Our Wishes for 2018

After having talked about the highlights as well as all the things that were already announced that we can look forward to in 2018, why not talk about our wishes for this year as well?

So far, we can definitely not complain about the amount of things we already know will hit us this year. However, as greedy as it might sound, there’s always more things the community might want, so today, let’s focus on all the things that might or might not follow or happen as 2018 drags along.

citrus yuri animeFirst up, as the Citrus anime is basically right around the corner, especially after the disappointment of last year’s anime adaptation of Netsuzou TRap, what we need right now is a yuri anime that does its job right. One that might finally attract more viewers, actually sells a decent amount of copies, and simply gains enough attention, in a positive way, if I might add.

From what we already saw, the animation looks decent, the cast very promising, and it also doesn’t seem like they cut the yuri parts short—not that this would be very easy when it comes to a full yuri manga like Citrus, but I still feel like mentioning it.

In short, I just hope that the anime adaptation will be good enough so that the genre as a whole can profit from it. I’ve got my hopes up!

asagao to kase-san charactersContinuing with yuri anime, how about we talk about the adapation of Kase-san next? As we know, so far we’ll “only” get an OVA instead of a full anime, though that’s exactly what I’d wish for in 2018: A full (at least) 12 episode-long Kase-san anime.

As much as I’d like to say 24 episodes or more, I think 12 seems just about the right length to feature all the events of the manga and possibly even more. I guess, since in the most recent chapters we more or less lost track of an actual plot and focused on various moments in Yamada and Kase’s relationship instead, I can totally see this becoming a series of OVAs as well. Each and every episode could feature a stand-alone step in their relationship, be it how they got together (which will probably be featured in the actual OVA), some of their dates, or some problems they’ll have to get through on their way. I see a lot of potential here, and I sure hope that whoever is responsible for deciding what happens after the OVA airs, sees it the same way~

bloom into you yuri mangaIn general, I think there are quite a few manga out there right now that would make great anime. Let’s take everyone’s favorite Bloom Into You for example. Not only does this already come with just the right amount of chapters to ensure it to be at least 12 episodes long, it in my eyes also features the perfect mix of drama, comedy, and romance. Not only that, but I think that with the yuri featured in this work—which compared to Citrus, for example, is pretty tame—it might as well get an air time in Japan that is not as ridiculous as in the middle of the night, like most yuri shows unfortunately suffer from.

The same could be said about My Unrequited Love by tMnR. I guess it doesn’t come with the right amount of chapters yet, but then again, 2018 barely started, so we’ll have more than enough time to add more~

I think that there’s a lot of great yuri manga out there that would make awesome yuri anime, but it’s then again also depending on the anime studio as well as the people working on it. So yeah, I would say we have a lot of options to chose from right now, so I sure hope we’ll see more in 2018 and after.

sono hanabira maidens of michael yuri visual novelNext up, let’s talk about yuri visual novels. I would say I’m already pleased with the amount of visual novels announced for 2018, so since I’m still more or less sitting on a pile of unfinished or even still untouched yuri games, I’ll refrain from wishing for too many more (for now). Let’s instead focus on what we know we’ll get anyway and simply wish for it to come faster.

What I’m talking about is the long-awaited translation of Sono Hanabira – Maidens of Michael. It’s been a while since this project has been announced, and ever since then, it’s been kind of quiet, and we still don’t really know when to expect its English release. In my eyes, it’s still the most exciting looking one in all of SonoHana history, so, in short, I just can’t wait to play it!

Lastly, let me just finish the list with some more quick wishes to not make this post too big:

  • More Akaga doujinshi, as well as original works by Nekomura
  • More works by Tamamusi in general
  • After having finished Ratana SatisPulse, I wish for a new original work by this awesome artist
  • A new SonoHana installment focusing on Shizuku and Eris
  • I still have my hopes up for a Kindred Spirits on the Roof anime

And lastly, I just really hope that Ssamba, artist of Fluttering Feelings, will get better.

For now, that’s my little wish list for 2018. What are your wishes?


21 thoughts on “Our Wishes for 2018

  1. Just recently read Fluttering Feelings so i hope Ssamba can recover ❤

    Your list pretty much covers everything else i'd want for 2018 (and beyond). Citrus being good. Kase-san series. Bloom Into You. More Ratana Satis.

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  2. Just to put it out there, but if you haven’t checked out Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen yet you probably should. It’s food porn anime but with a heaping helping of shoujo-ai on the side, something I wasn’t expecting at all going in. Maybe things will change after episode 1 but episode 1 was surprisingly yuri-licious.

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  3. IT IS TIME! 😀 The first Citrus episode is out and from what I have seen and read it is looking to be a rock solid adaptation! Some of the screen caps I have seen actually look really great! can’t wait to see the subbed episode for myself! I fully agree with you on the Kase-san anime. It is great we are getting some sort of anime project but just wish it wasnt an OVA. Well Candy Boy started as just an OVA but became popular enough to get more episodes so lets hope for the same with Kase-san! 😀

    I hope we hear more of the SonoHana translation as well. We need more of that series officially released all over the world. Hopefully the main first entries in the series will follow after this one!

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    • Time it is indeed!! Just saw the first episode of Citrus and I was pleasantly surprised! Animation is fantastic, there’s a fair bit of comedy as well as a heaping serving of yuri too! *insert best impression of oliver twist here* “Please sir, I want some more”!!

      Also, I just need to say I was fangirling over the superb job that Taketatsu Ayana did for Yuzu. 😀

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        • Looking forward to your post on the first episode! 😀 Can’t wait to see it for myself. This year got off to a great start and with at least two more full yuri anime on the way things can only get better from here!

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  4. The first episode of Citrus wasn’t bad, I was going in with low expectations, the animation was rather fluid and the background very vibrant, I hope that the anime team doesn’t hold back from the more intense moments

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  5. It took me until the end of the episode to get used to Yuzu’s voice. At first, I wanted to immediately just stop watching, but then I just got used to it. It also made me realize how much I dislike girls who just throw on a bunch of makeup and accessories, but if they like it, more power to them. The animation is much better than I expected, so I guess that’s a plus. Lets just hope it doesn’t go down the pooper like plenty of other adaptations that exist.

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    • So far, it looks more or less consistent. Well, I think the pacing was a little off in the second episode, but nothing too bad really.

      What exactly don’t you like about Yuzu’s voice btw? Like did you imagine it to be more lower, feminine etc.?


      • I expected it to be a bit more feminine/higher pitch, but that’s just me. The voice clicked for me in the second episode though, so it seems normal now. From my perspective, she has a tomboy-ish voice, and I’m usually not a huge fan of those. But considering she isn’t really like that in the first place, it kind of messed with my brain at first.

        To be honest, I’m not paying attention to much as far as pacing and consistency is compared to the manga and am taking it as it’s fed to me. So far I’m enjoying it, and am looking forward for the rest.

        Apologies if I just made 0 sense though, I’m pooped writing this. 😛


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