Let’s Talk About Bloom Into You Getting an Anime Adaptation

bloom into you yuri manga

After what seemed to be an accidental leak of the first promotional picture for the announcement of an anime adaptation of Nio Nakatani’s Bloom Into You earlier in the week, we later found out that the news leak was actually genuine and that the adaptation will already hit us in October.

That’s some pretty damn big news if you ask me, which is why I’d like to take a closer look and discuss this news some more.

bloom into you anime adaptation
First up, we don’t know about the length of the adaptation, nor the length of the episodes yet, so we might as well end up with something short, like Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san. Nevertheless, I have a feeling we in fact won’t end up with anything like that and we’ll have a full 12-episode, 25-minutes-per-episode anime adaptation.

Taking a look at the anime studio behind this adaptation, TROYCA, we don’t see too much, but the shows they have either are 12 or 22 episodes. Admittedly, this is not always the best indicator, but it gives me hope. Speaking of which, anime studio TROYCA actually has some pretty nice titles on their resume. Well, it’s not too many, and I’m mainly talking about Aldnoah.Zero and Re:Creators, but this already looks better in my eyes than what the anime studio behind Citrus (Passione) had to offer. But anyway, as the anime adapation of Citrus proved to us, it’s definitely not only about that, of course. What plays into it as well is the director, the people behind the character design, and so much more.

Well, what we already have is the first key visual to get a feeling of what the anime might end up looking like:

Looking pretty good, huh?

Of course, this doesn’t give anything away about the animation quality, but I’m happy with how this looks so far.

Citrus already proved that full yuri adaptations can actually come with some good animation, and let’s just say an actual budget to do things right in that department. Now, seeing that Bloom Into You is probably the second most popular yuri manga out there right now,Β maybe, just maybe, we’ll get something similar or possibly something even better. I already said this in my post about what I expect to happen after Citrus is done airing, but I will repeat myself one more time. Citrus might have proven that a yuri anime can actually do pretty well. I hope that this will lead to other adaptations that follow and actually get a budget that allows for something awesome. Bloom Into You might just be that, but it’s of course too soon to say for sure.

Just knowing how popular it is right now, I do see that it has the potential to become huge, and I sure hope so!

So, what do you guys think might be next? I know I’m moving way too fast, but seriously, this is the most glorious year for yuri fans to be alive. Nothing can beat that anymore, so why stop there? I guess now it’s fair to actually speculate what else we could soon see on the small screen.

So how about a full Kase-san anime? Seeing that it’s up there with Citrus and Bloom Into You as one of the most popular manga right now, it would only be fair for it to get a full adaptation, too. Or how about My Unrequited Love by tMnR? Oh, so many good ones… . Now’s the time to get our hopes up!

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the official website for this anime adaptation, right here.


40 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Bloom Into You Getting an Anime Adaptation

  1. Definitely my favorite manga currently running. My biggest worry is that will suffer from a terminusless ending as often happens with 12 episode series studios jump on. I personally would be fine with picking a salient moment in the latest volume to end on, assuming they’re going to linearly adapt panel-for-panel (which has been popular this decade but always ends up feeling like a waste of animation). I had hoped they would pick a different hair color for Yuu as it’s totally unnatural and doesn’t fit her character, but rose gold is a bizarrely popular hair color at the moment. One thing i would really like to see recreated is the first kiss behind the train. SOO cute~ I know next to nothing about seiyuu post-marimite but i’ve always pictured Touko portrayed by Horie Yui. πŸ˜‰

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    • Interesting! Touko as Yui Horie, huh? It’s funny how she is one of the very few voice actresses I can easily recall the voice of. Just like Nana Mizuki, I view her as one of my favorites.
      I personally imagine Touko with a deeper voice… though, Yuri Horie could do that too πŸ˜€


  2. HOLY $#!^! This is amazing! Please let this one be a 24 minute, 24 episode run!

    Didn’t we pick Bloom into You as the Winner of the Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation Tournament about 9 months ago?!?

