Yuri News Update: February 2018 – Part 2

sono hanabira maidens of michaelIt’s finally here! The game we’ve been waiting for for years is finally available in English!

What I’m talking about, of course, is the all-star Sono Hanabira installment Maidens of Michael. It was released just a few days ago, and right now, you get it for a 10% discount for just a few more days.

You can get it at MangaGamer or over on Steam for $31.45.

And for the very unlikely case that you haven’t heard of this little gem yet…

sono hanabira maidens of michael

In sharp contrast to the happy news up there, we’ll have to report something quite devastating, too.

Just recently, Ssamba, author of the widely popular manhwa Fluttering Feelings, died of cancer at the age of 33.

We’ve already known about her poor health, since she went on hiatus to fight the disease a few years ago. It’s sad to see that we’ll never see how Fluttering Feelings would continue, but what’s even worse is that someone so young and brilliant had to die.

I don’t know if there’s a full translation of this Korean news post yet, but despite the fact that most of us probably don’t speak Korean, I’ll post it anyway. Maybe someone can translate it or link to a translation.

Rest in peace Ssamba.



14 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: February 2018 – Part 2

  1. Other news from Korea: Webcomic artists affiliated with Lezhin are protesting unfair distribution of earnings, among other things. (http://www.thelilycat.com/2018/01/lezhin-entertainment-faces-controversy.html) Team Gaji canceled WDTFS due to the conflict. (http://www.thelilycat.com/search/label/Yuri). Lee Eul who draws Blooming Sequence has asked Twitter users to retweet posts on the controversy to increase public awareness of the issues.

    (I learned all of this as a consequence of Shade’s most excellent recommendation of Blooming Sequence – thanks again for the tip!)

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  2. So it has finally happened… A mainline Sono Hana game has finally been released in English! I never thought the yuri world could come this far… words.. no words for this moment. Must celebrate occasion with kick ass celebration tune!

    I had read the news of Ssamba’s passing on Dynasty Reader. It is always a sad day when someone passes away, losing the battle against cancer, and while she was still young too. My condolences to her family and friends on this terrible loss.

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