Yuri News Update – September 2017

It’s that time of the month again, news time! We have a mixed bag of all sorts of news for you, some a little older, some pretty new. Let’s start~

headerNe No Kami – The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Part 2 was just released and is now available for purchase on Denpasoft and Steam. There’s also an uncensored patch available (only for the Steam version). You can get it here.

For those interested, here’s Part 1 as well. Get it on Steam or Denpasoft.

In other news, we’re getting more and more drama CDs for yuri manga~

This time, it’s one of our favorites, Itou Hachi’s Isn’t The Moon Beautiful:


Moving on, here’s also a nice dubbed manga PV for Bloom Into You that was released last year. Since I totally missed it, I just have to post it now at least! And I gotta say, they picked the PERFECT voice actresses for both Nanami and Yuu. I couldn’t be any happier with this~

And now, for the sake of this post being complete:

Find the news about the upcoming Kase-san Anime right here and the news covering the just released Citrus Anime trailer right here.


13 thoughts on “Yuri News Update – September 2017

      • Whoops, meant to say part 1 there.
        I think I had about 12 hours or so on part 1, but I am a bit of a slow player.

        I am of two minds on this VN. On the one side I find all the exposition, fight scenes, and alternate history not really that interesting. The couples though, and their interactions, are pretty darn good (the H scenes too). So kind of a mixed bag for me.

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      • So part 2 was OK (same comments as above). It was about half as long, and seemed a bit rushed and haphazard in parts. I noticed there was a memorial at the very end, so it sounds like they lost someone integral to the project.
        They also added some side/bonus H scenes (only 1 of 3 released so far).

        I enjoyed Love Ribbon much more, and am going to check out Pygmalion next when I get a chance.

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        • Hey, I have a great idea… wanna write a review about it? 😛
          I’m still so far behind and I need some motivation to actually continue, so if it’s about the first part, the second part or both of them together, every of these options sound good to me.
          Though, it’s of course up to you, but I already know you can write well~•

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          • I appreciate the sentiment but I think I will have to take a pass on this one.
            I can’t seem to think of much to write about the title, and overall it certainly isn’t the caliber of Kindred or Starlight.
            The relationship parts were quite good, but pretty much the rest of it just didn’t do it for me (which is the bulk of time spent).

            In the end I would have to say: “It’s OK, but you should probably just skip this one”.


  1. Kase-san! This is the most genuinely exciting thing for me all year! (Maybe excluding the DuckTales reboot… and The Ninjago Movie) but other than that!

    Top 3! ,For sure.



  2. The voices for Bloom into You do sound spot on! Please let this be a thing too… maybe it’ll take the same path as Kase-san where the PV drums up interest enough for an anime to be made!

    Lena! It’s time to pester your anime contacts again! 😛

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