Don’t Know What to Read Next? [Part 11]

jg.eNHZG-SuTitle: Miss Angel and Miss Devil
Artist: Maeu Malgeum
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life, Yuri
Status: Ongoing – 100+ chapters

The story of how a certain pair of devils got closer to a certain pair of angel, all set in a universe in which devils and angels both might not exactly show the character traits we all expect them to show. What we can expect though is a story so packed with yuri romance that the whole devil/angel idea might as well only be secondary.

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Adorable! All of the four main girls are simply adorable together! I just love their chemistry, that applies to both the long-term relationship couple that just can’t stop constantly flirting and the super slow burn couple “in development” that obviously belong together but just take their sweet time getting there. The only thing that kept my enjoyment in check was the sometimes very poor translation. Often, it’s so bad you don’t even know what’s going on in the story. However, despite that, I highly recommend this lovely piece, because the awesome art is capable of telling the story even without text.

hana ni arashi yuri mangaTitle: Hana Ni Arashi
Artist: Kovachi Luka
Genre: Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yuri
Status: Ongoing – 14 chapters

Chidori and Nanoha are best friends, but are also dating in secret, struggling with keeping it from their friends, but still accidentally letting it show at times – cute and fun times ahead!

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Oh man, how much this reminds me of Girl Friends. It’s not only their similar hairstyles, but also the way the two interact. It’s just infinitely cute to see the two struggle with hiding their relationship, even though I’m pretty sure their friends would welcome the truth without any problems anyway~

killing me yuri manga

Title: Killing Me!
Artist: Akiyama
Genre: Action, Comedy, Vampires, Yuri
Status: Ongoing – 10 chapters

To their classmates, Fujimiya Saki and Kujou Miyoko appear to get along pretty well. But the two girls have a secret: Miyoko is a vampire always thirsty for Saki’s blood, and Saki is a vampire hunter who has had enough of being teased! 

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Vampires and yuri, theme that works perfectly in my eyes. This one might be a bit different than most, as one part of the pair tries to kill the other, while the latter in fact loves the attention and fun she experiences thanks to the attempts. We can currently see a little shift in actions thanks to a new vampire hunter coming to town, and I can totally see how this will move the story in a direction our little vampire Miyoko will absolutely enjoy~

Happy nestTitle: Happy Nest
Artist: Nakamura Yukichi
Genre: Adult Life, Comedy, Office Ladies, Player, Yuri
Status: One-shot

Yuka, who’s popular with guys and Satsuki, who is very plain and has no affinity with guys started living together. As it turns out though, plain Satsuki is actually a pretty bad player, inviting girls to have fun with as much as she can – will Yuka be okay with that?

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I don’t know my deal, but I kinda love reading about players who have their eyes set on someone specific and try to get them one way or another. And that’s exactly what this is. Oh so confident Satsuki trying to get Yuka jealous to make her interested. Unfortunately, we don’t know if this is only going to be another one on the list of Satsuki or finally a true girlfriend, but I’m of course hoping for the latter.

47194817_p0Title: No specific title – but all titles by this artist
Artist: So la la – also known as Riko Solala
Genre: NSFW, Yuri

This is more of an artist recommendation that just one specific story – so yeah, read all of her stories please 😛

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Well, most of her stories might be super short, but they surely don’t skimp on their loveliness and how amazingly this art style compliments the stories. It simply manages to make the whole story look so soft and fluffy. I love it! It’s an especially nice trait for NSFW ones~

Unfortunately, however, there are only three stories translated so far, but there’s quite a few NicoMaki and even Akaga one’s we can look forward to!


27 thoughts on “Don’t Know What to Read Next? [Part 11]

  1. “Vampires and yuri, theme that works perfectly in my eyes.” – Same! Killing me! Is good, I Just don’t know what expect next. I will check the others anyway. More yuri yeaah!
    (Just discovered your blog days ago. Blessed day haha Keep the good work!).

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  2. Killing Me! is a fun, cute manga! Why does yuri and vampires go so well together? 😀 I always look forward to new releases of that manga and I know its a stretch but I have my fingers crossed for an anime! Hana Ni Arashi is a manga I bookmarked on Dynasty but have yet to get into but it sounds pretty nice from what I have seen of people’s reactions to it. Anything that rocks a Girl Friends vibe has got to be a sure hit right? 😀 Happy Nest was a fun read and a lot of it is because it really reminds me of some of my friends. So much deja vu reading that one and I liked it!

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    • “Why does yuri and vampires go so well together?” Why, such a question! The first vampire in literature, predating Dracula by 26 years, was Carmilla, protagonist of the novella of the same name. Carmilla is a lesbian huntress who seduces and bewitches Laura, the teenage narrator of the story, with the multiple purpose of winning her love, drinking her blood and taking her life — but of course fails and is defeated in the end (sigh, I would have liked it better if Laura had performed a redemption by love). Carmilla was so popular she became the prototype for a THRONG of lesbian vampires in later fiction, and that popularity still lives all over the world and up to this day. Japanese fiction is obviously not an exception.

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  3. On Angels and Devils I kind of gave up due to the bad translation, it just made it too hard to enjoy or understand it 😦

    Hana Ni Arashi is great for it’s staying focused on their relationship, it’s so great getting to watch their day to day interactions! It never occurred to me how similar it is to Girl Friends, but yeah, I do see it…could even be a fill in for the sparse third year we got 😀

    I like Killing Me with the back and forth between the two of them. Also the combination of action, comedy, and attraction is really working well here. Watching Saki slowly falling for Miyoko is just delightful 😛

    And a Nico top?! How often do we get that? Also, really liking the art in that 😀

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  4. I ended up dropping Miss Angel and Miss Devil exactly because of the translation, otherwise I think it would be a pretty fun series to keep up with. Hana ni Arashi is becoming a favorite of mine pretty quick, both characters are so fun and cute together and I love to read series where the girls are already in a relationship and working it out. I actually totally forgot to read Killing Me, so thanks for the reminder. Plus, more NicoMaki is always welcome.

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    • I can only repeat what I just said in the comment above, i know the translation of Miss Angel and Miss Devil is bad, but it can be worth if for just a few of these oh so satisfying moments between the characters that really don’t need any words to work their magic~

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  5. “Miss Angel and Miss Devil” is THE yuri to read this summer eventhough the translation can be bad sometimes… definitely give it a shot, it already joined my top 10 ^_^

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  6. Has anyone here read “Ashita, Kimi ni Aetara”?
    I found it randomly while browsing for mangas to read, it looked promising but hasn’t updated in a while and almost nobody ever heard of it.

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  7. I’m beyond excited to start Miss Angel and Miss Devil. I’m a sucker for fantasy/supernatural settings, and this one stole my heart as soon as I read the series summary. It’s definitely one of my must reads for the summer
    Has anyone else heard of Girl in the Birdcage? It’s a series that I’ve been reading recently that’s based in an art school. The MC is the top student of the school, and there’s a pretty interesting love triangle that develops between her, her best friend, and another student that she idolizes. It’s filled with a lot of drama, so I definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re into series like that.

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  8. Have you read “I Decided to Fake a Marriage with My Junior to Shut My Parents Up”? (Such a mouthful of a title.) It’s short but super cute and sweet.


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