How About Doing Some Interactive Discussion Posts?

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I always enjoy seeing you guys interact with us or with each other in the comments, and thus, the idea was born that we’d like to make more interactive posts.

There are different ways to go about this, but we came to the conclusion that it might be fun to just try it like this…

Possibly monthly, we’d like to make a “Let’s Talk About” or rather, “Let’s Discuss” post, in which we talk about a topic you guys have decided on, so you can then take part in it all and add your own thoughts in the comments. We can then possibly have a bigger and more interactive kind of discussion about the topic and thus make it all a little more fun and interesting.

Topics can range from talking about a certain anime that is airing right now or that already aired to manga or visual novels, to topics like our favorite XX of a certain show, anime seasons, or favorites, in general. We could also discuss things like the development of yuri in anime or other types of media, or basically anything that you’d like to talk about that is related to this genre.

Of course, we’d have to filter your suggestions, since we simply can’t talk about things we never watched or read and certain topics might as well just be too hard to grasp or talk about for us to make a proper post about it. Nevertheless, we’d like to try and see how it works out.

So for now, we’d like to hear your opinion. Would you like doing a monthly post like this? And do you already have a certain topic you’d like us all to talk about?

Depending on the feedback, we’ll then create a first poll for you guys to decide what the first topic will be. We’ll then see how this all works out with the first try.


30 thoughts on “How About Doing Some Interactive Discussion Posts?

  1. While I’m not sure how well a comment section would work for proper discussion, I don’t see any reason not to at least try it.

    A few topic possibilities:
    – What makes for a good (or bad) yuri anime/manga?
    – Is yuri-baiting a real thing or a reflection of real life?
    – Are yuri stories made better or worse by the inclusion of male characters?
    – How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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  2. Sound good! I will be glad to take part.

    As for my topic suggestions, I have very few one:
    – Why is that most yuri fans hate yaoi?
    – It is very disturbing to see het moments during a yuri shows, right? Then, what kind if reaction did the fan have at the Souma x Himeko part in Kannazuki no Miko
    – Sono Hanabira is a good visual novel, though, rather repetitive and short. If anyone could add any feature into it, what would it be?
    – I really love RPGs, especially turn-based one. It’s a shame we don’t have that much good tactic-based RPG a la Fire Emblem or Advance Wars with yuri elements. Fire Emblem Fate has nice yuri elements but it’s not enough. Would you like it if they released a SRPG with lot of yuri pairing possibility.
    – I also like dungeon crawling RPG so I was wondering what are the opinions of the other yuri fans regarding Demon Master Chris, Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Dungeon and Sakura Space?

    That’s my ideas. Good day to you!

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      • Uhm, I guess what I meant was the various roles food has played in yuri.

        There’s the obvious ones: cooking and/or eating. Things like Secret Recipe, or Shinmai Shinmai, or Koufuku Graffiti.
        Then there’s food as a metaphor, like in Candy or KanColle. Maybe the poisoned apples in Chouchou or Secret of the Princess. And possibly the various Gluttony characters (Sin and Feelings We Endure).
        There is also people as food with the various vampire stories or Kaleid (maybe Kanamemo?).
        How about the cute couple interactions because of it like in Sasameki, or Girlfriends?
        I guess you could also use food as a setting, like Wagnaria or Ben-To.
        There’s also the incidentals, like Idol’s having a favorite food, or Honoka’s sweet shop.
        Also used in titles, like “Bento and Kase-san” and Strawberry Panic (wait, where were the strawberries?).
        Then there’s the more…enticing side of food, usually involving chocolate or strawberry’s. Though Maki would probably prefer cherry tomatoes.

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      • If this gets picked, I’ll be knocking at your door asking if you’d be so kind to write the post. Actually, would you be interested? I never thought so much about it, but seeing your thoughts about it sounds super interesting.

        So if it gets picked, how about it?

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    • ..for a second I read that as bad english / a word missing and had some kinky mental images about food play…

      Dragging my thoughts out of the gutter, may I add some corner stones to that question? Like, taking age or maturity as well as gender roles into account? (aka: sterotypically women care, nurture and.. cook!) Also, bentou and okayu come to mind.
      Maybe the question should include “..and what are the (implied) differences to het depictions?”, aka ‘what changes when a girl feeds a girl compared to a guy?’
      Or, well, something entirely different… …cukes? (damn. back into the gutter with me…)

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  3. This is a great idea! Part of the reason I keep coming back to Yuri Reviews is because we can chat up Lena and Jamesy and a lot of the regulars. However the results from the last tournament (1204 voters!) seems to suggest that there are a lot of people lurking and this may give them an avenue to connect with everyone else.

