Guest Post – Don’t Know What to Read Next [Part 10] by shade

dallae manhwa
Title: Dallae
Artist: Choonae
Genre: Cats, College Life, Romance
Status: Ongoing, 15 Chapters

Bo-Eun is quiet and soft spoken in high school. She befriends a stray cat that she names Dallae and shortly aftwards bumps into Saeyeon, who it turns out attends her high school. While watching the smart and sporty Saeyeon from a far, she eventually becomes infatuated with her but is too shy to approach her. Fast forward to college and Bo-Eun discovers that Saeyeon attends a school close by. Still not confident, Bo-Eun confides to Dallae about her desire for Saeyeon and the dreams she has of her. Turns out the cat has an inside track into the goings on of Saeyeon.

I like how minimalistic the art and dialog in this one is. It’s all about looks and glances between the two and lots of blushing. It’s one of those that are roughly drawn, but it communicates so much. It’s a slow burn romance story of the shy Bo-Eun and mysterious Saeyeon, whose slow advances eventually break through to the ever timid Bo-Eun.  I really like this one so far, it’s fluffy and makes you chuckle, too.

the third party manhwa
Title: The Third Party
Artist:  Enjelicious
Genre: Drama, NTR, NSFW, Romance, Yuri
Status: Ongoing, 54 Chapters

Jeong Hui is the daughter of the president of the GBS television station, where she has just started work as an intern in secret,so that she can learn the business from the inside. Sang Hun is the top news host and Jeong Hui’s husband. Their marriage is a loveless one though, one of convenience set up by her father. Producer/Director Hae Jin, or PD Moon, knows the stations president was involved in the death of her father, and is interested in the people who can lead her to finding out those details. For these three, power struggles and desires abound as each tries to get what they want.


This one starts out with some pretty stark and flat characters to a point where that it might not keep your attention. Jeong Hui has lead a pretty insular life, seemingly having no concept of self will, and she does pretty much whatever her dad “orders” her to do without question. But as the relationship between PD Moon and Jeong Hui develops, they start to open up and gain depth, as it becomes obvious that they are totally invested in each other. The deeper their relationship gets, the more the forces around them are bent on pulling them apart. Sweet at times and mixed with several doses of drama, it keeps you wondering how this is all going to work out for them.

blooming sequence manhwa
Title: Blooming Sequence
Artist:  Lee Eul
Genre: College Life, Romance, Yuri
Status: Ongoing, 22 Chapters

Seowoo is the newly minted president of the film club on campus. Sadly, she is lacking social skills and is concerned about her scaring off new members more than anything else. Hayoung, a first year and member of the Chinese Literature Club, is alluring to all that meet her. It’s during an orientation meeting for the two clubs that they happen to bump into each other (OK, drunkenly stumble into on another). It’s their mutual love of films that brings them both together.


At first, the art looks a bit rough, but it’s actually really nicely done and very expressive. This is your standard snaggled-tooth-tomgirl-meets-the-beauty-with the-tragic-past. It’s got a Their Story feel to it, but in all fairness to the piece, it really deserves to be enjoyed for what it is; a nice, fluffy love story. It really is quite cute to see Hayoung deal with the past of her cold ex-girlfriend to try and start something new. The random movie references are also quite a nice touch.

2 lives 1 house manga
Title: 2 Lives 1 House
Artist:  Yul-su
Genre: NSFW, Psychological, Yuri
Status: Completed, 24 Chapters

While clubbing, Ha-Ra gets picked up by the suave and sexy Jyun-Hui, and after ditching her friends, she ends up having a wild night at Jyun-Hui’s apartment.  So when Ha-Ra wakes up, why is a confused Go-Un in bed next to her instead of Jyun-Hui?


This one is just for fun. The translation is a bit rough for the first 5 chapters or so, but by then, the tension between the three of them is just hitting its stride. Somehow, the extreme difference between Go-Un and Jyun-Hui has you wondering just who will end up being with Ha-Ra. This starts out pretty silly and goofy, but once the characters got enough time to develop, the story takes on an interesting turn.

Title: Dear My Girl
Artist: Ajiichi
Genre: Age Gap, Angst, Drama, Player, Yuri
Status: Complete, 2.5 Chapters

A behind the scenes look at what was going on with Chiaki during Mikoto’s advances towards sensei in Dear My Teacher.


