First Impression: Bloom Into You

Let’s start off this post by just saying the following: I wasn’t surprised.

The previews looked promising, the voice actresses they went with seemed pretty damn fitting, and the manga itself is already one of the best ones out there. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, they could have delivered some low-quality animation, given that many if not most yuri shows usually don’t have the budget to come with anything more than what we consider to be just “okay” visuals. But in this case, from what we’ve seen so far, that’s not quite it. Well, they didn’t deliver anything outstanding, but something solid, like what the previews promised us. In fact, I’m very pleased not only with the animation quality, but with the character design as well. They really made sure that the art style presented in the manga would shine through even in the anime, and I seriously love that.

bloom into you yuri anime

Furthermore, they could have also delivered something that is not quite Bloom Into You, as in a deviation from the source material that is just too big. But, as it seems, they are so far sticking very, very closely to what Nakatani Nio provided in the manga version. The atmosphere, or so to say, the feelings the manga and anime deliver are quite the same, and I just can’t help but appreciate the fact that an anime adaptation is able to evoke the same kind of feelings by the use of music, lighting, or the angles a scene is presented in. In short, this truly feels like Bloom Into You, and even the voice actors they chose for secondary characters are just spot on in my eyes.

The only thing I did struggle with a little is probably the presentation of Tokou’s confession at the end of the first episode. It’s an important key moment, and in my opinion, it gave off a different feeling than what was shown in the manga. It might be the different wording of the translations, since in the manga Tokou phrased her confession as follows, making it sound like a possibility.

bloom into you yuri manga

In the anime, however, it was translated as “I think I’m falling in love with you”, which more sounded like she already was. Then again, I don’t speak Japanese, so it might as well be the same words but translated differently. I know, the confession came just as fast in the anime as it came in the manga, and it’s true that the first episode needed this moment to get people interested in the story, but for me, it just came too fast. For those who’ve already read the manga, we know why Touko asked the questions she did before confessing and why it might feel like it came out of nowhere, knowing her past, but I just wish they made it more, let’s call it obvious, that she didn’t just fall in love with Yuu after talking to her like twice. Then again, I’m only judging this scene so harshly because it is literally one of the most important scenes of the whole show. and I just remember not being shocked, or let’s say, too surprised, by the sudden confession when reading the manga.

That’s everything negative I have to say, though.

Lastly, let’s also talk about the first kiss that happened in episode two. I said (or let’s say, predicted) something similar in the past while talking about the upcoming adaption with someone in the comments section. The kiss shows two things. First of all, it shows that they are not afraid to show what the manga is depicting, that being the actual display of love between girls that is not only presented to us by words alone, but also physically. That might have been obvious to some people, but you never know when it comes to this genre. Secondly, we also see that there’s no oversexualization happening. The scene is not dragged out, we don’t hear them randomly moan while doing so, and it actually is shown just as depicted in the manga: A short, but meaningful first kiss between two girls. Nothing more and nothing less. And that’s exactly what I like about it.

bloom into you yuri anime kiss

Now, what’s more to say than I’m ready for more?!


20 thoughts on “First Impression: Bloom Into You

  1. I’m pretty sure the difference between the manga and anime is indeed just a difference in translation in this case. I don’t remember what the exact line was in the manga, but I’m fairly confident it’s exactly the same as in the anime – basically saying something like “it seems like I may be starting to like you” if translated more literally. Both the manga translation and the anime one are perfectly acceptable translations though:)

    And yeah, the anime is really nice so far.

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    • Had a feeling this would be the case – The translation of the manga simply feels less heavy and well, like a possibility. Though, all in all it is the same meaning anyway.


  2. (I’m the same anonymous person who commented about this earlier) In case anyone is wondering, the japanese sentence uses “sou” which when put at the end of a sentence indicates something is likely to happen or appears to be a certain way. Tokou also uses the verb “naru” which means something like become. So what’s she’s saying is basically something like “It seems probable that/I think that I am becoming in a state of liking you” which is terrible english and definitely a worse translation than any of the previous ones mentioned. You obviously wouldn’t use the verb “become” with either “love” or “like” in english, and the whole “sou” thing is also hard to translate exactly.

