Poll – What Will The Next Yuri Tournament Be About?

attempt.pngFirst up, thanks for all of your help!

We were able to gather quite the number of suggestions for the upcoming Yuri Tournament that we would now like to list all of the choices that you’ll be deciding from.

Please note that we could not list all of your suggestions. Some we had to leave out, simply because they were either too specific, leaving us with a tiny pool of participants, or not specific enough, leaving us with too many choices to go with.

So in the end, we decided to go with the ones that we read most often and some others that we came up with.

You can now see the list of the participating tournament ideas below and vote for whatever ideas sound best to you. Multiple picks are possible here.

Also, I just feel like pointing this one out, since I simply liked the idea.

great idea

It’s a little harder to put together, but we’ll keep this in mind for the future~

For now, thank you all for taking part in this, and let’s see which one will make it. The poll will be up for about 2 weeks, so we hope we can get quite a few votes.

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy the tournament, and, of course, all the voting prior to it~


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