Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Finals

yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation

Okay guys, it’s finally there, the big finale of this tournament that we’ve all been waiting for.

Yet again, the last round was brutal and there’s no word more fitting for what happened in these past days of voting. It was a very close match in both cases. Pulse only made it with an advantage of a few votes and it seemed to be a very close match for Bloom Into You as well. In the end, I’m glad to see these two showing up as the remaining competitors for the iron, uh I mean yuri throne, making this the Japanese vs non-Japanese finale that a lot of us has been waiting for.

Here’s to the last week of voting! Have fun, and let the most deserving manga/comic win~

If you’re wanting to see the road these two had to take to make it this far, you can find the updated tournament bracket right here.


Bloom Into You

Ratana Satis

Nio Nakatani


28 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Finals

  1. I really expected Lily Love vs Pulse. I’m voting for Bloom Into You, because at this point it has more depth in both the characters as the story. While I’m very fond of Ms. Ratis’ work, the latest chapter in Pulse was so damn cliché, it lost a few points.

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      • It was a very basic example of what happens in real life at times. Doing something to protect the one you love while hurting the one you love in the process. *curses characters name* I swear Ranata did an excellent job inputting said character even though I’m not fond of them >_> The last chapter made me cry a little so I’d say read it. Next episode Mel’s saucy police friend will be in the chapter. lol only plus side in the current development in my opinion.


  2. wow…. this outcome was so unexpected. I voted Bloom Into You. such a roller coaster ride of a tournament. cant wait to see the results next week. I’ll be either leaping with joy or breaking down in tears 😛

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  3. Pulse is without question my favorite manga of all time for a million reasons. I’m pretty sure Bloom Into You will win though, ’cause to me just reading it felt like watching an anime. Maybe because of the similarity to the other cool student council president falls for first year yuri – it might be a trope but it’s the best one. Bloom Into You would make way more sense as an anime and I can definitely see it. Also I’m not sure how Satis’ artwork would animate, esp the eyes, while still keeping to their art style. However, when I imagine it… sure Bloom Into You would be a great anime, but if someone could somehow pull off a Pulse anime… it would be beyond amazing and very different from the usual stuff we see. So on the basis of that, I voted for Pulse, but I would be happy to see either win!

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    • I do think Bloom Into You would make more sense, seeing that it’s light yuri with some drama, instead of partly full blown porn with drama 😛
      Though, that of course doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wanna see that as an anime as well 😉

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  4. Pulse better win or I’m going to cry. It would be such a better anime and more of a pure romance instead of the basic school girl yuri we get most times. We need more adult love yuri !!! With the focus of the relationship between the two women instead of them fighting their attraction. I think this would make an all in all exceptionally well romantic drama yuri

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      • How could I ever forget the PORN!? :0 Lol Mel is my new favorite character because shes living my dream life. Not to mention her individual character development over the episodes. The thing is my Lynn is a teacher instead of a student!! And I’m the short younger one ;-; but Pulse is my favorite because of the work that Ranata does( her art work is amazing and her story actually makes me feel something. It’s so good I cant believe that Pulse was made for a Tia comic competition) Sad to say, but before this, Girlfriends was my all time favorite manga. Then pulse comes in and just sweeps me off my feet lol I’m hoping that it will win! On a side note, did you know that Ranata and her editor are aware of this voting? So they are stalking the page to find who wins as well.

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  5. *GASP*!!

    “Results for this poll have been set to private.”?!?

    Now this is torture! Lena, you bad girl! 😛

    I’m kinda sad that Kase-san didn’t make it, but the consolation prize is that we do have that 5 minute video. That’s more than the other titles have for sure, so I suppose I don’t feel that bad about the loss.

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