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let's get to know each other better yurireviews

So sorry about the picture, I just found it funny for some reason 😀

This will be more of an interactive kind of post, and we’d much appreciate if you’d take the time to participate as well. As the title would suggest, this is going to be a post in which we want to get to know you, our readers, a little better.

So far, we’ve mostly just covered who we are and more information about us, but this time, we’d like to focus on you guys.

YuriReviews has developed into a blog where a lot of interaction happens. Mostly between the readers and Jamesy and I, but also among you guys, individually. It’s a really awesome thing to see conversations going on and on and people having a good time talking to each other about the genre we all came to love, but also many more things. There are so many regulars that we’ve come to know and love, and there are also so many new faces showing up every now and then. So we thought, why not create something like a little guest book?

You can basically leave some information about who you are and whatever else you wanna say. This way, we’ll get to know each other way better and have a place to come back and read about the people on the blog.

Jamesy and I came up with some ideas on how this might look to start the post.

lena k yurireviews
Name: Lena (or, well, my real name – Luisa)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Nationality: German

Hobbies: Gaming, drawing, cooking, and baking

Random Facts About Yourself: I’m super lazy, I can sleep up to 15 hours, I have an office job, I’m really bad at math, Nutella is awesome 😛

Favorite Yuri Manga: Gentle Pulse by Vivit Gray (Not exactly a manga, but doujinshi counts too right? :P)

Favorite Yuri Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Sono Hanabira 8: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome

Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Pharah x Mercy (Overwatch)

Favorite Yuri Scene in Anime or Manga: Shizuma’s confession in Strawberry Panic – I just can’t forget how she just interrupted the whole ceremony and went like “Nagisa – I love you!” That was just too good!

Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Pulse by Ratana Satis

rock the vogt yurireviews
Name: James

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Nationality: American

Hobbies: Overwatch, Overwatch, and Overwatch 😀

Random Facts About Yourself: I started on YR being L’s beta before moving on to writing some guest posts then writing full-time, ran track in high school, rapper name was Skittles 😛

Favorite Yuri Manga: Shitsurakuen (I actually don’t like to read at all, but I still read this one :P)

Favorite Yuri Anime: Aoi Hana

Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred Spirits on the Roof

Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Pharah x Mercy (Overwatch)

Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: That scene in Kuzu no Honkai where Hana and Ecchan end things but decide to remain friends~

Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Uhhh… Girl Friends, just so everybody is happy 😛

Here’s also a quick template we made that you can use~






Random Facts About Yourself:

Favorite Yuri Manga:

Favorite Yuri Anime:

Favorite Yuri Visual Novel:

Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship:

Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga:

Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation:

Favorite Yuri Blog: Okay, I’m just kidding. 😀

If you want to, leave a link to your Blog/Tumblr/Twitter, etc.

And basically whatever else you wanna share. Be creative~

Feel free to add anything, leave anything out, or do whatever with it, really.  Just be creative, and have fun getting to know the people on YuriReviews~

Also, feel free to ask people questions or start conversations about anything they write.

122 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better – The YuriReviews Guestbook

  1. Name: Matheus

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20, soon to be 21

    Nationality: Brazilian

    Hobbies: Youtube and tabletop RPGs

    Random Facts About Yourself: I like to make random stories in my head and never write them down. 90% of wich is yuri.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Kase-san

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Kase-san….Im confident

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred Spirits followed right behind by Flowers

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: I have at least 10 favorites, but NanoFate is the one I loved for the longest.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Oh boy…so many. Does all of Kase-san counts?

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Bright and Cheery Amnesia. On the right hands this series would be absolute gold.

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    • Some Extras
      Favorite Love Live girl: Nozomi
      Famous yuri series I dont like: Strawberry Panic…sorry Lena
      Favorite manhwa: Pulse, but Moonlight Garden is getting close
      Favorite Sonohana couple: Mai and Reo, but I just started Maidens of Michael, so maybe this new couple get the top spot
      Favorite Yuri blog: I’ll keep that a secret HAHAHAHA

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  2. Name: Rise

    Gender: Female

    Age: Secret

    Nationality: American

    Hobbies: Watching classic film, going to concerts, and attempting to break my caffeine addiction

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’m a twin! But we share absolutely nothing in common with one another!

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Aoi Hana (I literally cried since it was actually a good representation of bi-sexuals and lesbians)

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Citrus… tbh I haven’t watched many yet.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: N/A

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: YuzuxMei

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: when Sara let’s Yuzu take over the date with Mei. That’s very sincere to do for someone you love and a friend

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Honestly shocked Girlfriends doesn’t have one yet!

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  3. Name: Gabriel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Nationality: Brazilian

    Hobbies: Anything PC related, from memes and politics on twitter, to games and visual novels.
    Random Facts About Yourself: My tastes are extremely polarized, I play lots of violent and war games, but I LOVE cute things, yuri, cute yuri…

    Favorite Yuri Manga: OH NO! There are too many to choose, I’ll just cite some, Swap ⇔ Swap, Yuru Yuri, Girl Friends, Yuzumori-san (I may or may not also like lolis, but only legal lolis should be lewded).

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Sakura Trick (Just because it improves so much on the manga, it’s so colorful, cute and wholesome)

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Sono Hanabira (Any of them, I haven’t finished them all but I enjoyed all the ones I’ve already read).

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: I’d say Sakurako-Himawari from Yuru Yuri (The expectation of them getting together keeps me interested, and I love the dynamic of two tsunderes together).

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: NOPE, ain’t even gonna try to remember every good scene, and I might spoil something if someone hasn’t read/watched it.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Girl Friends, for sure.

