Yuri Anime / Manga / Visual Novel Awards 2017

2017 yuri anime manga visual novel awards

Another year has passed and it yet again went by so fast again…

Luckily, we were yet again blessed with some quite nice yuri, be it in anime, in manga, and especially in visual novels. So following old YuriReviews tradition, here are our yuri awards for 2017, enjoy!~

Lena’s Best Yuri Anime: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon

This was by far my favorite show of the entire year. Who would have thought that an anime from KyoAni would EVER feature more than only queerbaiting? Not only that, the anime features several couples, with a main cast that is pretty much completely gay and open about that, too!

Tooru, for example, never made a big secret out of her love for Kobayashi and rather screamed it out for the whole world to know whenever she felt like it. And even if this might sound like the yuri was only depicted in a comedic way, the heartfelt moments of the show proved that it was in fact not only that, but true love instead, seeing that they would both go to great lengths to be with each other.

In short, I was seriously surprised by this show, in all the right ways~

Hardy’s Best Yuri Anime: Kuzu no Honkai

kuzu no honkai

I know. Kuzu no Honkai isn’t a yuri anime, but the yuri in it was so damn good that I had no other choice but to pick it for this award! When most other anime seemed to cast its yuri in a comedic light, Kuzu no Honkai did the opposite and cast a harsh light that surprised pretty much everyone.

Hana & Sanae’s relationship was like a rollercoaster that had gone out of control, and there were times when the tone of the show became so weighty that it was actually really difficult to watch. Despite all of the drama, this was very well-done, and watching the incredible highs and devastating lows of their romance play out is something that I won’t forget anytime soon.

All the het and other unsightly aspects of this show mean that it’s definitely not for everyone, but if you prefer a more mature and intense look at a lesbian relationship in anime, you can’t really do much better than Kuzu no Honkai, in this or any other year~

Honorable Mention: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Lena’s Best Non-Yuri Anime: Kakegurui


I remember starting to watch this anime simply because I was bored, and the cover art looked nice. Looking back at it now, that was a freaking great decision.

Not only does this anime feature one gorgeous female lead, namely Yumeko, it also comes with top-notch entertainment, just the right kind of crazy plot to keep me wanting more, and, of course, some subtle yuri moments. Awesome!

I guess you could say it was a little too crazy at times, but then again, this was pretty much one of the aspects that just kept the show as interesting as it was. I seriously want a second season!

Honorable Mention: Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul (First Half)

Hardy’s Best Non-Yuri Anime: Made in Abyss

made in abyss

As much as I wanted to give this award to Shingeki no Kyojin, Made in Abyss was just too deserving to leave out. This show just seemed to come out of nowhere and commenced to blow me away. Between the beautiful visuals, the incredibly charming characters (❤ Nanachi ❤), the awesome soundtrack, the intriguing story, and the expansive world that just screams adventure, it didn’t take this show very long to become one of my favorite anime of all-time~

To make matters even better, it’s been announced that Made in Abyss is getting another season. I don’t think I can get any more hyped for this, so until the second season starts airing, I’m just gonna go ahead and rewatch this first season for the 814th time. 😛

Honorable Mention: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2

Lena’s Best Yuri Manga: My Unrequited Love by tNmR

my unrequited love tnmr yuri manga

I admittedly didn’t read that much this year. Especially in the second half of the year, you could say I didn’t even touch one new manga. Was it for a lack of new, interesting-looking ones? Partly, but more rather for the fact that time is short lately. So for this one, I have to stick with the ones that I started reading earlier in 2017, and there are quite a few good ones. What definitely got me the most interested was tNmR’s My Unrequited Love.

It’s heartfelt, it’s filled with good drama—some believable drama even—but what’s best about it is that it’s a new concept, or rather, it just feels new and fresh to me.

Uta is left with this constant feeling of not knowing how to deal with her feelings, which is especially hard since she not only lives with her person of interest, but it’s also her sister-in-law. It’s a seriously messed up situation for her, and I still don’t know how it will all get resolved, which makes it even more exciting!

