20 thoughts on “Happy Sugar Life Getting an Anime

  1. Why? How? What?

    There are better choices out there than Happy Sugar Life, and yet this one gets an anime? here I was hoping that this was a poorly timed April Fools joke, but clearly it isn’t.

    I would have love to have seen Yagate Kimi Ni Naru get an anime, Pulse, Lily Love or even Dear My Teacher, hell they could have easily have announced season 2 of Citrus, but no, they have decided on one of the most messed up series in existence.


      • I just hope that it is an April Fools joke.

        I have tried to read this series, and I all I can say, is that I am not a fan.


    • Because the publisher of Happy Sugar Life (who most likely pushed for this anime project) is not the same publisher of Yagate Kimi Ni Naru, Pulse, Lily Love, Dear My Teacher or any other “better” yuri manga?

      That question is like asking why DC doesn’t make Squirrel Girl movie and instead make Aquaman movie.

      If you want Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (as I do too), then you better asked Dengeki DaiOh (the magazine where YagaKimi serialized) instead of lamenting why Gangan Joker decide to have this manga animated instead. Based on wikipedia article, Gangan Joker (where HSL is serialized) seems to only has Happy Sugar Life for ongoing yuri title (unless you count Kakegurui, which will have second season anyway). So for Gangan Joker, they don’t have another “better” yuri series.

      The fact that they push for a yuri manga to be animated in the first place, instead of other non-yuri title, is a good news. This means magazine other than Yuri Hime finally trying to adapt their yuri title again. Hopefully this means more magazine will adapt their yuri title.


      • Not gonna lie, no matter if this really is gonna happen or not, I’m not the biggest fan of the manga either.

        However, I’m a believer of the simple saying “the more the merrier”, so just like Mark said, I hope that we’ll just see more yuri in general. And as the popularity of the genre rises, titles like Bloom Into You might follow as well~

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  2. Since this seems to be a somewhat speculative thread I thought I might throw this into the mix as well. It doesn’t have any definitive date for season 2 of Citrus, but it is an interesting read, and seems to indicate that Citrus is quite popular all over.


    Also, had no idea Citrus was available on Netflix Japan?

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    • I wouldn’t read too much into the article at the moment, but I do think there might be a second season and if we do get a second season of Citrus, I don’t think they will get beyond chapter 32.

      they could easily get a tri-season series, but it would also mean that Citrus would need to end up with 48-50 chapters. Even now I would take a second season with a grain of salt.

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      • Not gonna lie, a second season would be super awesome. The anime is not yet over, but even now I feel like with whatever ending they will go for this season, it just won’t be enough to convince anyone that this is enough for the two of them to actually be happy from that point on. Too much development in the right direction is missing, so I demand a second (and third) season! 😀


        • Yeah, from what I have seen on other social media platforms, the demand for a second season is rather high, even from Japan and people who aren’t even into Yuri are hoping for a second season, so the interest is there.

          but it takes more than interest to get a second season, it is the sales, which I have no doubt for a second that the sales will be very high, that would need to be in DVD/Bluray, a surge in manga sales, merchandise sales remain high and who knows what the future might hold.

          Or we could be in for a surprise this weekend, who knows, we only need to wait and see what happens.

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  3. This is probably the most WTF yuri adaptation news out there. I heard of the manga but never really read it. Most of the reactions people have had have been mixed to say the least. Well either way it’s yuri so watch and support I shall do! 😛

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  4. this was real surprising to me, i for one actually do enjoy the manga but there are definitely better choices out there, but i dont mind it, maybe it will turn out okay plus hanazawa kana voices the MC and it is a mix of one thing i love a lot which is ofc yuri and one thing im a fan of which is yanderes so its definitely a plus for me

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      • me too, i was so surprised but im also happy cause i really do enjoy hanakana’s performances and from what the PV showed, she’s doing an amazing job, i just hope the anime is good (please dont be a short)

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