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  4. Name: Naru

    Gender: Female (Trans)

    Age: 29

    Nationality: USA

    Hobbies: Drawing Yuri, Reading Yuri, Watching Yuri, Guitar, ARPG’s

    Random Facts About Yourself: I get bored easily, Have been only able to watch Yuri and Girls Club SoL since 2010, Love the pillows, Love to watch colorful happy anime (mainly all girl cast), Cannot stand melodrama, Dislike the “We’re BOTH GIRLS!” trope immensely.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Sougou Tovarisch (Comprehensive Tovarisch). I have many others but the Main MC design is just too cute. Love her <3.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Kanamemo; Yuuki and Yume are adorable (and are actually in a real Yuri relationship). Honorable mention: Candy Boy.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Any Sono Hanabira.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Sakurako X Himawari: Yuru Yuri. Sakurako is so stupid and cute <3.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: First time I saw Yuuki and Yume kiss in the anime Kanamemo; blew me away.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Sougou Tovarisch (Comprehensive Tovarisch).

    Twitter @ProfBroPo / https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=15059083

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  5. Username: tredaeci
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25

    Nationality: American
    Hobbies: Video Games, Movies, TV, basically the indoor stuff
    Random Facts About Yourself: I want to be a writer, and in the future I hope to publish my story as a comic. I like both violent action and really cute romance. I’m terribly cynical, and I try not to sound like a snob when voicing opinions on fiction in detail.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Wife and Wife
    Favorite Yuri Anime: Little Witch Academia (there’s only subtext, but Diana x Akko have some great moments)
    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: A Little Lily Princess

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Haruka x Michiru (Sailor Moon S)
    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Sailor Moon S, Michiru’s confession

    Fun Yuri Story: I’m looking forward to the indie yuri game “Rose Seed Replica,” and I was having a good day so I donated a bit to show my support with a joke price.

    But then on her twitter the game’s creator, LezLiz, actually posted a response. I just thought it would be fun to do, I never actually expected her to notice. But I was really happy to see that I made someone’s day.

    If you look on her twitter page, you should still be able to see the response she made. I read it for the first time and I’m like, OMG, that was me….

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  6. Age: 26

    Nationality: Canadian

    Hobbies: Gaming is the biggest one, but I also love science and animation (including but not limited to [some] anime.)

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’ve been told I’m extremely boring to talk to, but also that I’m very interesting – by the same people. I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Tie between “Ebisu-San and Hotei-San” and “The Love Doctor.” Stories focusing on adults are usually my favourites.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: None really, I don’t much care for all the stories about school girls, and that’s basically all that’s available in anime form.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Highway Blossoms probably, because it’s so different.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: I don’t really partake of this particular slice of fandom.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: That bit in Octave where the singer meets the composer (to keep things spoiler free.)

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Collectors maybe? Nishi Uko’s portrayal is so refreshingly mundane. The episodes would probably be pretty short though… However, there are a lot I’d like to see get an OVA – too many to list.

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  7. Name: Daniel

    Gender: Male


    Nationality: British

    Hobbies: Videogames, Wrestling, Yuri.

    Random Facts About Yourself: Once fell asleep on the toilet at work by accident, then woke up and the next shift was there, I was quite shook tbh.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Sasameki Koto/Whispered Words

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Strawberry Panic

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel:…I…haven’t read one yet.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Chimeko or Shiznat, really fucking hard choice.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: CITRUS Manga spoilers:

    When Mei comforts Yuzui n the Library after her homophobe friends make her cry. That or the scene with the rings after.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Bloom Into You is already being adapted, but I wouldn’t mind either Girl Friends or ‘Kisses, Sigh and Cherry Blossoms Pink’ and it can be like a Yuri version ofthe Junji Ito Collection, instead of Junji Ito it’ll be Mil Morinaga and cute Yuri instead of horror.

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  8. Name: Lewis

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Nationality: English

    Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Gaming, Baking, Sleeping.

    Random Facts About Yourself: Studying architecture, Introvert, well over 1000 cups of tea drunk a year probably close to 2000.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Anything with a happy end

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Lonely Yuri

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Yuuna x Tougou

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: The I love, love, love you bit in Flip Flappers

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Poor Poor Lips,

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  9. Well then, been a while xD

    Name: Rat

    Gender: Fem

    Age: Somewhere between 0 – 22 and 20 – 30

    Nationality: Finnish

    Hobbies: Games, cooking, other shit

    Random Facts About Yourself: Lazy, Perfectionist, SoulsBorne is fauvorite game series. From worst to best imo: DS2, DS3, Demon’s Souls, DS1, Bloodborne.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Notes From The Garden Of Lillies

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Yuru Yuri?

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: I have barely finished any :X So probably Sword Of Asumi… (It’s from the ones Iäve finished mah favourite)

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: There is not just one :X So heres some: JuriXChun, JuriXCammie, EliUmi, NozoNico, KaguMoko

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Wall Slam from Pop Team Epic xD I watch so little anime :X And that is only one I can currently remember…

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Basically anything from Morishima Akiko

    And let’s add current favourite band: Judas Priest

    I left the depressing shit out…
    Just for you ♥

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  10. Name: Chris. Though most of the internet generally refers to me a Civ (An abbreviation of my full handle) or Ink (another handle I’ve used and a character I played for a bit in a web show).

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Nationality: ‘Murica

    Hobbies: Writing and Overwatch

    Random Facts About Yourself: I run a site, a web show (not the same one as previously mentioned) and am working on creating a few comics/manga of my own. Also, I’m reeeally bad at “favorites” =D

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Haven’t really read any. Pretty much all anime.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Hm… Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, probably. If not that, then maybe Flip Flappers. Nanoha. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is also great. Sakura Trick and Yuru Yuri are cute.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Haven’t played many visual novels in general. So from what I *have*, it’d be Kindred Spirits on the Roof. Highway Blossoms is a decent one as well. Haven’t finished Little Lily Princess, but it’s been nice, so far.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Probably Yuki Yuna and Togo Mimori

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: I don’t think I really have any. At least, I don’t generally classify scenes that way.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Can I cheat and just say I want a new season of a series that’s already been adapted? Because there are a *few* of those for me XD Though if we’re specifically talking Yuri, then I don’t really know. I generally don’t think about adaptations until they actually happen. I also usually watch an anime first, then retroactively read the manga. Just because it’s easier on my wallet to do that, only picking up manga to anime I’ve liked. Though I do have a few exceptions. Like I picked up Fire Force purely because it was from the creator of Soul Eater. So yeah.

