Yuri Manga Review – Pulse by Ratana Satis

pulse yuri manhwa

Title: Pulse
Artist: Ratana Satis
Genre: Drama, Comedy, NSFW, Yuri
Status: Completed

Spoiler Alert!

Let’s keep it simple. This is a story about a player finding true love:
Mel, a renowned heart surgeon who’s not only known for her skills to fix hearts, but mostly for her skill to break them, has been living a carefree life up until the point the story starts out. She’s pretty popular in the hospital she’s working at, especially with her female colleagues, and proves her reputation as a player to be true whenever she feels like it.
However, things are about to change when someone new steps into her life. Someone she didn’t even regard as a possible love interest, but simply a little girl with a big mouth. To her distress, this girl, Lynn, seems to take a liking to her, invading her personal bubble more and more as time goes on.

So what starts as a simple, more or less meaningless game between the two (in which Lynn tries to evoke feelings of love within Mel in a certain set period of time), quickly turns into something a little more meaningful for the both of them. And as Mel slowly realizes how, in contrast to her own belief of not being able to fall in love with anyone, she actually can, Lynn’s health slowly spirals down to a point where they have to take action.

pulse yuri manhwa mel lynn

Mel (left), Lynn (right)

Drama, drama, and even more drama. Some over the top, some very well-placed. It’s a good mix, all in all, and it certainly does keep you entertained. But sometimes, it’s just a little too much, and you start to wonder if the two will ever get some time to breathe. Well, given that Lynn has a certain heart condition that calls for a heart transplant, you already know what you’re in for, and in old Ratana Satis fashion, this will (of course) not be the only source of drama for this story.
So, first up, what’s interesting to follow is Mel’s slow but steady transformation from this player who doesn’t believe in love, into probably the most caring and loving partner you could wish for. Some people might not find this development very believable, but seeing that Mel more often than once gave off the feeling of actually wanting someone by her side, it’s surely helped me realize that it’s not really that far-fetched to have her go all-out, when finally placed in a relationship. I guess you could say I’m a sucker for stories like this. The tough one finally shows her true colors and embraces her most suppressed desires. Doesn’t that just sound awesome? Getting Mel out of her “anti-love shell” didn’t really look like such an easy task, but given Lynn’s positive personality and her adorableness in general, I can kind of see how Mel couldn’t keep her guard up for too long.
Their chemistry was right from the very beginning, but I guess I just have a thing for this badass x cute girl kind of pair-up.

pulse yuri manhwa lynn mel

Also, those two are damn gorgeous.

Even if there might have been more drama involved than what most people would call normal, when there is in fact none of that happening, it’s either compensated by extreme levels of cuteness in how the two of them interact with each other, or there is sex. And, oh boy, is there a lot of the latter involved in this.
It’s both very pleasing to the eye seeing that Ratana Satis is not only an excellent artist, but the whole thing is presented to us in full color, even. Something like that is quite rare (outside of manhwas, of course) and must have taken so much effort and hard work to do. It’s seriously some top-notch art, and the fact that you can clearly see the improvement over the time this has been going, makes this feel even better~
Of course, said sex scenes end up looking pretty stunning, and, oh man, are the ones between Mel and Lynn enjoyable. I’d say the only thing that sometimes made me crack up a little was Mel’s sex talk. If anyone ever said anything like that to me, I’d probably die of embarrassment. Even worse, trying to imagine ever saying this to anyone is pretty much impossible. I’d really like to know, is this kind of sex talk a thing? Maybe someone wants to elaborate in the comments. 😀

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All in all, it’s hard to put into words how much I enjoyed Pulse. It might have a bit too much drama for my taste, but their oh so cute love story, the little twists and turns they had to make on their way to get there, and simply the way these two interact with each other in such a loving and adorable way, surely makes up for it.
In the end, the drama was so intense that it even had me fooled. I was seriously bracing myself to read that Mel was the one donating her heart to Lynn and the tears were already welling up, but luckily, there was no reason to let them out other than out of pure joy. A very well-done twist in the end that I’m sure not not only got me fooled.
Now what’s left to say is that we need more Ratana Satis works!

Story: 8/10
Characters: 9/10
Art: 9/10
Yuri: 10/10
Total Enjoyment: 9/10


24 thoughts on “Yuri Manga Review – Pulse by Ratana Satis

  1. Definitely one of the best series I’ve ever read, and one of the first (if not the first) I’ve been recommending to anyone who shows even a sliver of interest in the more dramatic side of yuri.

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  2. Pulse really is one of my favorite yuri series, even though I think it really didnt need a airport chase scene in the end. But still, Im curious to see what Ratana will do next.
    Btw, that twist in the end had me in tears XD

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  3. Glad to know you finaly got into reading the whole thing. And thank you for recomending it to us a while back, wouldnt have picked it up otherwise.

