Yuri News Update: December 2017 2.0

What?! Another News Update in less than a week? Is that possible? Yup, it is, and it seems to be reaccuring thing in our community. Awesome!

So what is it today? More yuri visual novels maybe? Well, that would be awesome but nope, even better! Another yuri anime was announced!

tachibanakan triangle yuri anime

Tachibanakan Triangle, or as it’s called in English, Love to Lie Angle, is a comedy manga by merryhachi, and it will get an anime adaptation in 2018.

This one is actually featured in the Yuri Hime magazine, so we know it’s gonna be good (and actually have some yuri). Though, to be quite honest, I haven’t heard of this one yet, despite the fact that the first few chapters are available to read on the Dynasty Reader. There are actually four volumes out already, and it’s still ongoing.

Well, shame on me! Have to catch up quickly, I guess. In case you haven’t heard of it either, there you go. Let’s read~

Here’s the synopsis:

When Natsuno Hanabi went back to her hometown to study in high school, she thought that she will have a new wonderful life. But Tachibanakan, the dormitory she was going to live in, was not what she expected.

The Cast:
Hanabi Natsuno: Minami Tsuda
Konomi Fujiwara: Amisa Sakuragi
Iori Takamura: Arisa Nakada
Yoriko Fujiwara: Rei Matsuzaki
Yuu Tsukishiro: Mikako Komatsu
Sonoa Mitsui: Eri Kitamura

Visit the official website for the anime adaptation here.

Source: MALComic Natalie

To be quite honest, the synopsis doesn’t really give anything away and rather makes it sound a bit boring. Since I haven’t read it yet, I can’t confirm this. However, the internet seems to like it, and from the few things I already read about it, it seems to be a cute comedy with some ecchiness added to the mix. I think we can all agree that this might actually be a pretty good combination again. What do you think?

tachibanakan triangle yuri anime


28 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: December 2017 2.0

  1. so, I haven’t read this

    is it like
    “just gay enough to pass as yuri”
    “makes-your-gaydar-explode homosexuality overload of imminent destruction with kisses and all that good shit”

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  2. Best believe the hype for this one is real. Ecchi yuri love triangle, closest thing to a yuri harem show that’s the central focus and not on the sidelines or stealthily/subtly implemented. Bring on the sexy yuri antics!

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  3. You can find up to chapter 20, but the later chapters are not translated so great. 😦

    And wow, do they fall down (on each other) a lot. They must all have some sort of inner ear disorder. 😛

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  4. It’s about time we got a yuri harem anime! there just aren’t many of those around, if at all! The series is pretty fun and interesting from what I read of the few chapters that have been translated. With this anime and Citrus and Kase-san coming next year, 2018 just might go down as the Year of Yuri! 😀

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  5. If I am not mistaken, the title is Tachibanakan To-Lie-Angle, which can be read as Tachibanakan Triangle, similar to how To-Love-Ru can be read as Trouble. Up to chapter 21 has been translated if you know where to look for.

    It is harem to certain degree, as all female character do have a lot of risque moment with MC, though only two of them are viable as end game (so far), so some think it is a love triangle instead a full harem series. And I suppose that’s why it is called Tachibanakan Triangle. Unless you played the VN, at which all of them are viable route to choose.

    Though who knows, maybe the anime will played up the harem aspect.

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