    Blog: https://galvanicmedia.net/

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  11. Name: Iris

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Nationality: Brazilian

    Hobbies: reading (Mostly fanfiction, manga/manhwa and VN’s) ,Overwatch, like, a lot of overwatch

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’m studying game design because I want to be a developer of Yuri Visual novels 😀

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Probably citrus because it was the first yuri manga I’ve read

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Yuri Kuma Arashi

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: I can’t decide .. but I’ll go with Sono hanabira because it was the first vn I read and it was who made me interested about vns in general

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: I can not decide again D: , so I’m going to quote my three favorites: NozoEli, Negitoro and Whiterose

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: the flower field scene in the third film of madoka when Madoka embraces the homura and decides to make braids in that same position and omg my heart ;u;
    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Murcielago

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  12. Well, it’s an interesting thing to do for sure. Thanks for providing us with the chance to know each other better. I may not be around that often and relatively new here, but I’m lurking every now and then. Feel free to read what I have to say about myself.

    Name: Arisa Lucifiria. Used to called myself Afezeria, but I’m putting that behind me.

    Gender: It’s a complete mystery! Well, you know what they used to say, there’s no girl on the internet.

    Age: 24 and counting. Damn.

    Nationality: Malaysian. Hence subpar quality of English, especially poor grammar skill. But, maybe I’m just the one that sucks instead.

    Hobbies: Downloading stuff, watching anime, seeing Hollywood movies and playing random single player games from time to time. I don’t really like playing online games because the internet here is bad and got limited quota, and even then, I don’t really have much time for gaming these days. I’m commonly resting on my bed, next to my dakimakura while browsing the web using my phone and listening to music on my old laptop, while trying to score a job soon.

    Random Facts About Yourself: I had like the CGDCT genre or moe stuff for a long while, but I’m just recently into yuri, all thanks to Konohana Kitan last year that, while it may not even be that explicitly romantic, was very fun and lovable, and easy to watch. I hate the heat, and living in a tropical nation isn’t helping but hell, at least it’s still cool here from time to time, and luckily it is not hot at the moment. I dislikes titles that combined different sorts of sex preference, and would only be in for the yuri. I like typing random things too but ah, let’s just keep it short here.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: I have no idea, really. There’s a lot of good ones that I read, and those that left an impact in me are Bloom into You, Bright Cheerful Amnesia, Tsurezure Biyori and Ano Ko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo. Happy Sugar Life is kinda remarkable as well but it got some really cruel stuff in there so I have mixed feeling regarding it. Also got one or two yuri manga that I dislikes ever since I’m getting serious with yuri, and that is Shitsurakuen and Shoujo Shikkaku. Both of these got some terrible flaws that I don’t really like at all. Not gonna go in depth regarding it though.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: I have to say, Konohana Kitan makes me like yuri even more so I respected that anime a lot and really loved it. Sakura Trick is also fun to watch, and while not vividly yuri per say, Princess Principal got some top notch shipping potential in it. Citrus is fine too but a bit too dramatic sometimes. Got some yuri anime that I hated already however, sadly enough, such as Netsuzou Trap, which is an abomination in and out. Tachibanakan Triangle was a really fun yuri ecchi manga but the anime adaptation is severely botched and ruined the whole fun for me.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: I don’t really play much of vn but any cute girls that declared love for each other and kiss or have sex later on makes me like any sorts of stuff that definitely inserted those material in. Sakura Gamer was fairly enjoyable, and I can’t wait to play Kotonoha Amrilato for some reason. The cover is beautiful.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: I guess none? I’m not really big on shipping in the first place. As long as its yuri, anything goes for me. I did talked about shipping potential earlier but it’s more of a passing mention.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Ah… Don’t think I have any here either.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation : None in particular. As long as any yuri manga get’s an anime, I’m fine with that.

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  13. Name: Andi Noface6

    Gender: male

    Age: 34

    Nationality: German

    Hobbies: Hicking, Whisky and Yuri

    Random Facts About Yourself: I feel very old if I look around who els reads manga

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Kase-san and the works of Morishima Akiko

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Kemono Friends

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred Spirits on the Roof

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Nick x Maki

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: All kissing scenes between Kase and Yamada

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation : Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl

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  14. Name: Adrian

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Nationality: American

    Hobbies: Gaming, I am a HUGE gamer with almost every game console ever made. Watching anime and movies, reading manga, books, comics. Watching videos on Youtube, downloading stuff.

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’m huge on gaming I tend to read up on facts and tidbits about gaming history for fun. I’m also a nostalgic type of person, always looking back on the great things that defined my childhood. Like Lena I also suck at Math and am also super lazy. I am a big fan of the random daytime nap. I am a massive lover of pizza unless it has veggies on it. Give me meat or give me death. You could also say I am a lot like Charlie Brown, I am a big dreamer and am very wishy- washy! 😛 I am a big softie at heart.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Too many to list so I’ll give a quick five that I love- Shoujo Sect, Hanjuku Joushi, Gamma, Bright and Cheery Amnesia, and Sakura Trick.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Kannazuki no Miko with Strawberry Panic as a close second.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: I havent played a whole LOT yet but the ones I have are like tied for favorite- Sono Hanabira series(I know thats cheating but I did it anyway 😀 ) Nurse Love Addiction and Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-.

    Favorite Yuri Paring/Ship: Chikane x Himeko

    Favorite Yuri Scene in Anime or Manga: The confessions of love and the epic kiss between Chikane and Himeko at the end of kannazuki no Miko. That scene gets me right in the feels every time! 🙂

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Hanjuku Joshi

    Favorite Yuri Blog: Yuri Reviews of course! 😀

    If anyone wants to know what systems I have just ask! 🙂

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    • Aww Chimeko, a big softie at heart, that’s so nice! 😛
      Also, why do all my texts to you start with “Aww….” I guess, it’s true then, you’re a softie and I like it 😀

      Also first one to declare YR as their favorite blog, I’m proud! 😀

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      • Haha I am glad you like the big old softie I am! 😀 I guess you could say watching and reading yuri brought out that part of me! 😛 I also love reading your replies to me especially when they start with “aww”. 🙂

        And of course I will declare this my favorite yuri blog! your blog is just so amazing! 😀 Be proud, Lena! The hard work of you and James pays off!