Honorable Mention: A Secret Just Between You and Me by Nekomura

Lena’s Best Yuri Manga Character: Yuki (Catulus Syndrome)

catulus syndrome yuki

Guess what? I loooooooove cute characters with cat ears! And guess what Yuki is. That’s right, she’s got the rare catulus syndrome, where you get the cute cat ears and a tail, plus you might occasionally fully transform into a cat.

This kind of sickness is (unfortunately) not real, but you gotta admit, it sounds quite nice… well, for as long as you’re not the one affected by it, but rather your partner.

So, yeah, literally being half-cat, plus having this cute and kind of irresistible tsundere personality…. HNNNNNGH. I mean, come on. Your girlfriend can transform into a cat! Literally the only two things in life I need are a girlfriend and a cat, and you get it in one person! Okay. Well, guess I might be a little weird…. 😛

Honorable Mention: Nanami Touko (Bloom Into You)

Lena’s Best Yuri Anime Character: Tooru (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon)

kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon tooru

Tooru is by far my favorite character of the whole year, yuri or not. She was not only fun to the extent of being hilarious, she was also caring, protective, and on top of that, the best maid you could ever wish for.

I guess I wouldn’t want tail meat sneakily mixed into my meals, and I’d also like my laundry being washed with normal water instead of her spit, but the rest seems absolutely perfect.

Just imagine being able to go on a little vacation while not having to worry about the horrible traffic that’s probably awaiting you? You just hop onto her back and fly to your desired destination dragon-style. Thinking about it now, maybe a half-dragon would make an even better girlfriend that a half-cat?! Damn, how conflicting!

Hardy’s Best Yuri Anime Character: Sanae (Kuzu no Honkai)

kuzu no honkai sanae

I can’t say all that stuff about Kuzu no Honkai and choose anyone but her, can I? It’s kind of fitting that My Unrequited Love wins an award, since that’s something that Sanae is all too familiar with. To some degree, you could argue that every character in Kuzu no Honkai is scum, but it’s hard not to feel for Sanae and all she has to endure. She seems like a good-hearted person, yet she has to deal with a lot of emotional baggage that can feel all too relatable for people who have ever dealt with unrequited love themselves. Yeah, all of the other characters have to deal with similar circumstances, but I think her love just comes across as more genuine.

Then again, she takes advantage of an equally emotionally-damaged person in Hana, so she’s not totally blameless either. However, at least she realizes this fairly early on, even if her desire to be with Hana doesn’t prevent Sanae from continuing to hurt Hana (and herself).

I think it’s great that anime has yuri characters like this that are more complex than we’re used to seeing, but it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t happen in an actual pure yuri anime instead.

Honorable Mention: Riko (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon)

Lena’s Best Non-Yuri Anime Character: Yumeko (Kakegurui)

kakegurui yumeko

This voice, this beauty, and also these kind of intense facial expressions that she put on… She was simply a freaking great main character for a show like this and possibly pretty much for any show, to be honest. She just added the right kind of entertainment by just being this wickedly innocent, yet by all means definitely not so innocent, girl who just loves to gamble.

That kinda sexy madness that lurks behind this beautiful face and calm demeanor… I can’t hide that I really like it, just like probably pretty much all viewers of this show, I’m sure.

Okay, I think I should stop drooling and finally state the best part: It might be wishful thinking, since, you know, I’m a yuri enthusiast to say the least, but man do I ship her hard with Mary!

Honorable Mention: Ange (Princess Principal)

Hardy’s Best Non-Yuri Anime Character: Nanachi (Made in Abyss)

made in abyss nanachi

Oh man. Where do I even start? It isn’t until episode ten that Nanachi is introduced, but she instantly becomes an integral character to the story of Made in Abyss. Speaking of story, her backstory is incredibly tragic, and I think that’s one of the many reasons why so many viewers took a liking to her. Nobody wants to see anyone suffer, but her strong will and determination help her survive in the harsh environment of the Abyss, and I’m sure her relationship with her dear friend Mitty warmed the hearts of everyone who saw this anime.

