Mini Yuri News Update – November 2017

Yuri news is coming in quickly these days. Lucky us~

our feelings yuri visual novelFirst up, let’s talk about a very promising looking visual novel, Our Feelings by Vazurea Studio.

Even in its early stages, this one already comes with outstanding music, great art, and a plot that sounds really promising:

Hiyoko and Michiko were on their way home when Hiyoko became the victim of a terrible accident. Upon waking up, Hiyoko found herself in a familiar place, but surrounded by unfamiliar faces. The three girls that were by her side when she awoke, Yukiko, Miyuki, and Aiko, all claimed they were Hiyoko’s best friends at school.

However, Hiyoko didn’t know them at all. Only when she finally looked at the date and took notice of her surroundings, Hiyoko finally realized that she was thrust back three years into the past, when she was still in high school.

Hiyoko chose to be honest, and told them that she had no recollection of any of them. However, she still kept the fact that she was from a parallel-future where she didn’t know any of these girls, a secret.

Hiyoko tried to figure out how she could return to her own world, and why she was sent here in the first place. And who was this girl she replaced? Was it really her, or something far more sinister?

Then suddenly, a new student, Ayano, arrives who throws everything out of balance when Ayano claims that she knows who Hiyoko really is…

You can read more about this visual novel and support it on its Kickstarter~

seabed yuri visual novelNext up, we have nother visual novel, SeaBed, by Fruitbat Factory. Just yesterday, they finally announced the release date that is set for December 19.

Check out the game on Steam, preorder it in their shop, or over at MangaGamer with a nice 25% discount~

amanchu advanceIn other news, it seems that we’ll get another season of Amanchu! pretty soon!

The second season, Amanchu! Advance, is already set for the spring season of next year, and I’m pretty sure this will make a lot of us very happy~

Read more about it right here.


10 thoughts on “Mini Yuri News Update – November 2017

  1. So much yuri happening, especially with visual novels! can there be such a thing as… TOO much yuri? YEAH RIGHT! 😀 I am interested in SeaBed and can’t wait for it’s release. Our Feelings looks really good too! Thanks for always keeping us in the loop about yuri, guys! 🙂


  2. im so happy we’re getting more yuri announcements before the year ends, these visual novels look great and im excited for them. also citrus anime got its release date of january 6th, finally after the long wait we will finally be able to see yuzu and mei on screen animated, i cant wait!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like ‘The Love Doctor’ also wrapped it up.
    I enjoyed this one a lot, right up there with Pulse and Fox. Though the ending didn’t have quite the same punch as the others.


      • I can understand that. The Love Doctor is much more mundane than the other two – it has less drama and is pretty modest with its love scenes.
        Its more dealing with personal and relationship issues than anything life or death.
        So yeah, not nearly as exciting.

        Liked by 1 person

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