Yuri Anime Review – Netsuzou TRap NTR

Okay, so here we go. I hope no one hates me too much after this review…

netsuzou trap yuri anime

Year: 2017
Episodes: 12, each about 10 minutes long
Genre: Drama, Yuri

Yuma and Hotaru have been best friends since childhood, but after Hotaru gets her first boyfriend, Yuma feels like the two of them are drifting apart. She gets a boyfriend herself, but as things seem to work out more with him, Hotaru starts acting weird, trying all sorts of things with her as “practice” for her slowly building relationship with her boyfriend Takeda.

There are two major things that might put some people off; First and foremost, there is a lot of cheating involved. Well, the show has NTR in its title, which is arguably not really what it’s all about, seeing that we’re not really supposed to feel for Takeda. BUT the cheating part is at least very much true and plays a big role in each and every episode. Other than that, the “boyfriend department”, consisting of Takeda (Yuma’s boyfriend) and Fujiwara (Hotaru’s boyfriend) put a lot of hetero in our yuri. Some fans of this genre might not like it at all, for others, it’s the perfect way to add some spice into the mixture.

For me, seeing that I already read and liked the manga version, these two things were not really what I had a problem with. Well, don’t get me wrong, cheating is a horrible thing, and I admittedly felt bad for Takeda, but this whole concept is also something that hasn’t been done before in yuri media, or at least very rarely.

I enjoyed seeing the inner struggle of Yuma, not understanding her feelings and always confusing them with friendship in the end, not even realizing that what she was doing was worse than what even Hotaru did to her boyfriend the whole time. I mean, at least in her relationship, the both of them knew they were not dating each other for the sake of love. Of course, it was quite frustrating seeing how often Yuma and Hotaru misunderstood each other, when in the end, even Hotaru didn’t even want to admit her real feelings anymore. I guess the drama was a little over the top, and the fact that the episodes were so short didn’t help this at all. You can add the same amount of drama into a regularly-sized anime, but squeezing it all into short episodes like this just takes everything else away from the series and strips it down to just that.

netsuzou trap yuri anime

Well, I guess this got me just a liiiiittle agitated, in the end.

However, the biggest issue I had with this show was simply the fact that it was not only short, but also a complete copy of the manga version. Of course, I agree that an anime should follow the events of its original source, but I’d also like an anime to add some more to it. Give the characters more personality, add some new scenes, and simply make it unique. The possibilities you have while creating an anime are so much more, and yet I feel like this one was just a colored and voiced version of the manga, and I think that’s just a big waste of potential.

Also, just taking a closer look at the two following pictures shows that the manga version was a lot better at conveying feelings, and thus, the anime version pales in comparison when it comes to atmosphere—for the most part at least.



The animation was also quite disappointing and didn’t at all help make it feel unique or nice to look at. Well, okay… some of the steamy scenes between Hotaru and Yuma admittedly looked pretty good, but for the majority of its run-time, the lack of quality in the animation was too much and bothered me. Of course, this probably only means that they simply didn’t have the needed money to make it better, but I still can’t help but feel like this all played into ruining the whole show for me.

Weirdly, even though I read it so many times online, the plot didn’t bother me at all. Like I said, I read and loved the manga version, and I was well prepared for the drama to unfold, so even all the misunderstandings and my sympathy for poor Takeda did not change it at all. Well, it could have been much better with longer episodes, a deeper insight into the personalities and lives of the characters, and possibly better animation quality, which is why I’d say that I didn’t like it very much.

Rock The Vogt’s Opinion: 3.5
“Well, that’s time that I’ll never get back. This is by far the most I’ve ever disliked a yuri anime, and I’m just glad I’m not the one who’s reviewing it.”

Story: 5
Characters: 4
Animation: 4
Sound: 6
Yuri: 10
Total Enjoyment: 4

23 thoughts on “Yuri Anime Review – Netsuzou TRap NTR

  1. tbf, the anime’s last two episodes were completely original content.