    I like the idea of figuring out why yuri fans don’t like yaoi. For some reason, it winds me up too. The third result of a google image search I did on “yuri” resulted in that damned Yuri on Ice anime….. Though, the first image was one from this very site. Way to go on those SEOs, guys! 😛

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    • Oh all the praise might go to our heads you know 😀
      Let’s add that question though, I think it’s a super interesting one too, seeing that both should rather, you might say go hand in hand.
      Also, I think that your browser or google or whatever it is shows you search results based on the websites you’ve been to, so since you visit us a lot, we show up much higher. For others…. we might be on page 99 😀

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      • I – It’s not like I was trying to praise you or anything, Baka. 😛

        That idea wasn’t mine though, I saw it on the comment made by YayaSamuko. 😀 Though, yeah yuri and yaoi should go hand in hand.

        Hmmm… You may be right… Google knows me a little too well. That or I spend far too much time here and not enough doing work. hehehe!

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    • I appreciate that you toned down the OP’s “hate yaoi” to “don’t like yaoi”. Because, I love yuri but I don’t hate yaoi – I just don’t intentionally watch the latter 😛

      Also, uh, not sure how to phrase this, but… just because yaoi and yuri are in the superficial “same-sex love/romance” genre, they are still two totally different things. It’s like asking “why don’t sci-fi fans like fantasy?”
      It’s tricky to phrase it as an absolute. But also one thing doesn’t include nor exclude the other by definition, because it’s different; different genre and different taste / preference – that some even may enjoy both equally and/or not see a difference in at all.

      I believe that Yuri On Ice triggered some fans of the yuri genre because of what you described yourself. Search results not matching intent as well as a misleading title – resulting in frustration and a sort of negative bias.

      So, if anything I’d request an analysis of that question in a rational manner – possibly even questioning the querist’s intent of making a causally determined divide seem like a willful opposition…?

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  4. Why is yuri mostly seen in subtext now. When we had shows like strawberry panic in 2006.

    ^^ Just recently watched that one.


    • …We had SP in 2006, Simoun in 2006, Marimite from 2004-2009, Sasami Koto and Aoi Hana in 2009, Sakura Trick in 2014, Valkyrie Drive (ecchi but girls-love), YuriKuma Arashi and Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku in 2015, Flip Flappers and (arguably) Shuumatsu no Izetta and (non-subtext lesbian love albeit side-character’ish) Kuzu No Honkai AND Qualidea Code (casually treated and devoted side-char yuri couple) in 2016—… *takes deep breath*

      I’m not sure I understand your question.

      Yuri happens more often in subtext and doesn’t take center stage all too often (because it’s a sub-genre) but it regularly does.
      On the contrary, the non-subtext yuri *before* SP… and please correct me if I’m wrong, may be limited to Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1997-99) …Yami to Boshi (2003 – ?), KnM (2004), Mai Hime (2005)… and… uh… and I may be missing one… do classic Sailor Moon’s Haruka and Michiru (1995?-97) count as out of the closet? …well, I guess that depends on your dub XD

      Anyhow… yeah. No. It’s always been this “bad”. BUT we do get *additionally* a lot more subtext than we did before! So, yay?


  5. I like it!
    …so, a few ideas of mine (beware the parentheses….. haha XD):

    – What aspects / criteria do you (try to) take into account when rating the yuri levels in the reviews? Or: What makes yuri yuri?
    – What would *your* perfect yuri anime look like? Unless it already exists, summarize an imaginary one (if you like, even in your established review-style :P).
    – In what ways do yuri manga differ from yuri anime (or their adaptations) and why?
    – In what medium do you prefer your yuri fix? And why?
    – How about shedding some light and insight on where we came from and where we are now (regarding yuri representation in anime/manga/VN/games…), the potential implications and future prospects? A sorta “Yuri: Now and then”? Possible discussions about individual encounters and approaches to yuri (anime/manga/etc) and their lasting impressions (in relation to that).
    – How realistic is yuri genereally depicted and/or why do we crave for this genre? (this is me seconding yuriduck’s suggestion) Maybe an additional inquary about Japan’s handling of lesbians; culturally and socially, past and present.
    – Discuss terms like “subtext”, “baiting”, “shipping(-war)”, “trope”, etc, their definitions and their (contextual) usage and validity, in regards to the yuri genre and the discussions around yuri itself.
    – Open discussions about popularity fave anime/manga (vote or rely on previous tournaments)
    – What yuri anime/manga do you think deserves another season / a movie / an adaptation into another medium or a reboot? (that one’s actually like 3 topics roled into one)

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