2018 Reader’s Choice Awards

2018 reader's choice yuri awards

Not too long ago, we gave you OUR choices for the best anime, manga, and visual novels of 2018, but this time, it’s YOUR turn to choose the winners.

Because some of the categories from our list are incredibly hard to narrow down to only a handful of nominees, we’ve left some of those categories out. Also, forgive us if the nominees skew towards anime. 😛


There are other shows like Tachibanakan Triangle that could have been nominated, but let’s be real, everyone knows it’s a three horse race.


Unlike the Best Yuri Anime award, there are A LOT of possible nominees for Best Yuri Manga, so we had the unenviable task of narrowing down the potential nominees, but we just gave up and decided this award should have more nominees than the others.

And this doesn’t even take into account manhwa! Admittedly, we’re probably not as up-to-date on current manhwa as we should be, so forgive us for not including as many as we probably should have. 😛


It seems like there weren’t as many major releases as we’ve had in years past, but at the same time, we didn’t think it was fair to include “upgraded” releases like Highway Blossoms Remastered, so there are only a few nominees to choose from.


This is another category where there were a pretty good number of potential choices, but the ones that stood out the most to us mostly came from the big three shows. And then there were another two that were just so over-the-top that we felt like we had to include them.


These four were no-brainers, but that doesn’t make the pick any easier.


Since some of these pairings have so many kisses to choose from, it might be better for us to simply nominate one kiss from each of them, with the kiss shown representing all of the their kisses. 😛


We all know that the pure yuri shows are worth the price of admission, but what about those shows that aren’t quite pure yuri but still have a good amount of yuri? This award is for shows like that.


Actual couples are great, but unfortunately, most anime don’t take things that far. Still, there are a lot of pairings in anime that may not be official, but they’re the next best thing.


This seemed like a fun category to have, but there simply aren’t a ton of good options to choose from. At least two psychos came to mind, even if they couldn’t be more different. 


This is a returning category from our 2013 Yuri Awards, and it’s for those unfortunate girls who’ve had to overcome a lot…

We hope we didn’t forget about too many things, and we’re looking forward to revealing the winners next week~


24 thoughts on “2018 Reader’s Choice Awards

      • Honestly, I don’t think Mei forcing herself onto Yuzu is a good representation of that pairing, because it isn’t romantic in the slightest. Mei is reenacting the abuse she suffered onto Yuzu to take control of her. It’s better to show how Yuzu and Mei have elevated themselves from these problematic behaviors, and their mutual, wholesome kiss in episode 6 is a perfect representation of that, especially considering it’s the point where Mei finally has legitimate romantic feelings for Yuzu.


  1. So many good choices for each category! So many difficult decisions to make! 😀 What I chose is a total mishmash of almost everything this year had to offer in terms of yuri. All of the anime and manga are winners in my book though 😛

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  2. It should be obvious that Aya is the Most Suffering Yuri character, but I don’t know about you guys. I mean, the summary for that anime gives it all away.


  3. Tough picks for me, as this year we’ve had two modern day classic Yuri Anime’s in Bloom Into You and Asagao to Kase-San, both beautiful made and told and both play with the heart strings. Shame Asagao to Kase-San was a one off, that deserves a full series. Bloom into You was always going to be awesome, as long as they didn’t mess with the source material and they didn’t thank god. Any other year these two would have ran way with the awards.

    Citrus, was a solid anime. It did begin to falter a bit near the end. But the first few episodes are great and if we don’t get a second season at least they ended it on a positive note.

    For my favorite Yuri Manga this year, only one winner for me that’s Blooming Sequence. Both the main characters are so damn likeable, and I like how slow it takes it for them to get together. The side characters are every bit as interesting as the two leads.Although I have a feeling the author is probably going to go for the ex Girlfriend been the one to get the girl in the end not Seowoo.

    Special mentions for Lily Love 2, not a great as the first story but still good. Lily Marble (love the tomboy and older woman storyline), A Love Letter From Marching puppy is really sweet. Fusoroi no Renri, although flawed (the whole abuser subplot done and dropped without too much fuss in a chapter or two) the central couple are rather sweet.

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    • It’s interesting seeing that so many people love Blooming Sequence.
      In my opinion it started out really great, but then I lost interest a little by the time the two were actually going out with each other.

      Gotta pick up where I left off I think 😛

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  4. For me, Bloom Into You, Asagao to Kase-San and Blooming Sequence are the only things that have classic Yuri written all over them. I be saddened if they don’t walk away with awards. Especially Kase-san which could go down as one of the greatest one off anime’s ever.

    Citrus anime, was enjoyable but flawed especially the last few episodes. Lily Marble and Lily Love 2 were very solid, I expected more from sequel to Lily Love as both of the characters were enjoyable side characters in the first one. Fusoroi No Renri is enjoyable, but I didn’t like the slight dark turn with one of the story arcs then which was quickly dropped. A Love Letter From the Marching Puppy is really sweet.

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  5. Bloom Into You might take every category except “suffering yuri character”, because Subaru Natsuki suffers enough to take that prize too 😛

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