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  15. Name: Tiaan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Nationality: South African

    Hobbies: I recently discovered music and I absolutely adore it!!! I love anime as a genre because it takes music, animation and writing, mixes them together and creates something unique in the process, (regardless of Mediocrity-chan). I wish to become a writer in the future, so I write reviews on MAL in my spare time (not sure if they are good or not). I enjoy playing games however I don’t own a next generation console and my Internet is pretty shit.

    Random Facts About Yourself: I am an massive introvert, however whenever I am surrounded by friends my personality takes a 180 degree turn. I discovered Yuri during a time where I suffered from depression and I found it to warm my heart like nothing else could.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: There are many but if I have to choose it would be Sasameki Koto.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Sono Hanabira’s OVA

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Love Ribbon

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: To name a few: NanoFate, Akaga, Kyoukou x Sayaka, Mutsu x Nagato,
    Natsume x Ren, Maki x Nico, Blake x Yang, Himawari x Sakurako, Ange x Hilda, Shion x Yayoi, Haruka x Yuu / Mitsuki, Ushio x Fumika, Eli x Nozomi, Riko x Yoshiko, Chikane x Himeko and many, many more!

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: The final scene between the two protagonists in the movie, Harmony. When I saw that scene I cried for 15 minutes straight!

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Kisses Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink, the rest of Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto, Lily Love, Pulse, Anything by Mira, A OVA dedicated to Fate and Nonoha’s marriage, An adaptation for every single couple from Sono Hanabira.

    My MAL: https://myanimelist.net/profile/TiaanM777
    My Twitter: https://twitter.com/TiaanM777

    Thanks for the awesome blog and for asking us to tell you guys more about ourselves!

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  16. Firstly, When I was reading Lena’s hobbies, I read “baking” as “barking” and thought it a little unusual. Maybe Lena actually barks at people in Overwatch that frag her? I’m getting the prescription on my glasses checked next week.

    Name: Shrikes or Vino (as in wine, and you know what they say: in vino, veritas)

    Gender: Male

    Age: Rather depressingly, I think I’m the oldest person here thus far. Yeah. Let’s leave it at that.

    Nationality: I come from the Philippines but grew up in New York.

    Hobbies: My main hobby is really the building of plastic scale models. It helps that I’m a history nut and I love building military vehicles (aircraft, tanks and I’ve started on ships). I play tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, and when that’s not happening, I’m watching random things on Youtube or watching anime. I also play the occasional video game.

    Random Facts About Yourself: I can tell you that the Republic P-47D-5-RE Thunderbolt has 105,895 rivets in it (why, yes, I am a huge nerd). I can juggle a bit (still haven’t cracked juggling knives yet, but on the plus side, I can still have all my fingers). I’m a father. My great-great-grand aunt won the first ever sexual harassment law suit in the Philippines (against a Spanish friar). With few exceptions, you have to do something to fruit to get me to eat it – just an orange: no thanks. Orange juice? Yes, please. Banana? Nope. Banana Split? Where’s my spoon?

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Geez. How do you choose just one? I’ll take the Chimeko route and name a few of them: Pulse, Kase-san, Girlfriends, Bloom into You and most of the stuff by Itou Hachi.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: I think I’ll go with Candy Boy (which has neither candy nor boys). It’s probably the mix of relaxed pace, lack of heavy drama, cutesy romance and comedy that I like.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred Spirits on the Roof – and I can’t wait for the fully voiced version. Hopefully Lena will let us know the moment that comes out!

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: I don’t really have a favorite pairing, but if you pushed me, I suppose I would say Sanya X Eila.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga (or VN): I think my favorite scene in manga (and soon to be anime) is when Kase-san bursts into the infirmary worried sick about Yamada during the sports fest. A close second is from Kindred Spirits on the Roof when Kiri figures out she’s gay in a toilet stall at school. 😛

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: See as Bloom into you is going to get an anime, I’ll say Pulse, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Girlfriends or any Milk Morinaga work get an anime.

    Favorite Yuri Blog: Perhaps you guys could recommend one? 😛

    Darkest Yuri Secret: Promise you guys won’t hit me? I haven’t seen Kannazuki no Miko in its entirety yet. Chimeko? Lena? What’s up with the baseball bats?

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      • Omg haha 😀
        Seriously Shrikes, whenever I read your comments, I always think you’re such an entertainer. It always cracks me up so much 😀

        Though some wise words for you. Chimeko and I will probably come knocking at your door later tonight. I wouldn’t recommend opening… at all… 😛
        While he might come with an axe, I will bring tape to keep your eyes open and the Kannazuki ni Miko DVD 😀

        Just kidding, though how dare you deny YR the pole position as your favorite yuri blog!? I’m in tears!
        As a recommendation though, visit Yuri-Nation… but make sure to come back to us every now and then… 😦

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        • *nervous laughter*ha ha ha…. you guys aren’t serious, right? Wait, is someone knocking on the door? I thought I locked it…

          Dawwwww… Now I feel bad for not naming my favorite Yuri Blog. How about instead I say: “I-it’s not like this place is my f-favorite yuri site. I just had free time and wanted to be here, alright? You had better be grateful. B-baka….” 😛

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          • Good News! Partly to avoid being brutally axed to death, and in part because it was about damn time, I’ve finished seeing all episodes of Kannazuki ni Miko! 😀

            It’s pretty good, actually! Now, I’m kind of sorry it took me so long to see it. I think I initially stopped because I knew it was yuri yet that guy kept going on all the dates… like I’d been given the old bait and switch towards the middle… Should have just powered through, really.