    I personally feel like the anime translation(and the alternative translation Violet Moon mentioned) would be a bit closer to the original meaning, due to how the original sentence makes it seem likely that she indeed does feel something for Yuu. (I guess “I think I like/love you” would be another possible translation) but both translations get the point across, just in different ways


  3. So, I just watched the two episodes available. And as it turns out. I have definitely never read the manga. lol. 100% I have no idea what this is.

    So that being said its super interesting because I have no idea whats going to happen but I also completely don’t get it and it’s a little strange and blurgh they make love so fantasy like x.X

    Though really think I’m totally rooting for Nanami’s blonde friend! I ship the two best friends!! =D

    Though I like the voices and animation and I like how the writer or whoever showed so well how a small kiss meant so much and I was like… huh.

    Hm anyhow, excited to see what happens next. I guess =P

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  4. Back when I first read the manga I remember thinking that the confession came completely out of left field – it doesn’t make any sense at all until we get her backstory. I ended up dropping the manga quite some time ago, but I decided to give it another shot after the anime was announced (to see what all the fuss was about.) It’s much better the second time through, knowing what’s going on in her head and all. Still, it’s an odd situation; you need that scene as the hook but it makes no sense at first. Kind of wrote themselves into a corner there. You’re more bewildered than anything else.

    My biggest concern for the show however, is that it won’t be long enough. There’s pretty much nowhere to cut the story and have a satisfying conclusion, though the manga -could- do it in just one or two more chapters, as long as they don’t drag everything out for eons (which I suspect they will…) That’s still over 30 chapters though; maybe you could cut it down to a 2 cour with 26 episodes and make it work, but for a slow burn like this, will there be enough audience interest left after 13 episodes? I fear it may end up like Sasameki Koto – just fizzling out without going anywhere.

    Kind of funny – I worry that the show will be too short and end abruptly. Then I worry that the manga will be too long, if they’re unwilling to let their bestselling series end.

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    • Haha true 😀
      Well, I fear the anime just won’t find the right point to end this (first season). Well, to be honest, it’s been a while since I read the manga and I can’t really recall everything that happened so far. I just really hope they won’t need to rush though things to get where they wanna be, or worse even, leave out parts and rush to the ends immediately, making a second season impossible.


  5. I’ve been lurking for too long, waiting for the day that we can discuss Bloom Into You finally arriving.

    When manga are made into anime, I tend to just roll with what’s given to me. Compared to the Citrus adaptation, Bloom Into You hit a homerun. The artistic style is very similar to the manga, which I appreciate a lot. I was pleasantly surprised with the VAs, and I stayed away from any teaser clips and all that. What truly sold me though was the music. Throughout the first episode, every piece followed what Yuu was feeling. The atmosphere was great, and while I enjoy happy cliche school, having the more somber or melancholy music accompany Yuu when she doesn’t understand love just made it much more enjoyable for me, especially in episode 2.

    Since the manga is a thing, I’m watching more so to see the presentation. I only hope that the anime doesn’t cause any problems with the manga, cause with the way Citrus ended, I got some kind of rushed feeling and wasn’t very content with the ending. I definitely can’t say for sure if it affects the manga at all.

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    • It’s exactly that. I really can’t see where they will end this season and I fear that at some point we’ll just end up rushing through some events that would have been important to see “fully” in order to reach a satisfying conclusion…

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      • If they have plans for a second season, I could see ending this first one at the end of the play, where the tables turn, in a sense. Touko and Yuu grow tremendously, with Touko becoming a new self and Yuu realizing her feelings (for the most part). They could pretty much dangle a cliffhanger to those that haven’t read the manga.


  6. so far i really love the anime, i really love how close its following the manga and for me i think the pacing is just perfect! the music and the voice actors too are just perfect!!! this year really has been great!!! cant wait to see whats in store as the season goes on!

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