Don’t Know What to Read Next [Part 9]

0021Title: A Secret Just Between You and Me
Artist: Nekomura
Genre: Romance, School Life, Yuri

Chiaki and Haru share a sweet little secret with each other that they seemingly not yet know how to deal with properly.

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Yup, shortest description ever, I know. 😛 Though, so far, we’ve only got 2 chapters and yet, this is one of my favorites works right now. Nekomura is already my number one author, and this work just proves that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a KanColle doujin, but she can deliver the yuri goodness even with original characters. Please more!

18990-my_cute_little_kittenTitle: My Cute Little Kitten
Artist: Milk Morinaga
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yuri

Rena and Yuna have been best friends, living together for a while now. One day Yuna brings home a cat she found on the street and decides to raise it despite the fact that pets are not allowed in their apartment. Strangely, this new companion in their lives leads to Rena finally confessing her true feelings to Yuna.

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There’s just one chapter of this one translated so far, but hey, it’s Milk Morinaga, what could possibly go wrong here? The story already started out pretty strong in my eyes so I can’t wait to see how it continues from this point on.

uploadbyoremanga001Title: Catulus Syndrome
Artist: Neko Tarou
Genre: Cat Girl, Comedy, School Life

Yuki is suffering from a rare condition called Catulus Syndrome. She’s literally a cat girl who might look more or less like a normal human girl (with the occasional addition of growing cat ears and a tail), but she can fully transform into a cat as well. When she meets cat lover Ayano, her world gets turned upside down.

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I have to admit, I love reading cute stories about cute girls with animal ears, so this one of course scores pretty high already for the fact that one is a super cute little cat girl herself. Now adding a character like Ayano, who doesn’t only love cats but attracts cats herself, makes this the perfect combination for a fun and cute story. The yuri level is not that high so far, but I’m sure we’ll get there~

loveTitle: My Unrequited Love
Artist: tMnR
Genre: Age Gap, Angst, Drama, Romance, Yuri

Uta, a teenage girl living with her older brother Reiichi and his wife Kaoru, experiences a feeling of great turmoil and unrequited feelings after realizing the fact that she has fell in love with Kaoru. Even after consulting her friend a few times, Uta just can’t get the thought of Kaoru out of her head and the consequences that could leave their relationship tumbling towards a dark road. Follow this grim and occasionally light-hearted coming-of-age story that chronicles the life of an average teenage girl infatuated with her older sister-in-law.

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Hands down, this is my favorite manga right now. The art is just gorgeous, the story feels new, and the characters are all very much likable. I so far have no idea how this one might play out, seeing that it still seems pretty unlikely for Uta to actually get what she wants, but we’ll see about that. So far, I’m hooked!

COMAKU7Title: Don’t Make Me So Turned On
Artist: Comaku
Genre: Lots of Sex, NSFW, Office Ladies, Polyamory

As the title let’s us predict, this one is about some very turned on office ladies no more and no less.

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Especially after Comaku’s “butt story”, I was looking forward to what this artist might come up with next. Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed, even though it does tend to be quite over the top. Though, I think that’s what most people would come for with this one anyway.

cjdjcTitle: The Two of Us
Artist: Otome Megane
Genre: School Life, Yuri

Short stories about school girls and how they deal with their first time and sex in general.

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This is a little older one, but it’s still pretty damn good. It’s interesting to follow the girls in their everyday life, seeing how they struggle with this heavy topic. Also, a must read for people who like girls with glasses.


24 thoughts on “Don’t Know What to Read Next [Part 9]

  1. Excellent suggestions, Lena! My Unrequited Love is my current favorite manga also, for the same reasons. I particularly like the completely plausible explanation for the development of the unrequited love. I am not sure I would characterize her circumstances as grim as, aside from her unrequited love for her sister-in-law, Uta has a good life. However, I anticipate she will have her heart broken a few more times, and I do not think she will get what she wants at the beginning of the story. My Cute Little Kitten has progressed only to the confession stage, but I hope it may develop into a romance between adult women after the confession. The series is running in ガレット, published for Comitia every three months, so it will take some time to play out (ガレット is funded in part through an online patron service called Enty – if you read My Cute Little Kitten, Liberty, or Between Philia and Eros, and can afford to spend a hundred yen or more a month, please consider supporting this fine publication. Supporters who send ¥500 a month (the “normal course”) or more get a digital version of the book.) I think Just A Secret will develop into a very interesting story, and the dynamic between Chiaki and Haru is electric. Finally, I am pleased you recommended a work by Megane Otomo – I like that her characters can be selfish, petty, jealous and insensitive, and that the love affairs, while they have their tender moments, are not particularly sweet. In addition to The Two Of Us, I like Green and Secret Love (my favorite chapter is the final one, Sigh).