            So the axes and duct tape can be put away now, right? 😛

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      • Awww, man! I totally missed the opportunity to give the answer Kagakagi to really have ship ships! Now that I think about it, I’m surprised Lena didn’t mention Kaga and Akagi in her post… If Overwatch is that good, perhaps it’s time to buy a copy… 😛

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  17. Name: Kolodej

    Gender: Male

    Age: 36

    Nationality: Czech

    Hobbies: Cooking, Eating, Travelling, Reading, Videogames

    Random Facts About Yourself: Corn and broccoli hate club member.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Not exactly yuri, but Keijo!!!? 😀 I preffer novels and visual novels…

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Strawberry Panic

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred spirits on the roof and Love ribbon

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Aki+Youka from Kindred spirits

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Catnip tea episode from Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Anything with original and interesting art.

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  18. Name: Ryanda (also known as Noel)

    Gender: Male?? o_o

    Age: 22

    Nationality: Indonesia. But have japanese blood (just tiny little bit)

    Hobbies: going outside (doesn’t matter anywhere), games, read, music

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’m always the shy type. Rarely talk and always alone. But when someone close to me and know me well i will attached to them until they feel uncomfortable with my weirdness xD

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Bloom Into You for now ~

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Sakura Trick

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Love ribbon by Razzart Visual

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Yuzu x Mei ❤

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: probably anything that looks cute?? :3

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Yagate Kimi ni Naru (Bloom Into You)

    Since i play steam a lot I'll just put it here :p

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  19. This seems so wholesome!

    Name: Becky

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Nationality: Brit

    Hobbies: Watching anime, telling other people to watch anime, playing guitar, sometimes playing games. If I cooked anymore than I do right now I’d have a cheesy Instagram page of sharing food I make, but sadly I only cook infrequently.

    Random Facts About Yourself: I love metal music! Always have done. I’m studying Biology at uni but it’s not very inspirational

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Bloom Into You, naturally!

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Simoun!

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Love Ribbon, though Fatal Twelve put up a strong fight!

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Chikane x Himeko for life! Also their Kyoushiro incarnation

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Kiss and White Lily’s festival around chapter 20!

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Well Bloom just got given one so uh… Kiss and a White Lily probably

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  20. Name: Brandon

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Nationality: American born but half Costa Rican

    Hobbies: video games (mostly fantasy or scifi rpgs)

    Random Facts About Yourself: meh.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Tie between Pulse and Hoshikawa Ginza District 4.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Yuru Yuri is my all time favorite anime, but just in terms of yuri, Strawberry Panic probably edges it.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: n/a

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Kyoko and Ayano from Yuru Yuri. Ayano’s the cutest tsundere of all and Kyoko’s more clever than she seems.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Either the KyouSaya moment in Rebellion or Shizuma’s confession in Strawberry Panic (right on, Lena!)

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: I have to go with the obvious one, Kase-san. Honorable mentions to A Room For Two and Dear My Teacher, however. (Also a 4th season of Yuru Yuri, please)

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  21. Name: *secret*

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Nationality: Argentina

    Hobbies: Videogames, anime and critics

    Random Facts About Yourself: Antisocial but not shy at all, I hate talking to people I don’t know, not about me but a storm just started while writing this

    Favorite Yuri Manga:

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Princess Principal/Yuru yuri

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Sono hanabira 3, since it introduced the 13 years old me to the wonderful world of yuri visual novels

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Meisaku

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Hard to tell

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: The storm just stopped

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  22. Name: Andrés

    Gender: Male, unfortunately 😦

    Age: 16, 17 tomorrow

    Nationality: Spanish

    Hobbies: Drums, Guitar and Bass. Play every Monster Hunter posible

    Random Facts About Yourself: I used to be a complete cunt a few years ago or so, I was kinda homophobic and a very religious person. Fortunately, puberty hit me like a truck and I became a completely different person. Who knew I’d end up being obsessed with Yuri and Music.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Netsuzou Trap, Don’t really know why, but I keep going back to it quite often

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon (if you can consider it a Yuri)

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred Spirits

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: B2 x A2, even though it’s a ship that doesn’t make sense at all

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: The final confession in Girlfriends, the stone thing

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Girlfriends

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    • I forgot to add a question I’ve had for a while. Is there any Yurireviews Discord? I’d love to join if so.

      If there isn’t, I’m gonna go listen to Slayer for a while to cheer me up.

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      • I’m actually wondering if that would be a good idea, too. I always see the tlk.io livechat link on YR’s main page, but I don’t know how to use it. And since a lot of us have put games under our interests, there’s probably a lot of us already using discord, myself included.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Oh yeah it was an idea at some point, as you can still see in the blogroll. And oops, I was too lazy to remove it, even though we don’t use it.

          I actually was informed of two big yuri Discord servers. I think it would be hard to get a YuriReviews only one, but a general yuri one sounds like a good idea.
          I’ll keep you guys updated! (and maybe at some point remove the livechat thingy…) 😀


  23. Name: Quentin

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Nationality: France

    Hobbies: Heavy Metal, Wrestling (especially New Japan Pro Wrestlling), RPG games (like Mass Effect or Dragon Age)

    Random Facts About Yourself: Shy, not really talkative, discreet and write very rarely comments. Hope one day go to Japan to be at the Tokyo Dome to see a Wretle Kingdom Show once in my life.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Sasameki Koto (Whispered Words)

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, Yuru Camp, New Game! and even more…

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Fatal Twelve (Not really Yuri but it takes a important role)

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Izetta x Finé (Shuumatsu no Izetta)

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: the last chapter of Sasameki Koto

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Lily Love, a sequel of the adaptation of Sasameki Koto (but i’m dreaming)

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  24. Name: Mark (Not really, but I don’t think I am going to reveal my real name, anytime soon)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Nationality: Indonesia

    Hobbies: Reading

    Random Facts About Yourself: I hate harem genre since High School. But at the same time I used to have a harem in High School, but I only realize it after I get a girlfriend and the harem disappear. I thought they were just good friends back then, can’t believe how upset they were.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Watamote (Just Kidding, though not really, cause I believe it heads that way right now.); Serious answer: Girl Friends.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: My-HiME (It was my first anime, it is among few anime that has my favorite style of storytelling [multiple MCs that equally important], the first anime that I watched to have yuri couples, and have my favorite pairing. So yeah, even if it is not overtly yuri, it is still my favorite yuri anime)

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf (I haven’t read many VN unfortunately [since that moment where I fell asleep while reading fate/stay night, I’ve failed to complete read most VNs], and that one is the better one of what I’ve read, so automatically number one. Hopefully I can read more VNs in the future)

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: ShizNats (Though currently I am rather obsessed with Tomoko x Harem from WataMote)

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Broom Scene from Izetta (God that caress on Izetta’s face give me shiver to this day)

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Girlfriends, Anoko Ni Kiss to Shirayuri Wo, Murcielago, Tatoe Todokanu Ito da to Shite mo, and WataMote S2 (preferably everything after Kyoto Trip or Graduation Arc to Disneyland Trip)

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  25. Just back from a vacation trip, and it looks like I am late to the party!
    Alrighty, here goes:

    Name: Just call me shade. Comes from an old comic book called Shade the Changing Man.