Obviously, she’s extremely adorable, and her cynical personality adds so much to the show. As dark as this anime is at times, she provides a lot of the lighter moments that keep things from getting too dark, so choosing her as my favorite non-yuri anime character was one of the easiest choices for me to make, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Honorable Mention: L’s choice~

Lena’s Best Anime OP/ED: Step up LOVE by DAOKO & Yasayuki Okamura (Kekkai Sensen & Beyond)


I didn’t even watch the anime, but I love this ending! DAOKO is the best~

Honorable Mention: Hardy’s choice~

Hardy’s Best Anime OP/ED: Uso no Hibana by 96neko (Kuzu no Honkai)

Watching this OP again makes me want to watch the anime again, but then I remember how much I hated Akane and I changed my mind. 😛

Honorable Mention: Ugoku, Ugoku by Inori Minase & Yurika Kubo (Girls’ Last Tour)

Lena’s Best Yuri Canon Pairing: Lucifer x Maria (Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai)

sin: nanatsu no taizai lucifer maria

Okay, first up, it feels like we didn’t really get that many canon pairings this year, which kind of sucks, so you could say that our choices were already pretty limited from the start.

However, as much as this anime might have sucked to some of you, what I think actually made this a million times better was definitely the relationship between Lucifer and Maria. There was something really gentle and special about the way the two of them interacted with each other, especially in the later episodes, and it was quite surprising to see, for obvious reasons. Lucifer, who is this seemingly ruthless evil force who takes Maria as her prisoner against her will, and Maria the… uh… boring and whiny goody two-shoes. Something about it just doesn’t fit. Lucifer just can’t be gentle and caring, and Maria just can’t actually break the chains of being a boring character by actually helping what seems to be pure evil.

This type of development just gets me in the right way, and it definitely hit even harder because I just wasn’t expecting anything like this from a show like… that.

Well, in the end, we didn’t really get what we were all hoping for, but I guess this just means I’ll have to come up with my own happy ending for the two of them—one that definitely doesn’t include that annoying Leviathan!

Honorable Mention: Yuma x Hotaru (NTR: Netsuzou TRap)

Hardy’s Best Yuri Canon Pairing: Hana x Sanae (Kuzu no Honkai)

kuzu no honkai hana sanae

Wow, it’s a lovefest for Kuzu no Honkai, huh? I can’t help it! It’s pretty rare to find lesbian relationships in anime that are portrayed as anything more than a vehicle for some wacky comedy. There are also the more ecchi shows (like Valkyrie Drive) that seem to only exist to titillate, the ones that feature a more down-to-earth relationship that happens to be very sweet and innocent (like Candy Boy), and the ones that are more serious, but revolve around some crazy plot that we could seriously do without (like Kannazuki no Miko).

This one isn’t very comical at all, but there is a sex scenes, and there is a TON of interpersonal drama. Maybe too much, actually. Anyway, what I love the most is that it’s dealing with two people in a relationship that have a lot of problems. For the vast majority of people, life isn’t going to be rainbows and butterflies. Life is cruel, and this series embraces that and puts its characters’ problems front and center.

In a way, it kind of reminds me of Aoi Hana, thanks to it being a grounded look into the psyches of troubled teenagers. For not portraying Hana and Sanae’s relationship in a completely unrealistic and idyllic way, Kuzu no Honkai won me over, and I hope against hope that another anime will soon come along that depicts love in such an unforgiving way~

Honorable Mention: Kobayashi x Tooru (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon)

Lena’s Best Unofficial Yuri Pairing: Pharah x Mercy (Overwatch)

overwatch pharmercy

Some of you might be wondering if it’s even allowed to enter the same pairing I already picked last year, but guess what, I make the rules here, so yes, it is allowed! 😀

Well, the reason why I’d still go with Pharmercy is not only due to the fact that this couple is pretty much still standing pretty strong against all other official and unofficial yuri pairings that popped up this year. In fact, I’d say that Pharmercy might even be one of the biggest yuri pairings around right now. So yeah, they didn’t just appear this year, but for me, their influence over the yuri community has never been stronger.