If you liked Dear My Teacher then this is a must-read. The Chiaki in that story can sometimes be a… bit unpleasant. Here you get to find out just why she had that outburst with Mikoto in the bar, and also gets some resolution of her own. A really nice side-story on its own.

sayuri's little sister is an angel
Title: Sayuri’s Little Sister Is An Angel
Artist: Itou Hachi
Genre: Age Gap, Comedy, Drama, Incest, Supernatural, Tomboy, Yuri
Status: Complete, 21 Chapters

This follows the story of the Kobayashi siblings, Sayuri and her little sister Makoto. Due to a divorce they were seperated 13 years prior to the beginning of the story. One day Makoto suddenly appears near Sayuri’s workplace, a flower shop, with wings on her back and a halo hovering above her head. According to Makoto, these angelic features were granted to her by god when she asked him to let her see Sayuri. She then begins living in Sayuri’s apartment.


One of the few stories from Itou Hachi without cute girls with cat ears. While this isn’t new (started in 2016), the last volume was finally released, so you can now enjoy the entire story. Just as you would expect from this author, it’s a cute and fluffy story about sisters reunited and bound by a promise they made when they were young. I really like the way Mikoto slowly wends her way into Sayori’s lonely heart.

cotton candy yuri manga
Title: Cotton Candy
Artist: Hamano Ringo
Genre: School Girl, Yuri
Status: Complete, 3 Chapters

Though Mii and Hinako both ride the same bus together after school, Mii contents herself with just watching the popular Hinako from a distance.  It’s not until they accidentally sit next to each other on the ride home that Hinako falls asleep on Mii’s shoulder and the two start talking and spending time together.  Even though, Mii knows she’s developing feelings for Hinako, she can’t help but be scared of those feelings at the same time.


The fear Mii has about being seen as weird or gross by other people for liking girls feels palpable in this. Even if it’s quite short, I think the pacing is pretty good. It’s obvious that both of them like each other, and it’s interesting to see just who has the courage to take that first step. Having an aunt that had the same experience in her youth sure comes in handy, too.

futari monologue
Title: Futari Monologue
Artist: Tsunamino Yuu
Genre: Childhood Friends, Comedy, Delinquent, School life, Yuri
Status: Ongoing, 10 Chapters

Brash and cheerful Hinata and the quiet and demure Mikage meet in elementary school where Hinata makes the promise that they will be best friends forever.  Unfortunately, Mikage makes a new friend and distances herself from Hinata who ends up moving away. 10 years later, they are sitting next to each other in high school. The now quiet and gloomy Hinata eventually recognizes Mikage who has now become a gyaru. Misunderstanings abound as they try over and over again to communicate with one another.


I can’t help but chuckle at all Mikage’s failed attempts to try and get closer to Hinata, despite her imagining that they were all successes. All the while Hinata believes she’s in imminent danger from her. The chapters are short, so it’s a quick read, but I like the humorous desperation they both have in their attempts to get closer.

mikazuki no carte manga
Title: Mikazuki no Carte
Artist: Nana Nanasaka
Genre: Age Gap, Yuri
Status: Ongoing, 9 Chapters

Touka is a young girl with a disease that makes her sensitive to sunlight. As a consequence she can’t leave the hospital ever. Yuki is a new intern that is taking care of Touka. Despite the fact that Yuki doesn’t have much life experience, it is still much more than Touka has ever seen or done. When Touka tries something desperate it is Yuki that rescues her and promises to have pretend-dates with Touka so that she might experience her first relationship.


The dates, or “outing practices”, that these two go on are just adorable. Yuki gets to show Touka so many simple firsts, like going to a convenience store and expressing affection. It’s Touka who’s calling the shots, though, with the ten rules for their relationship and taking the lead in their interactions. It really doesn’t seem like Yuki minds that much.

28 thoughts on “Guest Post – Don’t Know What to Read Next [Part 10] by shade

  1. This was a fun list to compose! I tried to find manga that were maybe not on people’s radar, and I tried to focus on stories that were post high school since it seems many people have been asking for that.
    A big thank you to cmstorm9 for their post on ‘Moonlight Garden’ (which is still going strong and excellent!), it encouraged me to look at a broader range of manga than I usually do, and I think it helped me find some nice ones!

