read or watched yknow like everyone says Utena is this legendary masterpiece but I thought it was ridiculous. I think girlfriends is different cause I did enjoy it, it just didn’t have the same wow factor as I guess you would say newer stuff? I’m sorry I don’t know as much manga as people seem to.

      So like Girlfriends is good right. Like in the scheme of the ‘omg i love you we can’t be together we’re both girls’ theme that’s super overdone, it *does* do it in probably the best way I’ve seen. but that’s sort of all it does imo. Whereas I thought that Pulse had everything. The artwork, the characters were unique, the sex was smexy, and it was pretty different too.

      So um you probably disagree, I apologize, but that’s the fun part I suppose?

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      • Everyone has a different perspective as to what they like and dislike, it’s just a part of being human.

        What Girl Friends does is keeps it real. While it seems generic, the characters understand what their relationship mean by being one of the same sex, and they both struggle with that throughout the entire Manga. It’s kinda ironic that you mentioned that the plot is overdone when it was probably the one of the first ones to do so tastefully, considering it’s been completed for 7 years. Most Yuri content after it followed it in suit because of the success it has, leading to one of the reasons the trope is overdone.

        When I read Pulse, It feels like I’m reading a medical drama with some Yuri thrown into it, and lots of sex. I’m not saying I hate it, but objectively, it would make a good Hentai with plot. If you cut out all the sex, it would take away the attributes that make it was it is. The rest about what I think about it is of course personal preference, so I won’t mention it.

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  5. always loved Girlfriends and always thought it won’t be a good anime. But to see two works of Ratana Satis in the semifinals? Well, that’s unespected, but a nice surprise.
    Pulse is a esay choice this time, i love Kase-san but between the two Pulse has a better story.
    But Lily Love vs. Bloom into you? This is killing me.

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  6. For all the fans of Lily Love (which are all of us): a new chapter was released the other day, which is paving the way for Ms. Satis’ next project, the story featuring Ice and Ploy. Personally, I can’t wait for this one.

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  7. Ouch! Was really sad to see Girl Friends not make it to this round! Am still reeling from that…

    I can’t help but wonder based on the comments I see if GF is now an ‘older’ or ‘previous generation’ manga. Given that it was distributed in print (2006-10) and has different constraints on it (editors, demographics, sales, etc) compared to the self publish environment we find ourselves in now.

    I really like Pulse too, and am glad it got to advance. I think it hits a sweet spot for the non-Japanese stories that depict ‘successful professional with a troubled love life (either realized or not) finds their soulmate in a younger/innocent partner’. Beloved, Fox, and Love Doctor are all kind of similar for this. But Pulse seems to not have the over-drama in Fox, is more accessible than the arty (and short) Beloved, and has just enough sexy time in it (less than Fox and more than Love Doctor). To me it’s the Goldilocks of the four.

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    • Well, to be fair, Girlfriends is not that old, seeing that it was running “only” about 10 years ago. But back in the day we didn’t get much translated manga, especially not such lengthy ones.

      It was definitely one of the first of its kind for the overseas fans. Though, that is unrelated to your actual post, and I just felt like saying that 😀

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      • Eheh, yeah, I was still a bit shell shocked when I wrote that. You and Reese I think summed up what needed to be said about GF nicely. Thanks for that.

        I guess what I really wanted to ask was this: does it seem like in yuri anime is fluff not as popular as drama? With this semi-final round you have two instances of drama vs. fluff and so far drama is winning (though by a tight margin). Even our latest (and upcoming) releases of NTR and Citrus are certainly more drama centric. Is drama the way to go in yuri anime?

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      • I actually think that fluff stories just tend to be shorter, like just one-shots instead of more lengthy stories (yeah I know you meant anime, but it’s easier to talk about it by taking manga as an example). They also (often) leave a bigger impression on you than fluffy and well, let’s say less plot driven ones.

        I wouldn’t really say it’s about popularity, in the tournament for example, you could say that there are just more longer drama stories than there are fluff one and thus they actually end up making for better adaptations in some or many peoples eyes.

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  8. whoa im so shocked that my favorite yuri manga ever got voted off well i guess thats what makes this more fun and interesting and it definitely was. also no matter how the outcome is, in the end all of these yuri mangas deserve an anime

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