Even Jeff Kaplan, Game Director of Overwatch and Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment, has recently revealed that one of his favorite pairings is in fact Pharmercy. So guess what I’m hoping for right now? That’s right, some more nice matching victory poses, or how about some suggestive voice lines? Hell yeah! Just thinking about the possibilities makes me giggle like a little girl~

Honorable Mention: Kanan x Mari (Love Live! Sunshine!!)

Hardy’s Best Unofficial Yuri Pairing: Nanachi x Mitty (Made in Abyss)

made in abyss nanachi mitty

It’s questionable whether Nanachi is even a girl in the first place, but the popular opinion seems to believe it’s true, so I’m gonna go with this one. Their story is the definition of heartbreaking, and I’m not ashamed to say that the final episode had me crying like a little kid. Who would’ve thought that a show that looked so innocent and cute on the outside could be so cruel?

Still, that scene in the final episode may be my most memorable anime moment of the year (along with the reveal of the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan in SnK), and these two have one of the sweetest relationships that you could ever imagine. It feels a little weird including them on the list, but it’s honestly one of the most pure and innocent things ever.

Honorable Mention: Ymir x Krista (Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2)

Feel free to tell us about your picks as well~


40 thoughts on “Yuri Anime / Manga / Visual Novel Awards 2017

  1. So much love for Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and Made in Abyss! These two stood out this year for me too (as well as Mahoutsukai no Yome but that one’s not finished yet). Surprisingly no mention of Kanna-chan who stole the show for me, but at least Nanachi is here instead.

    Surprisingly, not a lot of visual novels in the awards, though. 😛

    Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Happy Kwanzaa and Merry Winter Solstace to everyone on the best yuri site on the internet! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yeah, I think Kobayashi, Abyss and Princess Principal probably topped some of my favorite animes this year. And hell’s yes to Lucifer x Maria! 😀
    I had no idea that Nanachi’s gender was kept vague, I guess I just assumed she was a she. Can’t wait to get the second season on this one!

    As for mangas, I don’t have any big stand outs either. I think a couple did catch my interest though. Like Ashita, Kimi ni Aetara for a crazy groundhog story, and Ayakashiko is just fun to read though it’s just subtext. There has also been a whole bunch of stuff from Mochi Au Lait that while short was very satisfying.
    What I really want is more Yamada to Kase-san and My Cute Little Kitten, but I guess I just have to be patient. 😛

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  3. There was so much yuri this year – both up-front and surprising. I must admit that I had a lot of very different answers to these, but I think that just speaks volumes about how strong this year was yuri!

    I’m surprised that Princess Principal didn’t get anything but runner’s up for you. I’m also surprised I haven’t seen any Dia x Akko mentions, as Little Witch Academia was also one of my favourites. And of course, the just-finished Konohana Kitan and Houseki no Kuni are probably the 2 best anime I’ve seen all year and, ignoring the ambiguities of gender in Houseki no Kuni, has some of the best yuri in my opinion too! I haven’t been able to check-in if either of you are watching those shows?

    I did watch Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai recently based on your recommendation and can definitely agree it was a pretty amazing ship. Shame there was a lot of the rest of the show putting me off (it’s my first show that has an uncensored version, so watching it was an experience to say the least), but I did enjoy Lucifer’s harem a lot.

    I think the biggest surprise about this list is the mentions of Kakegurui and Kuzu no Honkai. Those little snippets in Kuzu no Honkai were worth so much admittedly, but they were also a fairly small portion and a little too sad. Kakegurui was pretty fun, too, but I didn’t realise the extent to which you liked it.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Augh! I totally meant to add LWA to my list, and somehow forgot…I blame the cold that is currently melting my brain. 😦
      And while I have a soft spot for Diakko, I’ll always be Sucy x Akko. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

    • I would say the one thing that made Kakegurui as great as it was, is simply Yumeko. Once I fall in love with a character, it effects my whole view of a show, just like with Akane in Valkyrie Romanze 😛

      I’m actually still watching konohana Kitano as well as Love Live sunshine season two. I’m as always kind of behind, but the episodes I watched of konohana Kitan were not enough to let’s say get me too hyped about it. Seemed cute and relaxing so far, which is nice in its own ways of course, but just not enough to keep me anticipating each and every new episode. Let’s see when I’ll finish this one.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I should probably mention it was Kuzu no Hokai that got me into Yuri, the feelings Ecchan carried just moved me I guess, like that whole thing about her keeping the sweet wrapper and despite that creepy stuff about her using Hana, I got the impression she really did care for her and love her sincerely. When she tells Hana to be quiet while they’re having sex because her cousin in the next room, I was like ‘woah’.

