Yet Another Round of Yuri Quizzes

yuri quizzes

It has been a while since we’ve made some new yuri quizzes, so here are several more that you can use to test your yuri knowledge.

Some of our past quizzes have been pretty tough in terms of the time alotted, so we’ve adjusted the times in those to hopefully make all of the quizzes a tad bit more forgiving. Also, in case you’re new or didn’t catch our older quizzes, you can find them all right here.

In addition to these new quizzes on Sporcle, we’ve also added more questions to our topic on QuizUp, Yuri Pairings. We now have more than 140 questions, so feel free to challenge someone and try it out~

At the rate that we’re getting new yuri anime adaptations, it shouldn’t be too long before we have even more quizzes, but in the meantime, study up. 😛


9 thoughts on “Yet Another Round of Yuri Quizzes

    • I see I’m in good company here, Chimeko! I too scored 87% on one quiz but then flunked everything else! Principal Lena just rang my mom and said that I may have to be held back a grade. 😛

      Funny thing, though: I knew this would be the result but I was determined to ace them all! I must be a glutton for punishment. 😀

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  1. I can’t believe what I’ve learned from these quiz. I know my yuri, l can literally picture the images in my mind (not the new stuff though, haven’t gotten round to the VNs yet) so 70-75%. But, bloody hell, when it comes to actual names, I suck so bad. I know which anime it is but I just can’t remember the name of it ( l o l )

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