Yuri News Update: August 2017

Since we’re still in the middle of yet another year packed with yuri visual novels, it would be a crime to go without some fresh news for longer than a few weeks. So here we have some pretty damn awesome info for you. Let’s start right away with my personal favorite~

sono hanabiraOkay, guys, hold on to your seats because what’s gonna hit you now is the best news ever! So MangaGamer yet again listened to our demands and will translate another Sono Hanabira title for us! Though, that is definitely not the best part of it, since it’s not just going to be any of the numerous SonoHana installments. No, it’s gonna be my personal favorite of all of them, A Kiss For The Petals – Maidens of Michael. This one is the first all-star title, featuring the first five couples the game series had to offer, as well as introducing one of my favorites, Miya and Risa.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for any kind of translation for this game, and to hear that this one in particular got picked up by MangaGamer, simply makes me happy beyond belief.

There is no release date yet, but if you wanna find out more, check out MangaGamer.

Next up, let’s get to the awesome news of the upcoming Highway Blossoms voiceover remake version.

highway-blossomsThis one has been around for a while, but as of recently, we know that we’ll be getting a remastered and dubbed version of this gem, possibly by the end of the year~ Almost as great is the news that for those of us who have already bought the game, this will be a completely free addition. Awesome!

The voice actors are already set, and you can check it all out over here. Also, here’s the official video covering this news:

Thanks to OG-Bear for pointing this one out to us~

Also, feel free to read our review of Highway Blossoms right here.

seabed yuri visual novelLast but not least, let’s also not forget about the upcoming yuri visual novel SeaBed that MangaGamer picked up.

As announced right here, the release date is set for December 26th, 2017; and you can even pre-order it already~

Find out more or pre-order the game over at MangaGamer.


16 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: August 2017

  1. I actually saw the news of the remaster a while back, but didn’t really look into it as I thought I would have to pay more (already owning the game as I do) to get at it. It is certainly welcome news that it will be free for those that have purchased the game! I suppose it’s time for another play through when this comes out (this time trying to resist the urge to slap amber silly)!

    Finally a release date for Seabed, huh? And it’s in time for the Christmas bonus…. well there goes some of my money.


  2. im so happy more sono hanabira is getting translated and im pretty sure the one they are translating is the one i own in japanese so it makes me even more happy knowing that i will have both english and japanese versions, this year really has been great for yuri!


  3. I heard about this and it is one of the best pieces of yuri news in a long while! and we have been getting nothing but great news for the past couple of years now! 😀 its about time one of the major entries in the original series made it to localization and I heard nothing but good things about this entry. Here is hoping the rest of the main series gets released worldwide as well 😀 The news of voice acting for Highway Blossoms is interesting, but im not too sure about the quality of the voice acting from the trailer. Hopefully it will be better in the final product when it is finally released.

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    • I already tried playing Maidens of St. Michael when it was released years ago… in Japanese even. So yeah, it didn’t go too well, but maaaaan the game seemed so awesome. From the art style, the super long playtime, the fact that it has all characters involved and the addition of Miya and Risa…. oh man, I can’t wait!

      Liked by 2 people

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