A Quick Update

Disclaimer: This is a more personal kind of update, so if you’re only here for the yuri, you can skip this post.

Well, despite the little disclaimer up here, I still wanna share with you some small update on the blog as well.

As you know, our big List of Yuri Anime Kisses post keeps getting bigger. We keep improving the list everywhere we can and have added all your suggestions and even more. Every once in a while, if you’re on the hunt for more yuri kisses, you should check how the list grew~

Next up, just a heads up. One of our regular visitors that doesn’t want to be named here has offered some yuri-related items that they would, so to say, donate, to YuriReviews for a small giveaway. We’re still in the planning of how it will all play out, but just know that we’ll have another one ready in a bit.

blubbIn other news, I’d like to put up an apology to everyone who has contacted me lately and is still waiting for a reply or had to wait a long time for one.

As mentioned in the disclaimer, I’d like to use this post to keep those who are interested up-to-date with what has been happening lately and how this might have affected the blog and how it might affect it in the future.

At the beginning of July, I actually moved into a small apartment in the city that I’m working at. The move was really exhausting, and I’m still not really done. Maybe the busy moving schedule is part of the reason why everything seems so busy right now, but with the move there came a bigger change.

I was actually hoping the move would help me have more free time, since I was on the train to work for at least two hours every day. However, even though I’m now cutting down the travel time to less than half of what I was used to, I ended up staying at work later since I don’t have to worry about missing the train anymore, and when I get home, it’s first time to cook and clean before anything else can get done. Yes, I have been living with my family thus far, so most of the cleaning and cooking was already done by the time I got home – and yes, I know, took me long enough to move out. 😛

Anyway, life is busy right now, and even if I’ve been saying this for the past few years, I’ve realized that things don’t calm down, but with every new addition to your life it gets busier.

And now to make the transition on how this affects the blog, you might already be able to guess what it means, less time available for the blog.

Well, the problem right now might not only be less time available for writing for and maintaining the blog, but also for watching anime, reading manga, and finishing all the visual novels that have started to pile up. Of course, there’s Rock The Vogt, who really has been working his ass off for the blog, even though he might never want to admit it or hear me talk about it. (Don’t you dare delete this part mister!! :D)

But, yeah, I’m still trying to have a post ready every week, but sometimes it just doesn’t work, so instead of two posts a week, there might be some with only one or maybe even less than that, and I’m hoping that that’s okay, too.

And while what you, as the visitors and readers, think about the blog is important, over the past few years the goals I set for myself for the blog are important to me too. I want it to move forward, have content we can be proud of and have it be a spot for people to come and have a good time, either reading the articles or engaging in conversation with us all.

So we’ll be trying to keep up to date with our frequent Yuri News Updates, reviews of new shows and manga, as well as all the other posts YuriReviews is usually featuring.

If you guys wanna help out during these more busy times, we’re always welcoming guest reviews of any kind – be it reviews, recommendations, or simply topics related to the genre that you wanna talk about and share.

Or maybe you wanna share with us what you want us to talk about in the future, be it suggestions for a review, suggestions for a specific topic we can talk about, or maybe you want us to update one or more of our Top 10 lists.

Funny enough, writing this down right now actually makes me wanna do that. 😀

Anyway, any suggestion is helpful and much appreciated~


13 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Dont worry, when life gets in the way there is not much to do, just keep the pace that you feel most confortable with. I’ll still be around for a while to read whatever you guys post here. Wish you happiness on this new phase of your life, and remember….

    Yuri shall conquer the world!

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  2. Congrats on the new digs!
    Regardless of the new posting frequency, I think we all look forward to gathering around this warm inviting yuri camp fire and sharing what we can with each other. 😀

    Can’t wait to see what’s in the goodie box!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. no worries, youre always doing your best with the blog and it is always so warm and welcoming everytime i come and read a blog post, i always have fun reading the blog and reading the comments, i always love coming back everytime!

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  4. Take all the time you need Euroninja-chan. Your company will be missed but it is for the greater good. Whenever you have the time to stop by and share more yuri goodness with everyone we will all be waiting with open arms.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Such is the way of life. Not much to do but go with the flow. We all know what that can feel like but you do what you have to do and dont stress yourself out. We will all be here cheering you on eagerly awaiting your replies and posts, having things to share and comment on! Best of luck to you Lena and congratulations on moving to your new place! 🙂

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