Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – The Winner

yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation

Some of you already anticipated this exact outcome, but for others, this comes as a total surprise. For me, I kinda saw it coming, seeing just how much support this work has gotten from the very beginning. It’s also one of the few ongoing ones that besides Citrus—which for obvious reasons wasn’t featured in this tournament—is definitely one of the most popular ones around right now.

Personally, I had a feeling and the hope it would be this awesome kind of non-Japanese vs Japanese kind of finale, and that was actually how things had already turned out in the past few rounds. I just loved seeing your reactions to so many of the awesome and oh so close “fights” that took place this tournament.

We were all really into this one, and I’m pretty sure it helped a lot of people find new awesome works to read, too. I guess somewhere during the tournament, some of us might have forgotten that this one wasn’t about your favorite manga, but rather, as the title said, about the one most deserving of an anime adaptation. Now seeing Bloom Into You as the winner and Pulse in second place, I think we actually did find the right works to actually make into a show; Pulse possibly being an awesome Grey’s Anatomy-like drama with super sexy scenes every now and then, and Bloom Into You this oh so intriguing romance with a slowly but steadily forming relationship that still has to overcome so many obstacles. Oh man, I can totally see both of them becoming so big as anime, but I could say that about so many more of the participating manga.

To see the completed bracket with all of the results from every round of the tournament, click here.

All in all, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this was an awesome tournament with many great surprises and some totally unexpected twists and turns.

To be honest though, the biggest surprise for me in this tournament is probably not the fact that Bloom Into You won, since I think it was one of the top 5 or so favorites to make it when this all began. The thing that really surprised me, however, was how Girl Friends was kicked out of the tournament some rounds earlier. Pulse surely showed us just how “powerful”, or more like popular, the non-Japanese works really are. And that is something I think a lot of people didn’t know. Having them realize the greatness of these works through something like this is simply awesome in my eyes, and I sure hope that those who haven’t yet given any of the non-Japanese works a chance, managed to change their minds along the way.

Anyway, we hope you all had fun with this one, and if so, we’ll be sure to get you another one sometime soon~


28 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – The Winner

  1. I must admit I haven’t read Pulse, but I definitely need to give it a try considering how far it’s made it (honestly, I haven’t read many non-Jap works, but they’ve all faired very well).

    Well deserved to Bloom into You though. It’s gorgeous to look at and has really intriguing characters, and a steadily “blooming” romance too (in fact, one of the best in a while). In a way, I kinda like that it doesn’t spend too much time with gaynst in the main characters, though also like that it doesn’t ignore the issue completely. It mights it a very refreshing yuri manga to read.

    I actually doubt that we’re that far away from this actually getting an anime adaptation though. It’s popularity is skyrocketing into those kinds of leagues – though it probably needs to go further still, seeing as I doubt it’d work as a single-cour and it needs to have a really good adaptation.

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    • You should definitely give it a try! And given how Ratana Satis had two out of the four titles in the semi-finals, you should also read Lily Love. Lily Love will provide more closure too simply because the story has been completed.

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      • Let me in on the recommendation train guys 😛
        Fluttering Feelings is what I warmly recommend you. It’s sadly not finished and who knows if it will ever be, but it’s surely on of my favorites of all time


  2. My only real concern with Bloom as an anime is that it’s such a slow burn. Given the standard 12 episode season it just feels like an anime either wouldn’t get anywhere in the allotted run time or it would have to cut so many of the small moments that I don’t feel it would really end up feeling true to the source material. Pulse feels like it would work better as an anime given the usual restrictions (well, except for the sexy bits which would obviously be an issue).

    Still I’d love to see either make it. And, for me personally, what this contest really did is just give me more reading material to look out for. 🙂

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    • I’m very glad to hear that, feel free to chose between the over 100 participants, but be sure to come back and tell us if you found something awesome 😛


  3. That was a roller coaster ride of a tournament! I really enjoy reading Bloom into you (a new chapter was just released too – they go on a date!) and despite the story progressing slowly, i think this will indeed make for a great anime.

