Yuri News Update – April 2018

It’s barely April, and we have yet another News Update ready, and it’s such a big one even! We seriously never had a year with more awesome yuri news than this one.

Let’s hope it continues that way!

mangagamer 2018 visual novel licensing surveyFirst up, after quite a long wait, we finally got the results for Mangagamer’s annual licensing survey. And who would have guessed, our favorite genre is standing strong again!

The Sono Hanabira series is now in second place, and newcomer Kotonoha Amrilato made it onto the list, too.

All in all, I think we can be quite pleased with the results. But take a look for yourself, and see the full post over at Mangagamer.

For those who haven’t heard about this yet, what it means is simply that chances are very high that we will get some more official translations. Not only for more Sono Hanabira installments, but also possibly for other yuri visual novels~

happy sugar life animeNext up, let’s talk about the anime adaptation of Happy Sugar Life some more. As it was announced just a week ago, as many of you already know, there will be an adaptation of this work. Many of us were pretty skeptical about this piece of news, but as it turns out, it’s not only some legitimate information, but the anime will already hit us this summer season. That was seriously fast!

But that’s not all, there’s even a trailer already. This still seems surreal, but now I guess there’s absolutely no doubt anymore. Have a look for yourself.

Talking about new yuri(ish) anime adaptations, let’s also not forget about Tachibanakan Triangle, which will premiere in just a few more days~

To get ready for the first episode, here’s the latest PV.

tonari no kyuuketsuki-sanIn other news, there’s actually yet again an announcement to make for another yuri(ish) anime adaptation.

This time, I’m talking about Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san, a comedy that focuses on the every day life of living with a “modern-day vampire”.

I haven’t read this one myself yet, but the plot sounds pretty promising already.

High school girl Akari was lost in a forest when when was rescued by a vampire girl named Sophie. Since then, Akari has developed a liking for Sophie, who prefers to be alone.


All in all, I think there’s no doubt that this is a year for us yuri fans to celebrate. Especially in the usually lacking anime department, we’re getting so many new shows to watch that it’s seriously starting to weird me out a little.

Well, I guess I’m a little skeptical when it comes to the adaptation of Happy Sugar Life. Plus, I haven’t read Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san yet, but I have my hopes up that both shows will surprise us in a positive way~


19 thoughts on “Yuri News Update – April 2018

  1. A full voiced version of Kindred Spirits on the Roof was just announced. We’re not even on the second half of the year and there is already this many good news for yuri. One step closer to world domination.
    o/ Yuritopia!

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  2. The Happy Sugar Life anime adaption I did not expect. However, truth be told, I really wasn’t into it that much from the manga. considering this is a Yandere/Horror tag we’re talking about. Now, I dunno what to expect from the anime, but I’m guess it’ll be kinda brutal.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think it will be very close to the manga version, so a lot of craziness. I guess that will eventually be the selling point – but many of us might not be into that (me included) 😀

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  3. Already finished Tonari ni Kyuuketsuki-san up to the latest chapter available (Chapter 10), and yes, it’s heavily showcased that Akari does love Sophie, as well as Akari herself having someone that loves her. However, it doesn’t put much emphasis on the romance, and more or less about their daily lives. There’s practically no focus on any boy too, so you got something good to look forward here if you’re into that aspect too. I’m myself find it more palatable to see all girls shows as that’s an element in anime that I really loved.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah it gave off the vibe of Yuyushiki or Love Lab kind of show – meaning subtext only and not too much emphasis put on that.
      It sounds nice enough though, definitely looking forward to it~


  4. I have to say I am strangely fascinated by Happy Sugar Life. Hopefully it will turn out good! And Hopefully more Sono Hana games will be licensed now! 😀 and on the topic of Yuri visual novels, Nurse Love Addiction is fucking amazing! that is all! 😀

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    • Oh yeah that one… like I certainly don’t get how things work anymore. Where are these coming from and why do they feel so random??

      Okay, I’m not complaining since this is still good news… but why not Bloom Into You instead?? 😀


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