Guide On How to Properly Do a Guest Review (or other post) on YuriReviews


It’s been a while since we last featured a guest review, which is a pity though, since there are so many more things to review, so many opinions around and simply so many topics to discuss. That’s why we’d like to encourage you guys to contact us whenever you have a post in mind, by updating our old How-To-Guide~

This post is only meant to be read by those who plan on doing a guest review on this blog. If that is not what you’re intending to do, you can click away.

During the four-and-a-half years that YuriReviews has been around, we’ve had a lot of guest reviews. Since we always get the same questions, I decided to make guide on how to properly do a guest review for YuriReviews.

Step 1
Since this is an English blog, we’re only taking requests from people who can speak the language. You don’t have to be a native speaker, but your English needs to be good enough for people to enjoy reading what you have to say. Rock The Vogt and I usually check your review for spelling or grammar mistakes and correct them. So if you’re not okay with us potentially making some changes, you need to tell us in advance. However, if your post has too many mistakes, we can’t have it posted on the blog. So please take this into consideration before contributing anything to us.

Step 2
Check whether what you want to write about has already been done before. For this, simply use the “Search function” on the top right of the blog or our Archive. If what you want to write about hasn’t been done before,ย  still take the time to ask us whether a post about your desired topic is actually needed on the blog. For reviews of any kind, this is usually not a problem at all. Reviews are always welcome.
Also, and I’m sorry for pointing out the obvious, your post needs to have something to do with yuri….

Step 3
Write your review. We won’t force any kind of deadline on anyone, so you can take as long as you want for your post. However, please note the following :

  • Your review should be around 500 – 1500 words
  • It needs to be separated into paragraphs so that it’s easier to read
  • It needs to contain some pictures
  • Videos, links to other pages, and stuff like polls are allowed too
  • Try to only use one font for the whole post

Step 4
If you’re intending to do a review, please try to add and rate the following categories:

For Anime Reviews
For Manga Reviews
Total Enjoyment
Total Enjoyment

You can of course add other categories as well. What always needs to be added though, is your personal yuri rating. Please try to rate the yuri based on our Yuri Rating System.

Step 5
Please go through your post again and correct as many mistakes as you can find. We’ve already received some reviews that we simply could not accept because there were still too many spelling mistakes left. Those are actually really easy to spot if you’re using the right kind of word processor.

You’re encouraged to use Wordpad, TextEdit, or Google Docs to write your review, rather than MS Word or equivalent word processors. Those word processors add a lot of unnecessary formatting code that can cause various problems and complicate editing on our behalf.

Step 6
Send the text file plus the pictures you want us to add to:

Mark where you want us to add the pictures or add the pictures to the text already. Please note that you still need to send the pictures separately, since we need to upload them manually to make them appear in the post.

We will then inform you when we’re done with proofreading your post and when it’ll finally be posted on the blog.

Please note that if you want us to link to your blog/Twitter/Tumblr/etc., tell us to do so on time, so we can add a link right on top of your guest review or wherever you want us to add it in the post.

Step 7
After your review has been posted, you’re in charge of replying to comments. To get a notification whenever there is a new comment on your post, simply click on your post, scroll all the way down and click on “Notify me of new comments via email.” that you’ll find in the comment box.


Step 8
You’re done!

I know, this sounds like a lot to do, but it’s actually less than it looks like. Also, if you need help with anything, you can always contact us.


44 thoughts on “Guide On How to Properly Do a Guest Review (or other post) on YuriReviews

  1. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was joking with you on how I'd guest write on the blog someday. Fast forward a year and a half, and I pretty much have the keys to the castle now. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I'm a yuri success story! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Now that I'm actually thinking about it…. you're so right, oh god, what was I thinking ๐Ÿ˜€
    Though, you should then write a version of this only for me to see ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah! Good! I think i migh as well send you at least one!
    And is it ok if i writted it in “microsoft word 2007″…
    I think i should really take part of this site now! I need to contribuate… I readed so many review of yours and that incitated me to try too…
    If you aggree, should i just pm you with the review?


  4. Take your time ๐Ÿ˜‰
    We're really busy right now, so there's no need to rush things~

    Also, since we already got some submissions, I'd like to ask if you could get someone to proofreader. The most common problem we have with submissions is the fact that it takes us hours to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. If you have a proofreader that might be great help~


  5. Ok! I will use a corrector software! The review may take a litle time before it's done (our computer died last week and we have to wait a litle time before it will be repaired)…
    By the way, is it ok if i do a RPG review? It has some yuri though…


  6. I heard about an event called girls party where fanmade games meet… And these games has yuri element in them… I've played 2 of these game untill now and liked these, but unfortunately, our computer died before i could finish them…
    More precisely, all the games they show at “girls party” are all yuri (some are rpg and some vn/kn)… There are 2 games that are already translated: embric and hand in hand… Though, there are other good game (haven't played yet) at:


  7. Ah! Sorry! Try with this link:
    This site is in Japanese, so that might be the reason! I tried it with mozilla firefox too but didn't work! I use uc browser and it work!
    You coul also try this: girlsparty home
    If it still doesn't work, verify if your browser doesn't autorize that site or try another browser!
    And for the RPG projet, i think i'll drop it and instead will do a review of “Narcissu side 2nd”! For submiting it, should i just pm you? It should be done next week if nothing goes wrong!


  8. It still doesn't work, neither with Firefox nor with Chrome, I guess it's a lost case for me ๐Ÿ˜›

    I googled Narcissu side 2nd though, but couldn't find any information on possible yuri content. Is there even any yuri content involved?


  9. So, i just finished my review of Narcissu side 2nd. If you ask, well… With some imagination, you can come with a good yuri conclusion… I mean, hey the two protagonistes are way too closer to each other (Himeko has nothing else to do but eighter rest in her bed and play with Setsumi who in other hand visit Himeko everyday) plus the fact no male chara is mentioned in side 2nd (not the 1st)… I guess it's yuri rating may be 5 or 6… I need to fortify that… I think i will send you the docx file plus some image tomorrow…
    And sorry for the link! I don't know why but my phone is the only thing that can access that site… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  10. Yeah I've got some free time on my hands so I wouldn't mind helping out =) I'm not exactly a native speaker but I did grow up surrounded with english and now work as a translator so you could say I'm confident enough (as long as I don't have to actually speak it, never could get rid of that god-awful french accent :p)


  11. From what I can see your English is better than mine, so we'd be glad to get some help~
    Though, we can't exactly credit you for your work, is that still okay with you?

    (French accents are really nice by the way :P)


  12. If you had made a guide like this back when I first started helping you with the blog, I might’ve been too intimidated to start writing stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€

    In hindsight, it’s definitely been worth it for me, and I’m just mad that I didn’t get started even sooner~

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I have actually been interested in writing a guest review for your site sometime. Maybe for something like Gamma or anything else you haven’t reviewed yet. Would a guest review for something you have already done be allowed, like a second opinion sort of review?

    Liked by 1 person

  14. There’s no Yuri I’ve seen you guys haven’t reviewed. Oh well. Maybe after I watch Kannazuki no Miko I could write a second opinion like Chimeko said before. You guys should add a discussion board to this site sometime. Just a random idea.


    • To be determined. ๐Ÿ˜›

      I think you’re referring to the yuri scores for the Yuri Anime posts, and that just means that we either haven’t seen the show (and can’t give it a score) or we did see it and just forgot to update the post. ๐Ÿ˜€


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