    By the way, my two favorites on this list are Dallae and Blooming Sequence. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Great List, Dallae I’ve read and it sadly does have the feel of been cut way too short more by the publishers rather then the author, who sound’s like she/he had way more storyline and character development to go through. It definitely felt rushed, and it’s flawed for sure (the two main characters don’t even kiss). Shame as it had the potential of been something really great.

      Dear My Girl is fantastic, and fills in those gaps on why Chiaki is the way she is, you actually care for her more now then you did then. Was it me or it doesn’t make Mikoto all that likeable, when compared to her in Dear My Teacher. She’s comes off rather spoiled selfish and cruel brat. Maybe that’s me, I don’t buy the excuse that she’s young either. But maybe that’s the point that Mikoto isn’t always likeable.

      Blooming Sequence is bloody fantastic, the two central character’s are loveable and even though it’s tame on it’s yuri action. The storyline drags you along and it’s about to hit a interest patch, with Saewoo’s family and her sister’s friend. You know the drama is about to hit the fan.

      I like the sound of The Third Party, a bit dark, loveless marriage (makes the chase more enjoyable when men are involved in Yuri imo) and a downbeat backstory. Thanks for that recommendation.

      Some of the other’s are a bit too fluffy for me, I like my Yuri more grounded and slow paced really.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much!
        Yeah, the end of Dallae was pretty unexpected. Just when it seemed like they were going to take that next step and then…Poof!…it’s game over. 😦
        Mikoto definitely feels that way in DMG, I guess in a different context she just comes across that way. She is riding high on cloud nine at that time, and being oblivious of Chiaki comes along with it I guess.

        No fluffies? I guess everyone has their own preferences, but without a regular diet of fluffy yuri I would cease to exist! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • I just can’t really get into the Fluffy stuff, I tried but I like it more grounded or drama filled. That’s why I love Korean and Thailand based Yuri stuff, they don’t skip on the drama or Yuri plus they take their time in most cases to tell their stories.

          Dallae had so much potential, but the ending felt very flat and sort of ruined any chance of a re read sadly. Both the main characters were so likeable and the premise had so much great places to go. But reading the Author’s comment’s i kind of get she had her hands tied with it.

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  2. I haven’t looked at your favorites yet – I jumped right into 2 lives 1 house and got hooked before I read your reply. I am quite fond of Dear My Girl, as Ajichi tells Chiaki and Akanes’s story with the same warmth as Kaoru and Mikoto’s story is told in Dear My Teacher, one of my very favorite manga, Neither Chiaki or Akane come off very well in DMT, so it was good that Ajichi gave them a chance to tell the story from their perspective. Chiaki was wrong, of course, that it was all Mikoto’s fault that Akane’s heart was broken, but now we know why she was so passionate in her outburst at Herbs. I also enjoyed the fluff of Cotton Candy (aunt to the rescue!). I think I will love Blooming Sequence. I have a hunch I will be quite fond of Seowoo. I’ll read it next and let you know

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey KP! Glad to hear you are enjoying them so far!
      Yeah, DMT is also one of my favs, and having this back story really filled out Chiaki so well. I think Akane can’t help but being a bit blind when it comes to Chiaki, but at least they figured out things in the end 😀
      2 Lives is a fun (but somewhat angsty) read, and I think you will get a kick out of Blooming Sequence (ah, the tenacious Seowoo).

      Also I meant to mention that the non DS titles can also be found on mangago (though some are named a bit different).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I LOVE Seowoo, as I expected, Hayoung is charming and their movie-themed interactions are so natural and original that I feel I’m watching their relationship bloom IRL, or at least on the big screen. As you wrote, the full-color art is highly expressive. I am trying so hard to suppress the urge to catalogue everything I LOVE about this series – you know what I do – but thanks for the recommendation, I never would have found this one w/o it.

        Just hanging out, waiting for the next chapter…tick, tick, tick…how long before the next chapter comes out? A week?!? UNNN (that’s supposed to be one of those frustrated growl sounds)

        Liked by 1 person

        • That moment when you click the next page button and realize that was the last available chapter…

          You’re right, some of their scenes do look very cinema like, I don’t think I noticed it until you mentioned it. Glad to got to hear you are enjoying this one! 😀


        • I’d love to hear your catalogue too (sorry, meant to say that before, but I had just ate and was in food-coma mode (ー。ー) ).