    Regarding your your question: those are faaaar to good pick up lines to come out on their own but i remember making some silly jokes with my ex gf about eating eachother alive…. and not gonna go into more detail there XD.

    There is one funny thing i’ll want to share. Last year I was hospitalized for about 3 weeks and took that time to binge read pulse up to where it was published. At one point one of the nurses came to check up on me and without realizing i left the tablet face up when the Director is “negotiating” with Mel….. lets just say I was a bit embarrased.

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  4. After reading your review I will definitely start reading Pulse. Lily Love is one of my favorite manga series ever and if Pulse is just as brilliant I would be filled with joy. Just a quick question, does any of the drama in the series feel like the drama in Citrus? I personally love Citrus but a large part of the drama in the manga feel pointless and more on the lines of filler than anything else. Thanks for the awesome review!

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    • The drama feels similar, but at the same time not quite. The amount of drama is so much that at some points it gets a little ridiculous. However, there drama does not happen in a predictable way like in Citrus. It’s not like we get new characters that then deliver the drama that we all knew would hit us anyway – Pulse is less predictable and the drama plays out differently. So I guess it’s just the amount that is the same.

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  5. I really enjoyed Pulse…well I really enjoyed the first half, the second half knocked me all around, and of course the ending was just wonderful (yay cameo!). 😀

    It was just great to witness the gradual thaw of ice queen Mel, eventually being swept away by the unrelenting assault by Lynn. I found Mel’s transformation both relatable and believable myself. It’s that moment in chapter 18, where I think Mel realizes just how empty an experience that being a player is, and what she might have in Lynn. Despite being burned in the past by love, watching her gradually opening herself to Lynn, and taking a chance once again was just wonderful to see unfold.

    As for the sex talk, yeah I think it’s supposed to both embarrass and flatter at the same time, as well as to put the other person off balance. Though Mel’s lines are pretty over the top and had me giggling at times too. 😛

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    • In addition to that I like how Mel in the end even tries to get back to her “old lifestyle”, but actually notices that it’s just not something she enjoys anymore.
      I feel like we need to make up a new genre for this – Like there is this “break the cutie” genre, there should from now on also be the new “break the player” one 😛

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  6. Great review of a superb work of storytelling and art!

    I am so glad you recommended this to us way back when! It is still one of my favorites and will reread it from time to time. Though, one of my favorite things about Mel is that she builds scale model ships! She may be tough and gorgeous and all that, but deep down, she’s a bit of a nerd. There’s also something about how Lynn is portrayed that makes you feel all protective of her too…

    As for sexy talk, I dunno if that happens in real life… I suppose it does but not for me (at least not any more). Said some really cheesy things once to my girl (MANY years ago) and it seemed to go down alright until we were having dinner later that night when she nonchalantly quoted it back to me over salad. I nearly choked on my food and then went the same shade of red as the tomato on my plate. 😛

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  7. What a wonderful piece of work, but not surprising coming from the same person who created the equally wonderful Lily Love (by the way I loved the cameo from the two lead characters at the end of Pulse) which is also worth checking out.

    But Pulse is on another level, what I love is that Mei, the hot shot womanising surgeon isn’t that likeable for a good part of the manga. But once Lynn buries herself into Mei’s heart and you see Mei’s past, you start to warm to her and by the end she’s won you over cause it’s clear Lynn has won her over. But I did like that it was bought up that her womanising could lead to someone getting hurt (the red head nurse, who clearly loved Mei and got into a violent relationship to make Mei Jealous). Plus the first 20 chapters is mostly Mei scoring with a ton of women, so expect plenty of rauchy stuff.

    But Lynn straight off the bat wins you over, she’s the spunky loveable woman. Her heart condition of cause was used a plot device but the romance between her and Mei actually wins you over big time (the same happened in Lily Love too) and you are rooting for them both. The villain of piece Mei’s power hungry Ex, out to get payback on Mei. Is actually given a bit of depth, and my word she’s got a few kinks. But her downfall (well sort of) is great. I did like Mei’s Policewoman friend, she bought a few laughs and I did like the green hair co worker, that was kind of Mei’s Friend with Benefits too but has a bigger part in things when Mei’s ex comes into play.

    Ratana Satis Knocks it out of the park twice for me now, and is fast becoming my number 1 Yuri provider of great story and even better Yuri (my word, Lily Love and Pulse don’t skimp with the Yuri). I can’t wait to read Lily Love 2 too. Fantastic Manga 9/10


  8. pulse was the best yuri manga i’ve ever read and when i read it to the end i cried and it was the first ever thing that actually got me crying but this manga i really recommend to anyone to read it and i really loved it and in my opinion i give it 10/10


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