    Gender: Imma guy (quite the sausage fest we have here, huh? 😛 )

    Age: Almost 50 (I guess that makes me and Shrikes the Waldorf and Statler of this site)

    Mental Age: 12

    Nationality: Canad…American

    Hobbies: SiF, reading manga

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’m really shy and introverted. Part of wanting to change that part of myself involved an experiment where I tried commenting regularly on YuriReviews 😀
    I’ve made some modest improvements as a result, so the experiment will continue 😛

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Girl Friends, Prism, Aoi Hana

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Izetta, the Last Witch

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred Spirits on the Roof

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Almost all of them. But the latest ones are Ruby x Weiss, Mel x Lynne, Honoka x well…anyone

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Girl Friends when they FINALLY confess to each other properly (same goes for Sasameki Koto at the end of the manga), Out of the Blue when Risa gets an answer to her confession, Hibike! Euphonium when Reina confesses to Kumiko (episode 8). Wait, I am starting to notice a pattern here…

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: I want to say Girl Friends, but I don’t think that is a reasonable expectation anymore 😦 So for a realistic choice I will go with the previously mentioned Pulse

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  26. Name: Umedyn (The only name you need to know)

    Gender: What ever you think I am

    Age: 27 (I think, time flies)

    Nationality: South Canadian (American)

    Hobbies: Games, Art, and the making of them

    Random Facts About Yourself: No-name artist, but that’s not important, I LOVE spinach. Nerd Extraordinaire!

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Too many to say!

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Sakura Trick, Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, Yuru Yuri; to name a few.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: What else? Kindred Spirits on the Roof

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Right now it’s Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda from Sakura Trick, but Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara from Yuru Camp are a close second (mainly because I LOVE camping too!)

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Hard to say, too many to count.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Right now I’m loving Swap ⇔ Swap, and would love to see an anime adaptation.

    Other: Because I’m a horrible person, I’d like to take this time for some shameless promotion! Yay! As I said above, I’m a no-name artist, and I’m currently working on a Yuri manga of my own (I also do other artwork) called Kokoro No Kinu. I’ve finished the third chapter (Working on the fourth) and I am always looking for constructive criticism and feedback. If you like, please check out my WordPress @ https://umedyn.wordpress.com/ You can also find me on Twitter @Umedyn, be warned, if you do follow me I can get a little political (all good things I assure you!) If you’ve stuck around after all this, then thank you!

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    • Shameless maybe, but I wouldn’t say you’re horrible until you self-promoted using your own name and face (I’m not saying that for self-preservation. Not at all.).

      I also love reading and giving feedback, so I’ll definitely check your stuff out. 🙂

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  27. Name: I’ve been dubbed KP. K works too.

    Age: Old as the hills

    Mental Age: 16 (excellent modification for the senpai)

    Nationality: “Canad…American”* (ha ha, I thought the same thing, Shade and Umedyn) May I say Cascadian?

    Hobbies: (other than reading manga) modular synthesizer, learning Japanese, cooking (my job, too, in a way), growing plants from extreme environments

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’ve spent way too much time in school, and have several degrees I make no use of whatsoever. I’ve learned I am not the serious person everyone told me I was.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Prism, Aoi Hana, Notes from the Garden, Up and Down, Secret of the Princess, Secret Love (especially the chapter “Sigh”…ahh, optimism…a struggle for me)

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Kindred Spirits on the Roof (obviously)

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: (SPOILERS) Yamada’s accidental confession to Kase
    in the Nurse’s office at the end of the marathon, Youka’s song for Aki at the Cultural Festival, Kiri’s bathroom realization, Fuijwara “thanking” Miu for the zombie bento, and Miu’s rooftop confession, Seina confronting the Photography Club members and Miki calming Seina (and calling her Seina for the first time) after the confrontation.

    Favorite Yuri Blog: Unequivocally, emphatically, YR! You guys are the best.

    *shadesan on May 30, 2018 at 02:28

    Liked by 4 people

    • Nice KP! And am glad I got to take a part in your dubbing 😛
      How funny, I just re-read Secret of the Princess recently (thought the eyebrow scene was really cute too).
      Also this reminds me I haven’t read any Ootomo Megane in quite awhile, so on the list it goes! 😀

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      • SPOILERS

        Hey, get a room, you two! Love how Fujiwara holds Miu’s bangs up to take a look at Miu’s forehead after she wipes off the makeup. Accidentally left than scene off the list.

        Ootomo Megane does a great job with less pleasant but all too human behavior, like pessimism, selfishness, insensitivity and jealousy, and the necessity of making do. Nonetheless, Shiratori (my favorite character) learns at the end of Secret Love that it gets better (at least that’s the way I imagine it).

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        • Ooh, just re-read that series. So amazing how interconnected all those stories are, really tightly knit…you really don’t see works like that lately. And yeah, with Shiratori the flower on the tree pretty much tells it all.

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    • Seeing as I have a mental age of 11 and Shade of 12, I suppose that truly does make you senpai. I have to say that it’s quite nice having a group of similarly aged people here! 🙂

      Hey, KP! I can’t help but notice that my favorite scenes are yours as well! “Kiri’s bathroom realization was so good, I had to scroll back numerous times to see it again! How ready are you to play Kindred Spirits again but with the fully voiced version? 😀

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      • I hadn’t meant to claim senpai status amongst the three of us, though, technically speaking, it appears I am senpai. I’ll be expecting a little more deference from now on. (↼_↼) Go ahead, laugh.