          My favorite parts are Seowoo suddenly realizing her feelings, and then later on that confession from her. 😀
          But even then there are the little things like where they pull back to the close-ups of their eyes to give you the sense of what they are thinking and feeling at that moment.

          Yeah, this one is just delightful!


          • We appreciate the same details, although I was first completely blown away by Seowoo and Hayoung’s conversation on the way to Seowoo’s place from the Bar and the sensual way they compared their hands, just fingertips touching, followed by Hayoung’s flirtatious recitation of the line from the “Chungking Express” and telling Seowoo “I like this” just before she passed out. The look in Seowoo’s eyes when she learns from Sori Sunbae that Hayoung is in the restaurant on a group date is perfect and priceless, as her emotions tell her a truth her brain is yet unwilling to accept, a similar truth evident in Hayoung’s eyes as she sees Seowoo sitting by herself after Sori Sunbae leaves. I love how Seowoo compares her feelings to the way actors expressed feelings of love in movies and, later, how Seowoo’s assumption of the role of Hayoun’s protector against the drunk finally forces her to acknowledge her love for Hayoung. The set-up is pitch perfect for Seowoo’s dawning realization and subsequent discomfort. When Hayoung confronts Seowoo over Seowoo’s apparent efforts to avoid Hayoung, every detail is perfect – the words spoken and thought but not spoken, the looks and averted gaze, and that moment when the change in position to share an umbrella provided Hayoung the opportunity to see the look we’d already seen in Seowoo’s eyes. The confession that followed may be my favorite ever. One thing that did not ring true – but that may be intentional, as Hayoung is not always a reliable narrator – is her claim to Ga-Eun that she never thought about Seowoo as a love interest.

            As I was thinking about this, I realized how much Hayoung reminds me of Ran from Stretch, which is a good thing.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Nice KP, it looks like you really tucked in to this one! I can tell how much you enjoy a title based on how detailed your observations are 😀

              Yeah, the whole setup to, and the confession itself, was just wonderfully done. I agree, that moment when Hayoung realizes what’s going on with Seowoo hits you like a ton of bricks (her too).
              I really don’t think there are any unneeded parts in this story. Even something mundane like Hayoung picking out clothes for going out was fanciful and funny in it’s own way.

              As for what was said with Ga-Eun – are you at chapter 25, or have you cheated like me and read ahead to 31? If you are at 25, then the reason she doesn’t reveal that will become clear soon.

              Ran huh? I’m not sure I see it, I guess I remember her as such a silly goof ball, always pulling gags on Keiko. That reminds me that I was wanting to give that a re-read, so on the list it goes.
              There will be no ‘super friends’ here! 😉

              Liked by 1 person

              • You encouraged me, that’s my excuse…

                The details are what make this “opposites attract,” girl-meets-girl story superlative. There are only a few other mangaka who tell such a rich tale with such economy.

                I did stop at 25, but now that you piqued my interest, I’m gonna cheat.

                If you intend to reread Stretch, I’ll reserve my thoughts about the similarlity between Ran and Hayoung for now. I will say that I viewed her very differently than the way you describe her. I’ll reread it too, and we can compare notes.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Haha, I feel like I’m channeling my inner Yohane – “Yet another pure soul converted to a little daemon!” 😀
                  Probably not surprising that the fan translations are not as good as the official, but at least you get to peek ahead.

                  I have a feeling the upcoming chapters will start to add a bit of the “dramas”, but it’s time to figure out that mysterious ex-girlfriend.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Sorry, you were too late to be responsible for the conversion. ↑_(ΦwΦ;)Ψ
                    Nonetheless, I’m still subscribed to this one on Lezhin, although that is problematic, too. I read the fansubbed Chapter 26, and am very happy, and now can wait a bit in ignorant bliss for the official translations and the dramas to come.

                    Liked by 1 person

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    • Aww, that was really cute! The second (comedy) part had a bit of a Magan and Danai feel to it. It had me laughing a bunch of times. XD
      The first (drama) part was enjoyable as well. I usually dread it when they use flash backs excessively, but it was used really well here and assisted the story.
      I look forward to the future chapters, thanks! 😀


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