    I really enjoyed it, but probably because of the interesting way characters’ motivations and behaviors shifted around. Definitely started enjoying it more once it got past as far as I read, so maybe that’s part of the issue?

    Yeah, the animation wasn’t top tier or anything, but I’ve seen so much worse, so I don’t think it’s as bad as yourself and others have stated. I just think a lot of people have too high expectations for things. I dunno. I didn’t really have much of any expectations for the show, as I couldn’t remember how I felt about the manga before the show started airing. The manga plot came to me as it aired, but I didn’t have time to develop much of anything towards expectations.

    Like, if 9999 were to get animated, I’m sure I’d be disappointed to a point with it. I doubt I could like it as much as someone who hasn’t read the LNs. it’s rather rare for that to be the case.


  2. You won’t get any hate from me as this review largely captures what I felt as well. NTR isn’t a favourite of mine in manga form but I was hoping the anime version would bring the material to me in a way I would enjoy more. This did not happen, and I really do have to put a lot of that on the obvious lack of resources put into it. The animation and art never really looked good, and the short episodes forcibly stripped all of the nuance out of the manga in a series that didn’t have much nuance to remove in the first place.

    Overall, this was a pretty major disappointment to me. My go to line for this series was to suggest to other viewers to read the manga instead if there was any element of the anime they did enjoy as it just does the same material much better. And, as said above, I’m not even a huge fan of the manga to begin with.


    • I was actually so sure that people who complained about the manga would find this show at least somewhat more enjoyable, but nope… not all at, rather the opposite…


  3. I think you found all of what I could have said, so I’ll just my opinions in bullet points

    – Animation was basically manga stills, occasionally panned around or adding lip-movement and minus the SFX and other manga-art-motion. There was some occasional scenes that showed more but honestly not much lol. I appreciate their dedication to the source material but damn, I just wish there was a bit more oomph as in all ways, the manga is superior (especially as lots of things were cut)

    – I appreciate things that distil a genre down to their essence, for example last season Tsugki ga Kirei was a cute middle school romance was no bull. Unfortunately, NTR didn’t manage this as it stripped a lot of the interesting character-development and stuck to the plot, which wasn’t exactly good.

    – I empathised with Yuma a lot and get really annoyed when people say she’s a bitch or something of the sort. She was a little oblivious but I don’t think her intentions were ever bad – she even considered Takeda’s feelings far more than her own.

    – Takeda was one of those nice-guy jerks that you meet, but perfected. I don’t think he cared about Yuma any more than wanting to get in her pants but was prepared to play a role to get there. This came across nicely in the anime, but it also did in the manga so go-figure.

    I think most people should just check out the manga if they’re interested tbh.

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    • I agree with your points, but I have to disagree about Takeda. I think he really cared a lot about Yuma, even willing to put aside his feelings for her to help her figure out her feelings for someone else. And as for getting into her pants, well, he had a chance, and when he saw that Yuma just wasn’t ready he bailed and slept on the chair.

      To me he wasn’t a jerk at all, but rather one of the more ‘pure’ characters in the whole story. In the manga he punches Fujiwara for doing something terrible to Yuma (why couldn’t we get that scene?). So I think he is pretty OK.


    • Regarding Yuma, I think you’re right. Maybe her obliviousness was actually a way of her mind coping with the fact that what she was doing was in fact horrible.

      In case of Takeda, I’m not sure. He seemed to genuinely try to help her out, even though of course, he probably always had that thought in the back of his head that he in fact wanted her for himself. Can’t really blame him though.


  4. I did enjoy the music and the voice acting (especially Fujiwara’s “sleeze”), but otherwise I’m in complete agreement. If you only draw 9 minute episodes, you don’t have to include any original content. If you then, not put much effort into the animation or OP/ED, is there really even a point in doing so?