    Uhm, I’m starting to think that this site/Lena/Jamesy have some actual pull with the Japanese anime industry. Perhaps one of the readers here really works for an anime production company in japan! If you do indeed work for the anime industry in Japan and are reading this, how about a Milk Morinaga title? Or a Ratana Satis title?!?


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  3. I’m personally a little torn on this one. I’m very happy with the fact it’s getting an adaptation and I hope it comes out well, but that’s largely just for the fans of the series. For me, personally, though I’m just not really excited. The more I’ve read of the manga, the less interested in the series I’ve become not just because it’s such a slow burn but because the actual content just isn’t going anywhere I’m finding interesting or engaging. Maybe there’s a really really long game at play but I’m finding it hard to care.


    • Oh, it’s not for everyone that’s for sure and it sure takes its time to get somewhere. But I think that’s what I personally like.
      Taking the time, not rushing and properly developing the characters. Maybe the anime will speed up the process though πŸ˜›

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      • I have been following this series and enjoy it well enough. I like the art, the psychological complexity of the characters and the intricate plot. However, I couldn’t remember the finer plot points when I considered if a 1 cour series would be sufficient to tell the story. When I reread the first volume, the plot came together well, but I realized my ambivalence might be a reflection of the ambivalence of Yuu and Touko. I remembered Sayaka best, and she might be my favorite character in the manga because of her passion. Nothing in Bloom Into You packs the same emotional power for me as some other yuri series (for example, I just read ch. 14 of My Unrequited Love, and was blown away. I have to wait a month for the next installment? @&%!) All that being said, I’m really happy that this anime will be made and can’t wait to watch it.

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        • I hear ya KP, Bloom seems much more contained, and the characters confined within themselves.
          Even their feelings seem to only bump up against each other, but never actually slosh over into someone else. Everything is so subdued, and everyone so very careful of their actions.

          I guess that’s what I am liking about it, the internal tension that all the characters carry and build as the story progresses. Eventually it’s all gonna come out, and you can’t help but wonder if it’s going to explode or not at some point (are we going to see a Frag Time like ending?).

          My Unrequited Love is killing me too, I can’t stand the wait πŸ˜›

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  4. Assuming that they go faithful to the manga, and using Citrus as a guide (which has a similar page count to Bloom), that might put us at the end of volume 4 once again. Ending the season on chapter 16, the end of the sports festival, seems like a nice stopping point. Also a choice scene there at the end too! πŸ˜€

    I’m with Shrikes, I would guess Ratana Satis would be a good choice for something next. And that would probably be Pulse. πŸ˜›

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  5. I did some reading into the main people behind this too.

    Firstly, let me say that while the scriptwriter of a manga adaption doesn’t matter all that much… in this case this guy has quality written all over him. He has prior experience for all of us in Kannazuki no Miko, but just lately has been on a homerun, writing the scripts of A Place Farther Than The Universe, K-On! and Hibike! Euphonium. Again, it’s just a scriptwriter of something with script almost already written but… yeah it’s a great sign.

    The director is an in-house guy from TROYCA that did assistant directing on some projects from there, but also did a mediocrely received light novel adaption. Apparently, the direction of that show was actually quite interesting and it was the writing that held it down.

    Now let’s talk about TROYCA themselves. Re:Creators and Aldnoah.Zero were all very high quality productions in general, even if they were kinda mixed again in writing. They’ve also done IDOLiSH 7 which… I can’t hold in such high regard, especially in regards to its poor CGI. So basically, if there’s gonna be much CGI in Bloom then I’m panicking.

    I’m really hoping this is gonna be a 2 cour! I think it’s possible that it could be one. In any case, this is quite a promising sign for a yuri show, though it could maybe be better it’s still very, very good all things considered.

