Anime Review: Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

sin nanatsu no taizaiSpoiler warning!

Having rebelled against the will of God, archangel Lucifer is cast out of heaven, doomed to spend the rest of her days in the pits of Hell. However, there is no way Lucifer would go without a fight, so by the time she arrives in Hell, she’s already made two allies, one being a human girl named Maria Totsuka—who she more or less unwillingly made her immortal slave—as well as the aspiring demon lord of envy, Leviathan. Together with these two, she begins her journey of revenge, challenging all of the seven deadly sins to reach her goal.

First of all, despite the fact that the plot does seem quite interesting, we should first get the facts straight that this is an ecchi show. In fact, it’s so ecchi that you can find two versions of this, the censored and the uncensored version. Knowing this, it’s not hard to guess that the plot will only play a secondary role, leaving the ecchi aspects, meaning the exposed skin, skimpy clothing, and often unnecessary and over the top sexy scenes as the main appeal of the entire show. Those of you who has been around a little longer know that I’m not a person who’d refuse to watch a show like this, especially if it has yuri to offer, just like with Valkyrie Drive, for example. Though, I do feel like this one is a bit different.

First things first, though. The main characters of the show—them being Lucifer, Maria, and Leviathan—already make a great yuri trio, but other than Lucifer, none of the other two would make an interesting character on their own. Maria would simply be a whiny good girl who can’t do anything on her own, while Leviathan would spend her days alone in Hell, having no one to bug with her annoying demeanor and envious nature. In short, they would be useless without someone like Lucifer around. She, on the other hand, makes one amazing main character, who is shown to have many different sides to her, which is unfortunately a rare trait in this show… . Let’s say, she simply makes one great, or probably the best, possible character to follow through the happenings of the show.

sin nanatsu no taizai leviathan maria

Leviathan (left) and Maria (right)

The seven deadly sins, on the other hand, all fall into the stereotypes of their given roles, leaving little to no room for surprises in their actions, making them very dull and uninteresting characters. Although I do have to admit that the way the show did present how some of them gain followers in the human world was fun and unexpected.

Other than that, the plot was mostly predictable, with the majority of episodes simply featuring how Lucifer beat each and every of the seven sins. I do think they could have created something a lot more intense and intriguing with the given basic plot idea. As already stated, the main focus lies with the ecchi parts of the show, rather than having an interesting and immersive story, which, in my eyes, is very unfortunate.

sin nanatsu no taizai ecchi

Guess this doesn’t need an explanation… 😛

Coming to the yuri, I can say that it’s featured in some way or another in each and every episode. It’s mostly depicted as them fighting while partially making out, or some characters simply throwing themselves onto others. Let’s just say the main focus here is mainly lust and not love, even though we do have to see that Leviathan, for example, is definitely in love with Lucifer. She just simply shows her love in a, let’s say, more sexually open and “direct” way than others might. The one pairing that did intrigue me the most though, was definitely Maria and Lucifer. From the beginning, they shared a deeper bond, and even though Lucifer literally captured Maria’s heart, their relationship was mostly not shown on a sexual level, and we could follow a very slowly building relationship. It often seemed like it didn’t quite belong in an anime like this, and thus, felt like a very nice touch to me. Then again, the show didn’t go as far with those two as I, and probably many others, would have wished.

What we see is them sharing a strong bond, and even though they talk about being charmed by the other, it doesn’t go any further. By the end of the show, I just felt so unsatisfied, since the show was leaving such obvious hints for us to believe that there would be more between them, but then again, even though one of them literally sacrificed herself for the other, I still feel like some key elements for their relationship to feel complete were just missing.

I know that the end of the show hinted at a continuation, though, seeing that the anime studio got closed down, my hopes for that to happen are fairly low. What a pity… .

All in all, as stated many times before, this show was definitely my guilty pleasure of the whole anime season. I repeatedly went from enjoying this show, to being annoyed with it, partly dropping it, and then picking it up again. It had many enjoyable moments for me, especially since the main character, Lucifer, had such a strong and interesting personality. Though, the rest of the show just didn’t manage to keep up, and thus, even though I wish I could have enjoyed it more, I just didn’t, and even though it has it’s parallels with Valkyrie Drive, it definitely doesn’t even come close to the awesomeness that one showed us.

Story: 5
Characters: 5
Animation: 7
Sound: 7
Yuri: 9
Total Enjoyment: 6.5


10 thoughts on “Anime Review: Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

  1. Not as steamy as I thought it would be in the yuri department but overall quite steamy. I enjoyed the creativity of not having all the Demon Lords be beaten in mortal combat. Those who were though, most were enjoyable fights.

    Hottest girl is Maria followed by Satan.

    Best girl is Levi.

    Part that annoyed me was the River Styx scene. Same as that scene in Valkyrie Drive Mermaid we will never ever discuss in full detail.

    I would personally love to see more but considering the studio that produced it went kaput I don’t know if it’ll happen. Hopefully a studio out there would consider picking it up for a 2nd season.


  2. Ya know, if you keep this up, you might lose your status as LewdMaster. 😛

    I expected much more ecchi talk from you, but then again, you might end up becoming the LoveMaster, so it might not be such a bad thing. 😀

    And you already know this, but great review~

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  3. I agree, the whole story was flat if not frustrating at times. The most frustrating part for me was each of the battles to win over the sins. Whether it was a battle of brawn, words, or songs, the win for Lucifer felt like the other side just kind of gave in (maybe because Belial was such a bad boss?). So in the end Lucifer would win, but it didn’t feel like a satisfying win.
    Sin reminded me of Queens Blade, which also was mostly ecchi scenes with a weak story line.

    After Lucifer, Beelzebub was my favorite, she became quite enamored with Lucifer when she was won over, and her ‘noms’ were ridiculously cute.


    • Damn right, Beelzebub was definitely a pleasant and really cute addition. Definitely not on the same level as Lucifer, well she would certainly rather be called sexy, but 100% one of the good things the show had to offer.

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  4. This was another one of those fun guilty pleasure anime I heard had yuri but havent had a chance to see how yuri it was. after seeing a few images and scenes online and your review looks like ill be picking this one up as well! 😀

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