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  5. Well this seems like a spot on review. I havent seen the anime in full yet, waiting to torrent it all later but from I have been hearing the adaptation dropped the ball. Might have been much better if it was a full length anime series instead of a short mini series. And as ineedyuri above stated, at least the yuri scenes are hot 😀 but this series could have been much more. At least we have the Citrus anime to look forward to! 😀

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  6. Not for everyone as expected. I was surprised by how it brought out the worst in the Yuri Nation though. My goodness the backlash from some was shockingly harsh. I’ve experienced firsthand how angry the show made some people, especially purists.

    Putting that and the mixed reception towards the animation (still don’t get why but whatever) and the allotted time each episode got…it was enjoyable. I was okay with the fast-forward pacing as it meant more focus on the important parts of the story and even the ending was nice. I guess the show is one of those cases where “the author was cool with it but the fans hate it.” Hey, at least fans of the manga will always have that and the anime DID convince some newcomers to pick it up so that’s cool.

    In the end I’m happy my years of experience watching telenovelas with mom came in handy.

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  7. on the plus side of this review, at least we know not to expect too much from Citrus, it could end up surprising us, I will keep my expectations low, but I am hoping that it will not disappoint. I tried to watch Net Trap, but even after 2 episodes, it left a bitter taste afterwards, it felt rushed, but the art was okay, it wasn’t great, but it certainly could have been better,


  8. I remember reading most of the manga a long time ago, so I was really excited when I heard that it was going to become an anime. Sadly, after finishing the whole thing right now, I am very dissappointed. I agree with a lot of your points. But my biggest issue is the story and the characters. I found myself almost yelling at all the main characters (except Takeda, he was the only character I really liked). I’m kinda getting tired of this trope, where the main character doesn’t realize she’s in love. Nothing about this felt like something people would actually do (again, except Takeda). Yuma was too oblivious, like, come on, how does she not realize that Hotaru is in love with her, or at least coming on to her very hard. Hotaru didn’t feel realistic either, why would she be so vauge, but also be so very NOT vauge. Like, okay, she has some issues and fears, but if she can get the courage to kiss and basically have sex with Yuma, then why can’t she tell her she loves her? It’s not that hard. Fujiwara felt like he was just a bad guy because they needed a bad guy for drama. He was unrealisticly mean and cold. I get that some people might be this cold and only in it for sex. But he is obviously sick of dealing with the drama, he seems annoyed every time he gets involved, except when he sees a chance to have a threesome. Takeda feels real though, his intentions and motivations makes sense. He likes Yuma, but he also understands that she doesn’t really like him back. But he still wants her to be happy, so instead of being pushy he helps her the way he thinks is best. That’s a freaking character!
    Idk, maybe it’s just me being annoyed that it had to be so complicated and overdramatic. I wish we could just get a simple yuri anime, about when things are good.
    Another thing I didn’t like about this anime, is that it literally ended as soon as everything turned out fine. Like, okay, good, could we maybe see some of that? What then? Did Yuma and Hotaru start dating? Are they happy? I know we get the short scene of them going in the elevator and talking, but that could just be them being friends. From what we’ve seen of these two, they don’t understand each other very well, and overcomplicate stuff. So it seems very likely to me that they don’t end up together, even after kissing at the end of ep 12. I get that a good story needs some sort of crisis, or problem or whatever, so that the characters have archs to evolve. But am I the only one who wouldn’t mind an anime where we start the first episode with an established yuri couple, and just have them be a couple throughout the anime? Like maybe throw in some small drama, but keep it mostly realistic and cute. Show how a relationship can be good.
    Well, that was my rant anyway. Don’t feel like proof-reading, so sorry if there’s any typos or things that don’t make sense.

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    • Oh don’t you worry about ranting, I basically did the same thing, right? 😀
      Though, I have to add, even Takeda’s actions felt fake somehow. Like, yeah I get it, you’d do a lot for the person you love, but still he felt like a very one dimensional character as well.
      So you don’t get the girl, but keep loving her and the only thing that consumes you then is how to support her? Unlikely, but surely the nicest character of the whole cast…. 😛


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