Kase-San 2018 Anime Project Announced

What else is there to say other than, praise the yuri lord, or well goddess who granted us this wish!

Now what’s next, Bloom Into You? Let the right people see the results of our last Yuri Tournament… just saying 😛

Well anyway, I can’t find anything I’d have to add to what OG already summed up perfectly, so there you go~
Well, okay, one more thing: I’M HYPED!!!!!

The Yuri Empire

The Yuri Nation’s voices from across the globe had been heard.

Kase-san 2018 announcement

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10 thoughts on “Kase-San 2018 Anime Project Announced

  1. This was one of the best surprises of the year! the Yuri Nation did it! we still have the Citrus anime coming but now we have a Kase-san anime coming in 2018! and to be announced so soon! I can only wonder what other yuri surprises will be in store for us the closer we get to 2018! it truly is a great time to be a yuri fan! 😀 just hope its longer than what NTR was. the full first series of Kase-san can be made into a 12 episode anime if its done right!

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    • I actually think that this is pretty much the result of the love that people showed for the short clip online. This might be something all of us are to thank for and it definitely is such a pleasant and awesome surprise!

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    • I’ve tried researching this a bit more but couldn’t really find anything that stated otherwise.
      Well, it might as well end up like NTR with possibly bad animation quality and short episodes, or like you said maybe it’s another short clip, but from what I read online so far, it looks promising enough.

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  2. im so happy!!! this year really has been amazing!!! kase-san is by far one of the cutest yuri mangas ever and its finally getting an anime, i totally need to reread it!!! also i really hope it doesnt end up like netsuzou with the short ep treatment, i want to see kase-san with full length eps!!! also now that kase-san is getting an anime here is to hoping that citrus will get it’s release date window soon and yagate kimi ni naru get’s an anime announcement

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  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!

    This is one of my favorite yuri manga so far!
    It feels like an actual romance story and not just fanservice. This is something a rare few shows can do. I love it!

    Bloom into You would be amazing as well! The new English comic is out in two days!


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