Let’s Talk About Something Different: Part III

Seeing how many posts like this I’ve already written, I guess you could say this is starting to become one of our regular posts. Maybe I should find another title for it then… . Let’s see about that.

Anyway, some time has passed since the last post like this, and I’ve yet again found myself watching and reading some more lesbian stuff, what a surprise. 😛

This time, I will feature TV shows like Supergirl, Wynonna Earp, and, of course, the most recent parts of the The Legend of Korra comic.


Let’s start out with Supergirl. I actually found out about this one over Tumblr, since literally everyone and their mom talks about this show on there. Be it some cute gifs, picture sets, or drawings, it’s all up there. And for people who haven’t watched the show, let’s just say it’s kind of hard to determine if what the picture sets show is actually taken from the show itself or if it’s fanmade, meaning that they just added fake text to it to make it extra gay. So, of course, I fell for the fake posts, thinking—or rather hoping—that I would be met with the same kind of gayness in the show, which, by the way, never happened.

So I went into watching the show with very high hopes. I already knew that Kara’s sister would probably be gay, since I had found some pictures of her actually kissing a girl online beforehand. Though, what I cared about a lot more was, of course, the relationship between Kara and Lena Luthor. So after having watched some episodes of pretty much nothing happening, I already started losing interest. Like, I’m sorry to say this, but the show is pretty damn trashy, and not even in a good way. The selling point for me here was definitely the stunning-looking Kara, or Supergirl, who I think already makes this show at least 10 times better by just being in it. The rest, however, was often so trashy that I just couldn’t stand it.

You know how there’s a good and a bad kind of trashy? For me, Supergirl is definitely the bad kind. It’s meant to be taken seriously, which is exactly why it was so hard for me to get into it, and in the end, I just couldn’t. I probably missed out on a lot of KaraxLena moments, but knowing that Tumblr fooled me in the first place, I think I can live with it.

wynonna earpSpeaking of trashy shows, let’s continue with Wynonna Earp. This one is by far even trashier that Supergirl could ever be, but it meets my requirements of actually being a good kind of trashy.

I yet again found out about this one over Tumblr, but rest assured, there were already gifs of Waverly and Nicole kissing, so I knew I wouldn’t get fooled again. So I started watching it and more or less hated the first few episodes. It featured an all over the place kind of story, partly very bad CGI effects, and a main character that is so badass that it’s almost ridiculous.

However, from the moment Nicole entered the bar, talking to Waverly for the first time, I was sold. Even if their little love story was way too fast paced and cut short in some parts, their chemistry is perfect. They just work out together and add some charm to the show that was, at least for me, very much needed. Even though I said that their scenes were often cut short, from a certain moment in the show, they get a lot of screen time. Well, at least compared to other lesbian characters. We get full make-out scenes (several actually), love confessions, and pretty much everything a fan of stuff like this could ask for.

I guess you could say that the two of them (Nicole, in particular), saved the show in many ways, and now I can’t get enough of it.

Lastly, we just can’t forget about the glorious Korrasami moments in the comics that feature what happens after the finale of the show.

Not only do Korra and Asami go on vacation together, we actually witness various moments from their dates, most of which are super cute and some of them quite romantic. What made us fans go totally nuts, though, was something that seriously none of us expected… .

korrasami kiss legend of korra

It’s not only a kiss, they even explain their relationship to their friends, and yet another character comes out as gay/bi, which is just beyond awesome!

A pity we didn’t see that in the show, but oh well. I think we can all live with what we got, right?

Little extra: Korra coming out to her parents. It’s so cute~

korra coming out

There’s still a lot more gay stuff to watch, so expect more posts like this in the future~

Any suggestions though?


22 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Something Different: Part III

  1. Supergirl writers went to war with the fans because of the yuri shipping so I lost interest in it.

    Wynonna Earp is one I EVENTUALLY have to check out. Same goes for the Korra comics.

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  2. I mean from superhero stuff in the Marvels Runaways one of the mains is lesbian. Though I had to drop the show since it took some… liberties… that I didn’t really care for. I’d say just read the comic of it, they even continued it this year.

    Sunstone, Sunstone, Sunstone.

    Nothing else comes to mind atm 😛

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  3. I agree when you say Supergirl is trashy, and I myself don’t care for the writing. But I don’t think it’s meant to be taken seriously — all the DC CW superheroes have very campy shows.

    But for yuri, I was more concerned with Kara’s sister than any shipping for Kara herself.

    There was an actual episode where Kara’s sister, Alex, comes out as gay and the two of them have to come to terms with it. I thought they did a good job of portraying Alex’s narrative in an endearing way, and Alex’s relationship with her girlfriend Maggie was nice to watch and the two of them were regulars for the entire season.

    However, just as I feared, they complicate Alex’s relationship and the two of them — who were engaged to be married at the end of season 2 — break up at some point in season 3 and Alex rebounds with a steamy one night stand.

    I dropped the show after that, ’cause it pissed me off. But what pisses me off more is that I saw it coming from miles away. Supergirl is a fairly mainstream, monster-of-the-week kind of network TV show, and these shows almost never have relationships that last. Writers always break up the characters and use that drama for the story, and then they find new relationships, and rinse and repeat until the series finale, where that last relationship is the one that sticks.

    I don’t like being this cynical, but… yeah.

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  4. I really liked the first volume of Korra, it had all those great relationship scenes between the two. I feel like we are getting everything we wanted now that the show is over. 😀

    Just finished volume two, and it’s more story focused, so there is much less cuddling.
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but a lot of the dialog for most of the other characters comes across as flat? It almost reads kind of monotone to me in my head.

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