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    • I tried to just ignore IDOLISH in the list of their anime….:D

      I didn’t go as deep as you did, so I’m quite excited to read about your expectation or let’s say judgment of what we’re working with here.
      Speculating is a lot of fun, but in my case it will get my expectations to places where it shouldn’t be… oh well πŸ˜€

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  6. Citrus, Kase-san and Bloom Into You all in one year. What a time to be alive! (And a fan of gay cartoon girls.)

    As for wild speculation about what might be next, I don’t know what the track record is for adapting VNs into anime series but if I had millions in my bank account I’d finance an adaptation of Kindred Spirits On The Roof. That’s pretty much my favorite yuri anything ever. There’s a big cast and a ton of story, so it would need a lot of reworking to fit into the limited space of a 13 episode series, but think of the potential! (Also, if you can’t fit it all into one season you could always do two… or three…) Plus, it already comes with great voice actors. What could be better?

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      • Firstly, I would SO fund an anime adaptation of Kindred Spirits on the Roof with my meager salary!

        Secondly, 12 bucks, Lena? Isn’t there a TON of money to be made blogging about a niche genre in the Japanese entertainment industry? Surely you’re driving to your summer home in Vienna in your Ferrari with your current “sugar baby” (since I’m assuming you’re the sugar momma). πŸ˜›

        On a more serious note, I know that you would probably be loathe to bring this up but how is the site doing on funds? I know that having a website isn’t bank breaking but it isn’t exactly free either. I always see the little paypal donate button on the side bar and it reminds me that I haven’t donated in a while. Perhaps you guys would consider a patreon account to cover the month to month server costs or domain renewal fees etc… even if the only option would be a buck-a-month.

        I honestly would like to fund an anime adaptation of a cracking good VN, but I’d much rather donate to my favorite place for all things Yuri. πŸ˜€

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        • Wait… so it was you?!
          Haha, it’s funny how you brought this up. There are not a ton of costs, actually only like a rather small annual fee to have the domain. We usually only get one or two small donations around Christmas and ever since then I think we haven’t received anything.

          Until today… a rather big amount too, how suspicious shirkes…. If that was you, I don’t really know what to say, I thought it was just a spam mail when I first saw the notification in my inbox πŸ˜€ (In case it was actually you, thanks a lot! :))

          Still waiting for our sugar daddy or momma to show up, but hey never loose faith right?! πŸ˜€ Also, Jamesy already predicted the future a while ago, we’ll be so super famous, we’ll literally swin in money in no time πŸ˜€

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          • As much as I would like to take credit for the donation, it wasn’t me. What can I say except: you have awesome readers. πŸ˜€ To whoever made the donation, thank you very much!

            I was actually about to make a modest donation myself (while again referencing my meager salary) when I wondered if you guys needed a patreon funding scheme. But after learning that it’s just domain renewal fees, I suppose patreon is a bit overkill.

            Also, do you hear that ladies? Lena is looking for a rich sugar momma. So, If you own your own anime studio, a luxury resort on Okinawa and at least a Gulfstream G600 private jet, kindly apply here. No time wasters please. πŸ˜›

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  7. Actually started to read the manga without knowing any of this like 2 days ago, so far it is quite an unique take for the genre has far as I have seen, and I m quite much enjoying it. I do the more “agressive way” Citrus goes for (also much better art) but this one really feels like a genuine and realistic interesting yuri plot (Citrus isnt that realistic at times).

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    • Very true. It’s hard to compare the two, since they don’t share too many similarities other than featuring high school girls.
      Though, the art of both I would call top notch! What Rireba did there is quite amazing in my eyes.


      • Forgotten to mention that I like Citrus more… now on chapter 28 for Yagakimi and I do love it, again not as much as Citrus but still. Almost catching up with the translation, I will probably stop reading it for awhile, I hate to wait monthly, even if we get 40 pages each new chapter (also dont follow weekly manga/anime).
        An adaptating for this one will be easier since the art IMO is not has showy as Citrus, they just need to focus on execution.

