Let’s Talk About Something Different: Part IV

Ever since Citrus finished airing a few weeks ago, I’ve felt like I was stripped from the gayness that I need so dearly in my life. So what did I do?

I looked for some new anime to watch and gladly came across shows like Comic Girls, for example, but it wasn’t even nearly enough to satisfy my hunger for gayness, so I searched elsewhere as well.

What I then found was the second season of Wynonna Earp as well as the Carmilla movie. Both of which were already discussed in previous “Let’s Talk About” posts, but since there’s a new season, plus a whole new movie to talk about now, why not continue?

wynonna earpSo let’s start with Wynonna Earp. First up, yes the lesbian characters are still alive, hurray! After the little shock that the ending of the last season gave me, my favorite officer and lady killer, Nicole, is still very much alive and very much in love with our favorite Earp sister, Waverly. And if you thought that the first season was already packed with memorable moments between these two, then you better get ready for season two!

In all honesty, they mostly stole the show from the main pairing, or should I say pairings, meaning Wynonna and Doc Holiday, or, well, Wynonna and Dolls. Their relationship stood strong throughout the whole season again, and even their fights were truly well written, interesting to watch, and yet still heartbreaking at the same time.

What’s most interesting, though, is to see that even in a parallel universe, the two found their way to each other. This is despite the fact that one of them was already engaged to a guy, and well, the other one probably even in that universe married to another woman.

wynonna earp

Favorite scene, anyone?

Well, I stated a while ago that Wynonna Earp is a pretty trashy show, and don’t get me wrong, it still is. But with the second season, the whole quality of the CGI effects improved a lot. It doesn’t look cheap anymore but rather solid, and the whole thing became far more story-driven instead of just these demon-of-the-week kind of episodes that we were mostly used to. In short, I immensely enjoyed this season, and I think the improvements to the first season are so obvious and drastic that I now just can’t wait to see what the third season might look like!

carmilla movieNext up, I just recently found out that the Carmilla movie was already available, and, of course, I watched it right away.

To be quite honest, the most iconic part of the web-series—that being the video diary aspect of the show—was always what bothered me the most. I guess if you don’t have the budget, this is a great way of getting the whole story across without the risk of having very bad-looking fight scenes and such. To have them happen off-screen was a good solution, but it made the whole thing feel a little boring after a while.

The new movie now totally got rid of this, and we were finally able to see the whole story, plus the unexpected appearance of Waverly, or, well, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, as the villain of the show. It in general felt like a big step up from the previous seasons in many, many ways.

Furthermore, there were plenty more moments between Laura and Carmilla, most of which even cuter than what we were already used to. Seeing them in an actual (working) relationship, living together and all, it’s just extremely enjoyable to watch. Their chemistry is seriously outstanding and should I mention there was a pretty long sex scenes in the movie as well? Like damn, there is just so much I can take and this scene might have been a little too much for my fragile heart. 😀

carmilla movie

Seeing a trend here. Favorite scenes = sex scenes… 😀

So yeah, needless to say, I did enjoy this movie quite a lot, and I’d be thrilled to see more of them in the future.

Last but not least, do I have any more recommendations?

Unfortunately no. I have to admit, I every once in a while google for more lesbian movies or TV shows, and I did find quite a few, but so far, I didn’t like that many more. Below Her Mouth was one of the ones that I just couldn’t enjoy for some reason. Same for Blue is the Warmest Color. Oh well, if you have any recommendations for me, feel free. I’m open for more~


16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Something Different: Part IV

  1. You can try freeheld, carol, debs and maybe jenny’s wedding. Those are foreign movies. In tvseries maybe “faking it, skins, shannara chronicles,the 100, orange is the new black.” Just try and watch them. Maybe you would like it.

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  2. Well, let me give you a reccomendation then, I have yet to see the movie fully, but I did watch some of its more “vivid” scenes…

    This is probably the most passionate RL lesbian romance you can find.
    It is freaking hot and actually makes me wanna see it from beggining to end for the plot, when I fell like watching movies (which I rarely do).

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    • Lol, just read the end of that.

      To be fair, I think lesbian romance only works for me in being diabetes indulcing, in anime/LN/manga form.
      That is when it can get really cutesy, aside that I do think 99% of the RL stuff are just arousing and arent really that cute, in a sense lacking what I look forward so much in yuri.
      The expressiveness of the mediums allow them to be like that, honestly, when was it the last time I saw a TV show or LA doing romance justice?

      Finished recently ReLife manga and I believe that is the top others should strive for in terms of well though romance and drama, plus it is CUTE.
      RL romance is boring against it, unless you are experiencing it yourself, movies and LA doesnt even make it the smallest amount of justice.

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      • For some reason I couldn’t even find it hot. Was it the strap-on the one girl constantly had wit her? Maybe, played part int it…

        Well, to be fair, I guess I’m a sucker for the more cutesy stuff – usually really not the realistic stuff 😛


        • I think we can both agree that blond is far from a beauty, and I have seen better than the other MC too.
          But it is like you said, it is rather hard to find RL girl on girl cute, I just view it as something arousing and nothing more.
          Whereas yuri as the potential for so much more due to its broader range of expressions.

          Still, Below her Mouth was definitly extremely arousing for me, really the best from all the other movies I have seen (Chloe and others), I think it elevates the whole female sensuality and girl on girl to another level, to the point I can call it art.
          Far from cute, but for me, it has to be praised for its spicy scenes, that isnt easy to achieve.


  3. I msut admit, I quite liked the first season fo Wynonna Earp. I completely missed season two though, so i’m just hoping it hits the UK Netflix soon. As to recommendations … I’ve heard some good things about the film A Girl At my Door, but I’ve not seen it myself yet.

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  4. Hmmm…I had no idea those even existed. You sure you call those lesbian movies? Maybe that’s why they’re so rare to watch. It’s because no one wants to see two girls kissing and such ,that’s why. And that’s what I see all the time anyways. No lesbian movies, TV shows. Everybody wants to watch boy x girl shows cause that’s normal.

    Sorry for complaining, but that’s just how I see things.


  5. While the genre as a whole isn’t explicitly gay, you can find a lot of girl x girl pairings in Kpop that I’m sure you’d looooooove!

    Seulrene (Seulgi x Irene from Red Velvet) is one of my favorites, but TaeNy (Taeyeon x Tiffany from Girls’ Generation) is my, and everyone else’s, favorite~

    Aren’t they adorable?! ❤

    I'm sure you'll love those two, but if you want to find out more about them, I know someone who'd be more than willing to help. 😉

    P.S. – You can also try Lily Fever. It’s a Korean webdrama. 😛

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    • Haha, it’s been a while since anyone recommended me Taeny videos 😛
      I once knew someone who was pretty obsessed with them so I constantly had to watch the videos with her.

      I can’t say I’m the biggest fan, but oh well, they are cute, wouldn’t mind hearing that they are actually dating 😀


  6. ahhhhh carmilla!!! im so happy youre talking about it! i love this series so much, the series was so cute and adorable and the story telling was great, i really love carm and laura so much ❤ also i would like to recommend a movie called saving face, its really good and cute!


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