      Kind of a bittersweet ending, but in the end I got the idea that Ecchan will always be there for Hana in some capacity, even if she knows she can never have her as a lover.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I got into Yuri this year, lucky me still having a few classics to experience! Also only just found this site yesterday, it’s great and you should all be proud of it :).

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  5. 1. Tooru xD
    2. TmNr is goddess
    3. I don’t think OW should count since it was released 2016 but it’s your list so watever xD Also it would be cool if all the female characters were in relationships with women xD

    For me:
    Fave artist: Mochi Au Lait
    Fave non-yuri work: Questonable Content

    As of now it seems I can’t think any more rewards to anything. Most of the stuff I think of came out at the end of the last year or so :/ Welp, whatevs xD

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  6. Merry Christmas to all! Was looking forward to tthe Yuri Awards you guys do each year. There sadly wasnt too much in terms of yuri this year even if we did get a yuri anime adaptation of NTR. I pretty much agree with what was said about the yuri in Kuzu no Honkai. That was one hell of a frustrating show to deal with especially when the girls involved in the yuri have such great chemistry yet they dont get together! The potential romance between them and the steamy kissing moments that did happen had way more passion and impact than when any of the guys in the show were involved. so frustrating! 😡 I still have yet to see Kobayashi-san but I still want to. looks really fun and cute. Looking ahead to 2018, next years yuri awards will be a bloodbath with the Citrus anime, Kase-san anime and the recently announced yuri harem anime! 2018 is going to be so good to us yuri fans! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    • You pretty much summed up one of our next posts Chimeko 😀
      It’s gonne be a review of 2017 with a little outlook on what to expect from 2018. Guess this post will not be needed anymore now 😀

      Also, Mery Christmas to you too Chemiko! I hope you’re having some awesome days~
      Also, I sure hope we can play Overwatch together soon 😛

      Liked by 2 people

      • You should still post it! it’s always great to hear your guys’ thoughts on what to expect next year for yuri! plus this is your site so POST AWAY! 😀

        And yeah I actually got on but I really need to practice with Overwatch. I just plain suck at mp games.

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  7. I saw the first episode and honestly, Yumeko is not the protagonist in my eyes. That guy is telling the story, which tells me that she’s not the main character. I just…don’t understand, but I like her very much, don’t get me wrong.


    • Well, I guess that’s right, though even if the guy told the story, Yumeko stole the show and was one way or another the real protagonist.

      Let’s just appreciate her a little more 😛


      • I’ll try. It’s just that…it fooled me to read that Yumeko is the protagonist when she’s actually not if the guy was telling the story. It confuses and disappoints me at the same time. I know I read the good traits about her, but I still can’t get over it.


  8. great picks! kobayashi was definitely one of the best things of this year! funny, cute and yuri, i completely loved it and tooru is definitely the best!!! also i really am in love with my unrequited love by tNmR! this year definitely has been great, really am excited for next year especially since the long awaited citrus anime is finally coming, i cant wait!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Speaking of awards:

    This is nice, since a lot of anime’s (and 1 manga) reviewed and talked about here are included:
    -Attack on Titan Season 2
    -Princess Principal
    -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
    -Land of the Lustrous
    -Girls und Panzer
    -Made in Abyss (also Nanachi)
    -Little Witch Academia (also Atsuko “Akko” Kagari)
    -Scum’s Wish
    -Kemono Friends (also Serval)
    -My Hero Academia Season (also Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui)
    -Yuuki Yuuna (also Gin Minowa)
    -My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

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