Mini Yuri News Update: December 2017

We don’t have much to cover this time, but the few things we do have, are quite awesome~

First up, there’s finally some more news about the upcoming Kase-san OVA. So this time, not only the release date was annouced, but also the leading voice actresses. Plus, we got a short Preview to get ourselves even more excited!

Here’s the tweet telling us all about the release date that is set for June 9th, 2018~


Yamada will be voiced by Minami Takahashi


Kase will be voiced by Ayane Sakura

And finally, enjoy the PV.

Next up, we have yet another yuri visual novel Kickstarter project. I swear these projects are multiplying by the minute. 😛


Anyway, it’s called Reska-A: A Yuri Visual Novel by Starry Sky Studios, and this one yet again looks super promising. Who would have guessed, right? Lately all projects just seem too good to be true, which is a freaking good thing!

Anyway, here’s a plot summary:

The Blue Mist Flower is a rare flower that can only be found near the cove. It’s said if a person should find said flower and hold it up to a full moon, they can make a single wish that will come true no matter what.

To Kasey, this story has always fascinated her and secretly, deep in her heart, she believes in such a tale but is too scared to go to the cove on her own.

For Kasey, when not inside her own little world, she’s in a reality that’s lonely. With no friends and living alone (kind of), she spends most of her time either reading or play video games.

Lucky for her a girl name Sena sees past her odd nature and anti social ways, and takes interest in her. It’s here that Kasey and Sena develop a close friendship. With Sena as her friend, Kasey soon begins to form new friendships in school and for once feeling happy.

But as she does, she worries that such a happy time won’t last for her and so decides to see if the story is true, and makes a wish with the Blue Mist Flower. However if the tale is true and her wish is granted, will it be a blessing or a curse.

You can either support it over its Kickstarter or help out Alice, the leader of Starry Sky Studios, over Patreon.


17 thoughts on “Mini Yuri News Update: December 2017

  1. Yay! I’m so happy and hyped right now! This new year seems so promising. I can’t wait to see more good thing that 2018 has in the closet for us.

    Good work as always!

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  2. OMG. It’s odd how a 49 second video can make me so happy! I cannot wait for this OVA. I wish it was a standard length anime, but after the disappointment of the last 5 minute video, I’ll take what i can get. Perhaps we’ll see that awesome scene in the infirmary during the marathon sports day event animated after all! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Man I can not wait until next year! The Kase-san anime looks better and better every time we see more info on it! June is so far off though, I want my cute yuri romance NOW! T.T at least we have the Citrus anime coming next month! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

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