    Now we need to get Lena to get in touch with her many contacts in the anime industry and throw her weight around. 😛

    Though the true winner here is yurireviews.com! I never realized that there are more than 1200 people who check the site out on a weekly basis. Way to go Lena and Jamesy! 😀

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  4. So glad Bloom Into You won! Really wanted a Japanese yuri series to win! >.< this was one of the more intense tournaments you guys held, every week was full of surprises! but in the end, I think ALL the series that were featured in it deserve an anime adaptation dont you all think so? 😀

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  5. I, personally, don’t think that BIY is deserving of the victory, I also don’t think Pulse s deserving of it, I think it’s just a matter of unfortunate brackets in the tournament, however, I accept the outcome as-is.

    Don’t get me wrong, BIY is a good manga, but it just doesn’t square up to Girl Friends or Kase-san, if it went up against either of those 2, it would’ve lost by a landslide.

    I really don’t get the interest in Manhwa, I don’t think I could ever adjust to the art styles and reading system, definitely a manga person, that and, as I always say, I prefer less mature and floofier yuri (yuri will always have some level of angst, and I like a lot of angsty yuri, but complete and utter despair isn’t something I look for in my yuri).


    • Oh very much true, the brackets already decided a lot, though I have a feeling, it would have been a similar outcome even with a different layout, though yeah, maybe Girlfriends would have made it further.

      Seeing that you prefer less mature and as you said floofier yuri, I can see why you’d prefer Japanese works, since that’s what many of the “high school romances” are, though I don’t think you can talk about the art of all non-Japanese works, saying that you don’t like them. There are too many around, most of them looking just like what you’d see from Japanese works. I’m pretty sure there are even some works by non-Japanese artists that you read, liked and probably didn’t even notice it wasn’t what you’d normally read. Yeah well, I’m just saying, there are too many different styles out there to say that.


      • I’ve read Mochi au Lait’s works, I’m pretty sure the writer in question isn’t Japanese (correct me if I heard wrong), but it’s still manga in the technical sense, and fairly good at that.

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  6. Really not surprised with Bloom Into You winning the tournament. The series is really great and has that sense of nostalgia like older yuri works such as Girlfriends. Watching Yuu and the Pres relationship evolve as time passes is extremely fulfilling to watch. It definitely deserves to be a winner! Being beautifully drawn is also an added bonus. I haven’t read Pulse before. How is it compared to Lily Love (which I loved)? Just feeling a little sad with Girlfriends being kicked out earlier in the tournament, but otherwise a great tournament. Wouldn’t mind seeing an adaptation of any of the series mentioned, cause there isn’t such a thing as too much yuri 😛

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    • Hmm, well Pulse definitely carries a different feeling. It’s the same when it comes to the drama aspect, but it’s definitely more mature. It’s not mainly about a young romance and the typical obstacles, it’s different.

      Yeah well, it is over the top at times, but it’s fulfilling in a different way. The progressing relationship between these two, the changes they go through… it’s all just so good, so fulfilling indeed. It’s a very good word to describe it.


  7. Thank you Lena and James(y) for conceiving, developing, hosting, managing, formatting, and artifying this most excellent contest, and thank you shade, shrikes, chimekolover, drthompson, reese, B-M and others for great conversation. I had a lot of fun! I think I need to watch more anime so I can participate more often.

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  8. Anyone reading Secret Crush On My SIster? Set in HS, again, and already an untenable crush on a sister and a yuri triangle, but with variations on the theme that make the storyline more plausible, interesting but not overwrought characters, and a deceivingly casual but highly expressive art style. This is not Citrus or Met My Sister… or shinmai shimai or, jeez, just how many sister love stories are there? No villains so far, just a group of good people whose limitations set them up for all sorts of problems. If you’ve read it, I’d like to know what you think.

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  9. im so happy yagate kimi ni naru won, it really does deserve an anime, its just so cute!!! really do hope with all the yuri animes coming that it can get one too

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