        I had noticed we shared a number of favorites. I guess I’d call the “life-changing realization” a favorite trope of mine in yuri, and Kiri’s bathroom scene is absolutely one of the best instances of it. I love the voice acting in KSOTR, so I am enthusiastically awaiting release of the fully voice version here.

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  28. Name: Apricot Earth Dragon – AED for short

    Gender: Dude

    Age: I thought was the oldest here until I read shade’s post. Phew, what a relief!

    Nationality: Canadianese

    Hobbies: Video games, hiking, cycling, music, reading (manga and regular books)

    Random Facts About Yourself: I can wiggle my ears on command, either both at the same time or individually. Also, I was a brony for a few years before getting into yuri / CGDCT – I feel like the two have a lot in common, although I don’t know how much crossover there is between the fan cultures.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: My current fave is “A Kiss And A White Lily”, although I read pretty much everything.

    Favorite Overall Manga: Attack On Titan (just had to give it a shout out!)

    Favorite Yuri Anime: I know it only has subtext, but I’m really into both of the “Love Live” series. The shows are great, the music is great and the shipping combinations are endless.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Basically a tie between “Kindred Spirits On The Roof” and “Highway Blossoms”. I’m currently going through HB again with the new voice acting update.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Korra x Asami – some might say this doesn’t technically count as anime/yuri, but I was really into that show so I have a huge emotional attachment to this pairing.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: As I’ve said before on this blog, more than anything else I’d like “Kindred Spirits” to get adapted as a show. But if I have to pick a manga, “White Lily” for sure.

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  29. Name: Anthony

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Nationality: American

    Hobbies: Watching anime, reading manga, working out, watching sports, gaming, music, learning guitar

    Random Facts About Yourself: I can build computers (built my own), and when any of my electronics don’t work as intended, I almost have an anxiety attack. If I don’t know someone very well, I don’t bring up small talk as often because I just hate it. Not sure if that categorizes as being inrtoverted though, since I like going out and doing stuff with people. Broccoli is the key into my heart. I’m also very patient.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Probably Girl Friends. Still wish Prism didn’t get gutted, but alas…

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Most just has Yuri subtext, so it’s really hard to say. Sakura Trick or Yuru Yuri, I guess.

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Sono Hanabira 8, 10, 12 or new gen. Can’t decide on one.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Too many to pick just one. Also too much Yuri-baiting.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Not enough Yuri stories that have 100% Yuri in it and not subtext is what makes this question hard to answer. Too many stories show the process of them getting together, and then THE END. Girl Friends confession scene is a good one. Another one from Sono Hanabira New Gen when Hazuki introduces Manami to her parents and straight up comes out of the closet like a boss, and then tells them to not disturb them upstairs because they’re going to do the echhi. I definitely got a kick out of it.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Girl Friends, Girl Friends, Girl Friends, and Girl Friends

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  30. Name: PanCake

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35

    Nationality: German

    Hobbies: Gaming, drawing, cooking, fooling around and getting on people’s nerves

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’m born to game and fool around. Sleeping is the best thing to spend your time with after that 😛

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Tamen de Gushi (by Tan Jiu), Lily Love 2 (Ratana Satis), Elixir (Sungwon), Prism

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Mai-Hime

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Briliant Shadows, Negligee, Rising Angels: Fate

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Pharah x Mercy (Overwatch), Shizuru x Natsuki

    Favorite Yuri Scene in Anime or Manga: Dunno, there are several ^^

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Lily Love 2 (Ratana Satis)

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  31. Name: Matt
    Gender: Fluid
    Age: 35
    Nationality: British-Irish dual national
    Hobbies: Writing, gaming, cooking, cosplay
    Random Facts About Yourself: I’m a published author (primarily LGBT sci-fi), I’m an ex pro-wrestler, the weather makes me suffer … unless it’s Autumn. Autumn is awesome.
    Favorite Yuri Manga: Octave
    Favorite Yuri Anime: If we’re counting Amanchu, then that. If not, then Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Not actually played any as yet
    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Teko and Pikari (Amanchu)
    Favorite Yuri Scene in Anime or Manga: It was all subtext, I know, but the end of season one of Amanchu. I also really liked one of the final scenes in Canaan, when she’s looking up at Maria’s plane and says ‘That is mine’. There was a sweetness there, I think.
    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Either Octave or Shimanami Tasogare

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  32. Name: Hellmet
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 21
    Nationality: Australian (I think im the only one here)
    Hobbies: Filming and way to much manga
    Random Facts About Yourself: There is a lot about me so I cant quite narrow anything down. I have a dog called Grimm ?
    Favorite Yuri Manga: A tie between Her Pet or Bloom into You
    Favorite Yuri Anime: I am a sucker for Sakura Trick but Citrus is also pretty great
    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Never tried one as its my last resort when i run out of manga
    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Madoka x Homura (petty boring with my ships…)
    Favorite Yuri Scene in Anime or Manga: Ohh god ummmm probably the kiss between Yuu & Touko after sports day. That scene made me feel to much so I had to stop reading the sereise until its all released… a little weird but it gets to me a little to much chapter by chapter.
    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Well Bloom into You is becoming a reality so other than that ‘There Story’ definitely needs one.

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  33. Name: Edmund

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Nationality: Canadian

    Hobbies: drawing (trying my best to get better!), watching anime, reading manga, reading light novels, just being an otaku, watching jdramas from time to time, gaming, yuri, and love liver just to name a few

    Random Facts About Yourself: even though im an otaku, im a bit shy around people i first meet or around a big group i first meet and im a bit of neat freak lol

    Favorite Yuri Manga: still girl friends (mari x akko <3)

    Favorite Yuri Anime: kannazuki no miko ❤

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: any sono hanabira

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: very hard to narrow down considering my many favorites but ill say nanofate

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: i have so many but yuzu's confession to mei and the teddy bear kiss and yuzu kisses mei back after that is probably one of my favorite moments oh also mari and akko's very first kiss!