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  8. Oh, I forgot to mention: as if it was an omen, I was in a local bookstore last week while killing time before watching Infinity War and came across not only Citrus again, but a Bloom into You manga on sale! πŸ˜€

    and to prove it isn’t some random picture off of the internet, that’s my phone above it browsing the yurireviews.com site. πŸ™‚

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    • Omg haha! Is that how you secretly promote the blog? By posting nice yuri pictures with the blog sneakily placed in as well?
      I like that! I demand more! πŸ˜€

      Btw, how did you like Infinity War? No spoiler, but I’m so curious to hear if it’s as good as I think it will be πŸ˜›
      Will maybe go next week.

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      • I was actually toying with the idea of printing out little bits of paper and slipping them into yuri manga at the bookstore that said “Did you enjoy reading this yuri manga but don’t know what to read next? Visit YuriReviews.com for the latest news and best recommendations for yuri manga, anime and visual novels!”

        But then I remembered that whenever I see these things in magazines I just toss them into the bin without even reading them. Plus, I probably won’t be making any friends at the bookstore either. πŸ˜›

        You know what would be fun (seeing as you have an international audience) is if people print out one of the YuriReviews banners and take a picture of it in front of a local landmark or something. πŸ™‚

        Also you should go see Infinity War. After 10 years of build up, it felt like an actual comic book crossover from my childhood and is epic! Who knew that Tony Stark first got the idea for Iron Man after watching Gundam? Oh, and Scarlet Witch and Black Widow are totally gay for each other. Amazing! #fakespoilers

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        • Haha omg that would be so awesome πŸ˜€
          Come now YuriReviews army, let’s print out stuff to promote the blog and put it in spaces where it’s most effective – the yuri book aisle πŸ˜€

          Also, watched Infinity War yesterday and HGHNNNNN, no yuri (as you let me believe :P) but oh man, just yes, yes, YES!! I need the second part NOW!

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  9. Was so glad to hear that this was being adapted into an anime. It’s a pretty great series and the key visual they released gives me high hopes this will have great production values. Been buying all the volumes as they release in English to keep supporting good yuri! I am worried about the fact the series is still ongoing. The anime is likely to be 12 episodes long like Citrus. The big issue with ongoing or long running yuri manga series is when they get adapted to an anime the series tends to end only about half way through the story at best leaving an unfinished feeling. Sasameki Koto, Sakura Trick, Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san all ended that way. I’m hoping series like Citrus and now Bloom into You can break that mold and have at least 2 seasons to finish there stories properly.

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    • I have my hopes up that both, Citrus and Bloom Into You will receive more seasons.
      Well, it’s either being blessed with more seasons or facing the fact that it will never be completed… well the anime I mean. Two extremes, but I think it’s not so bad to keep your hopes up for something like this when it comes to these two seriously high quality yuri manga – probably the two most popular ones even.

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      • Citrus to me seems the most likely to have a second season especially with the manga being so close to ending and the very high popularity of the manga. Just sucks more yuri manga haven’t had the mega success of that series. If only I were filthy stinkin’ rich then I’d fund countless yuri anime to be made! πŸ˜€

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        • How about you make your own company? You start out slow, but eventually you’ll be as filthy stinkin’ rich as you always wanted to be, then you should totally hire me and we can make awesome things happen πŸ˜›

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  10. All I have to say is The Nation better make sure the Kase-san OVA and BIY sell well so the message can be sent that we still want 100% Yuri shows with as little “troubling/problematic” drama as possible. Not that I personally mind those shows as I made clear on several occasions but given a choice I would chooser more Kase-san esque shows than another telenovela.

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  11. im definitely happy and excited that yagate kimi ni naru is getting an anime, when i first heard about it i didnt believe it, but when it happened i was speechless, this year really has been great! i wonder which manga is going to be next!

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