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    • Yeah, all the stuff from Galette has been great! And am so happy to see Morinaga rolling into another series so quickly. It seems Kitten is out a translator on the scans team, so who knows when we will get the next chapter. 😦

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      • I have my hopes up for Morinaga’s kitten (that sounds dirty :P) and I’d really love seeing it develop into an adult romance. That would certainly be perfect~
        Yet… no translator… urgh… but it’s Milk Morinaga, I thought people would pick this up immediately 😛

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        • Girlfriends is her opus, but…I hope I won’t be ridiculed for this…I like Secret Of The Princess best. SPOILERY STUFF FOLLOWS In addition to the sly and completely fantastic (in the original sense) Princess Charming romance twist, I like how Miu comes to know herself gradually through her own experiences and revelations by her friends over the course of the story, despite years of programming by her mother, how Morinaga-sensei addresses girl-girl practice romance at girls’ schools (e.g., Miu initially tricks herself into believing she is engaging in this socially-accepted practice, but gradually realizes she has desired Fujiwara for some time and truly loves the Fujiwara she comes to know rather than the school idol who first caught her attention; when she claims she’s dating Fujiwara, two of her “friends” tell her, we’re fans of Fujiwara but dating another girl is, “you know,” and in a very dramatic rooftop confession (I LOVE this confession), explicitly proclaims her love for Fujiwara and dismisses the notion that Fujiwara is a substitute for anything), and how, in the end, her mother surprises her by accepting her girlfriend, albeit on pretty shallow criteria, and already has her daughter’s wedding planned (in France). She includes the unfortunate reality of women casually and harshly judging other women (Miu is Fujiwara’s pet, a loli groupie, etc.) and of girls tearing themselves down for exaggerated faults (e.g., “Because I’m nothing but a liar,” “I wanted you all to myself…I’m so selfish. No wonder senpai would reject me.”), and then has Fujiwara act in ways they help Miu recognize her goodness. I also like the brevity of the story, something I could work on. I apologize for the length of my reply. I had to stop myself from writing any more. (*/∇\*)

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  2. Love when you do posts like these! I can’t wait to see where My Cute Little Kitten goes next. Morinaga very rarely disappoints if at all and the premise for this story looks very interesting, just wish more chapters were translated. Anything by Comaku is an automatic must read for me! 😀 The author’s Yuri Butts story was a raunchy good time and Don’t Make Me So Turned On was the same. cant wait to see what this author does next! My Unrequited Love is a new pick up for me but I am liking it so far. Just hope the final outcome is a good yuri one! >.<

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  3. Thanks for the great recommendations! I have read most of the manga listed above but I still have to read The two of us and Don’t make me so turned on. I am so happy that nekomura decided to create an original yuri manga, as their Kancolle doujins are some of the cutest and most heartwarming doujins out there (Even the NSFW ones feel more romantic than anything else). Can’t wait for the next chapters! My unrequited love is especially brilliant and one the best parts about the manga is that all the characters are likable in their respective areas.

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    • I know right?! When I saw that Nekomura released an original work, I did a little dance of joy. Still, I think we can all agree that we also need more of her Akaga works. *cough* especially those excellent NSFW ones *cough* 😛

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  4. I too have read half of the manga above! I feel like my yuri powers have leveled up! Sadly, I doubt it will translate to better marks on those fiendish quizzes you post, Lena!

    Unrequited Love really pulls you in and is almost heartbreaking. We need more chapters! Also, I felt kind of guilty reading Catulus Syndrome but I couldn’t help it since it’s too cute… but now that it’s been recommended, it doesn’t bother me anymore. Odd. 😀

    Also, may I may a suggestion to these manga posts? Could you also list the Japanese name of the manga too? I know you have the dynasty link under each title, but some of the places I go to to read manga list the titles in Romaji. 🙂

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    • Haha, the quizzes are just…. challenging, just how it’s supposed to be 😀

      I’ll also try to keep that in mind, but as Jamesy always reminds me, I’m Ano. If that doesn’t make things clear, let’s just say I have a bad memory 😀

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  5. This is a another great list Lena! I enjoyed all of ’em.
    Secret is just gorgeous like all their previous works, and I like the way the characters are developing.
    An Unrequited is very interesting. Between the age gap romance that seems problematic at best, and then throw in an aro girl like Kuro, it’s quite the mix isn’t it?
    And Comaku is great, it always gives me a bit of a chuckle. Between the “butt story” and this new one with harem/poly is a nice chance to jump into something that is totally over the top.

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    • I’m actually excited what Comaku might come up with next. The Butt One already felt really unique… for obvious reasons and I had the same feeling about the Office lady one. Now, now Comaku, surprise us more! (Please no het though :D)

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  6. Is it just me, or is there a minor Yuri drought as far as Manga goes? Don’t get me wrong, as much as I enjoy Unrequited Love, there just hasn’t been anything new to read. It usually ends up being pieces that are being updated very slowly or are extremely short and have no substance.

    Unrequited Love is probably the only thing that I REALLY look forward to every month. All of the other Yuri manga are nice and all, but as I’ve mentioned, aren’t updated frequently enough to warrant the same feeling. Even with Citrus about to turn the Drama dial to 11 isn’t really keeping me enticed because it’s so freaking slow.

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    • How weird, I feel the same way. Lately, I don’t read that much anymore or rather I’d say there is not that much that catches my eye. I thought it was just because I’m so busy lately that I just don’t have the time, but I actually think it’s rather that there just isn’t that much new stuff to get excited about…


      • I check manga releases daily, and I’m seeing WAY more Yaoi releases over even regular Romance in general. Yuri gets something new it seems once every couple of months. I don’t know if there’s a particular reason for this, but to be honest, this sucks butt.

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