Yuri Artist Review: Tamamusi

Tamamusi, or Tamamushi, is a yuri artist that has been around for quite some time and is probably known very well throughout the whole yuri community. Known and loved for her comedic yuri works, she made a name for herself, and not only for her more recent work Bright And Cheery Amnesia.

Back in the day, we mostly saw new works in form of her infamous original one-shots, which were usually heavy on comedy and involved all kinds of genres like age gap and high school love, and more often than not, they came with a focus on sexual elements as well. However, almost none of her works are full blown NSFW and rather feature some lighthearted ecchi content that is mostly tightly intertwined with the plot.

unripe fruit tamamusi yuri

What’s remarkable about quite a few of Tamamusi’s works is the fact that heavy and questionable content like a tutor sneakily making a move on a minor and talking said minor into sex, still without fail always ends up in a light and fun manner, so even if you might have frowned upon this topic a moment ago, you’ll probably be fine with it in her works. Or how about a minor who prostitutes herself in order to make money and then falls in love with, let’s call it “her last customer”? In fact, this work, namely Transient Dreams of Transient Things, might as well be one of my all-time favorites of hers, as it doesn’t only make me laugh but also makes me root for this weirdly unconventional pairing.

yuri swamp

Perfect depiction of what’s always going on in my head. 😛

Another thing I love about this artist is how she created what I think we might as well call “yuri comedy”. This is not just a comedy which involves two girls in love. What I’m talking about is using the yuri genre to create comedy. Some of her works featuring this “yuri comedy” feel like some kind of autobiography, or let’s say, a reflection of the author herself, like the panel above or the entire one-shot Melancholy of a Yuri Otaku Girl, which basically describes how a yuri fangirl tries to find like-minded people in her new school. And let’s not forget her infamous work I Saw Some Yuri. All of those are yuri comedy masterpieces!

melancholy of a yuri otaku girl tamamusi yuri

Basically an image of Tamamusi (in my head at least :P)

Like I already mentioned, I consider her short series Transient Dreams of Transient Things to be one of my personal favorites, but my number one work by her is undoubtedly Ikenai Hito, a story about a teacher falling in love with the mother of her delinquent student. Or how about something as simple as Fuyu no Shi, a short story simply about a girl who emits unnatural amounts of heat and her friend who even wants to stay close during the hot summer? They are all so endearing, despite the fact that they are mostly quite short.

Her most famous work right now must be Bright and Cherry Amnesia, something I personally consider comedy gold, especially the first few chapters. It’s true that the story and the jokes might get old after a while, but simply wait and give it a bit of time, then catch up on whatever you’ve missed, and it’ll be as great and funny as the first time you read it~

Last but not least, let’s also talk about Tamamusi’s art, and dear God did that change over the course of time. A few years ago, many if not most, of her stories looked like doodles. Her more recent works just stand out, with cute, detailed, and clean art. Here’s a quick comparison with an older drawing on the left and a more recent one on the right.

The only thing left to say is that I hope to see a lot more from this artist in the future, as her works have so far almost never failed to surprise and entertain me. I’m in love~

Stories: 8/10
Yuri: 10/10
Art: 8/10
Total Enjoyment: 9/10

supportive parents

Can’t get enough of this!


7 thoughts on “Yuri Artist Review: Tamamusi

  1. Tamamusi is one of the best yuri artists around. Her stories are always sweet and full of a lot of fun. Bright and Cheery amnesia is my favorite from her. I never get tired of seeing Arisa have a freak out over the smallest gesture of love Mari shows her! 😀 The yuri family and the story of the teacher+mother are also really good! A lot of her one shot images involving adult women are also really amazing. damn I can go on for hours talking about this author! I’m just wondering where our Bright and Cheery Amnesia anime is? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right?! It would make a perfect short anime, just like Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san!
      Though, seeing the current state of things, maybe we’ll be lucky and actually get just what we want 😀

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  2. Not gonna lie, I think about a Tamamusi work like every other day, they’re all SO GOOD. It’s amazing how well they hold up with rereads as well, the charm is just imbedded in the work I love it.

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  3. She is one of my favorite mangaka. Ikenai Hito is my personal favorite as well, although Company Girls is another great one, and I Saw Yuri is very funny (and very effectively mocks the purity trope). I love her sense of humor and her art, whether the doodles in the one shots or the more polished presentation of Bright and Cheerful Amnesia.


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