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: well yagate kimi ni naru already is confirmed for an anime which is super exciting as always! so my next option is ofc girl friends! also dear my teacher would be nice too!

    Favorite Yuri Blog: YuriReviews ❤ been following the blog for a long time (since around 2012) and it was my first blog i ever went and i just love coming here and chatting with everyone about yuri and seeing the blog grow everyday! keep up the amazing work Lena!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww, sorry for the long wait!
      Finally someone who took my “joke entry” serious. I of course wanted all of you to say YuriReviews is your favorite blog! Haha
      Thanks, will do! 🙂

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      • no worries on the late reply youre always doing your best to make the blog an amazing place to come and talk about all things yuri! keep up the amazing work!

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  36. Name: Emleigh

    Gender: Female

    Age: 34

    Nationality: American

    Hobbies: Comedy, Gay Geek Trivia, fake Scottish accents

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’ve worked some weird performance jobs in my life including a zombie at zombie laser tag, an elf at Macy’s Santaland, a Dinosaur Safari Guide at the Bronx Zoo

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Murciélago

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: GinkoxKureha (Yurikuma Arashi)

    Favorite Yuri Scene in Anime or Manga: Anthy leaving Ohtori Academy to go rescue Utena, and most recently Sayaka and Kirari falling into a bed of l̶e̶s̶b̶i̶a̶n̶s̶ lillies in Vol. 6 of Kakegurui (this manga needs more mention here!)

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Murciélago

    Also wanted to say that I’ve only more recently gotten my old ass into anime and manga, and I use this website constantly to decide what to try next. Thank you!

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  37. Name: Rokaria

    Gender: I’m an enigma :p

    Age: 19

    Nationality:USA! USA!

    Hobbies: Gaming, writing, building PCs, watching/reading/playing anything yuri related

    Random Facts About Yourself: My favorite games right now are Guild wars 2 and Dota 2. I love the number 2.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Girlfriends no doubt

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Strawberry panic

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: In terms of series, Sono Hanabira. In terms of solo…i’d give it to love ribbon.

    Something everyone will hate me for: Wasn’t a fan of citrus. I can hear the boos already. o-o

    I’m currently working on a yuri themed writing project featuring a princess and her knights on a her journey to become queen. Please stop by and give it a read. I’d love to hear your feedback! Love you all! ❤

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  38. Name: yuriakane

    Gender: Famele

    Age: at this age, I should’t talk about numbers.. 28 ..

    Nationality: Poland

    Hobbies: Game,Anime,Manga,Philharmonic .

    Random Facts About Yourself: I cry on anime, I have goosebumps during concerts in the philharmonic hall, I don’t like people, but I work in customer service,I’m learning Japanese.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: too many , but if I have to choose one … : The Real Her

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Konohana Kitan

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Sono Hanabira Tenshi no Hanabira Zome

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: Tohru x Kobayashi

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: drunk Nekoyama-san in Inugami-san is Nekoyama-san

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: hmm Pulse or Lily Love I think 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey there and nice to get to know you 🙂

      Also… what’s wrong about being 28?! 😀
      I’m almost 27 myself and I think that’s still a great age. Well, we’re slowly moving closer to 30, but oh well, age is wisdom 😀


  39. Name: Pirsival

    Gender: Queer


    Nationality: Canadian

    Hobbies: Gaming, Crying over anime, LARP.

    Random Facts About Yourself: I’d have listed baking or cooking as a hobby, but being a professional sucked the joy out of it. I like to think I am a decent singer. When I’m down, I’ll power through content like you would not believe. I’ve been quietly enjoying this blog since, like 2017? When it recommended SonoHana to me

    Favorite Yuri Manga: “Ano Ko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo” though lately, I’ve been enjoying Fuzoroi no Renri.

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Aoi Hana. Though I burst into flames when Kase-san got an OVA

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Hark! The woe! Nay the AGONY! I’ve yet to learn my fated 3rd language, so I have access to maybe 10 VN’s. SonoHana and even if I had more options. Probably still SonoHana it’s cute as fuck.

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: I can’t breathe thinking about how much I love the confession at the end of Aoi Hana. So Fumi and Akira.

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: ^. Though In general, I am physically incapable of dealing with the side effects experienced by a confession of love that’s filled with anxiety.

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Give me the rest of Kase san! Kive me A kiss and a white Lilly! I have a long life ahead of me. The amount of yuri I will need to get through it is astronomical.


  40. Name: Alyssin, or Alyfox

    Gender: Female

    Age: 45

    Nationality: Canadian (Inuk!)

    Hobbies: Writing, reading, gaming (not as much as I used to), watching anime and NCIS, tabletop gaming (not as much as I used to), role-playing, being a hermit

    Random Facts About Yourself: I love chocolate milk, I am of Inuk (Inuit) heritage, I’m working on learning Japanese, Shadowrun is my favorite fictional setting (with Battletech, also by FASA, a close second). I am consumed with loathing for Harmony Gold. Transbian.

    Favorite Yuri Manga: Yagate Kimi ni Naru, with Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau a close second

    Favorite Yuri Anime: Yagate Kimi ni Naru, with Release the Spyce a close second

    Favorite Yuri Visual Novel: Highway Blossoms (though, its the only one I’ve played)

    Favorite Yuri Pairing/Ship: This is a very tough question, as I don’t think I have one favorite. Touko/Yuu, Kanade/Yukino, Goe/Hatsume for official ones (don’t argue with me :P), as for ships, Touko/Yuu/Sayaka (blame fanfic), Yuu/Sayaka (blame fanfic!), ShaMiKo/Momo (I haven’t read all the manga, I’ve heard rumors, but for me its still currently a ship).

    Favorite Yuri scene in Anime or Manga: Yuu and Touko’s date at the Aquarium (Bloom ep 13), Hatsume’s confession to Goe (Spyce ep 7), Yuzu and Mei’s wedding (well, civil union) (Citrus ch 41)

    Manga You’d Like to See Get an Anime Adaptation: Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau, Lonely Girl ni Sakaraenai, Citrus+

    Favorite Yuri Blog: Yuri Reviews!


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