Guest Review: Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! – by NotATsun

Spoiler Warning!

news_G6mmEGczLC6E2QsUchi no Maid ga Usazugiru! is an extremely yuri-filled anime that is quite hard to forget… even if you may want to…

Synopsis: A Russian second grade girl by the name of Misha Takanashi has recently lost her mother and now lives with only her father. In order to get some help around the house he hires a maid, Tsubame Kamoi, a former Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Officer. This comedy revolves around Kamoi, a hardcore lolicon who devotes the rest of her life to becoming closer to Misha who constantly tries to fight against Kamoi’s overbearing affection.

To be honest, I don’t know where to begin or how… so I guess let’s start with that. Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! is by far one of the most bizarre yuri anime I have ever seen. Although it can be very funny watching a rough, intensely muscular, unforgiving alpha-dog type officer with an eye patch turn into a creepy lolicon whose nose bleeds every time she sees a much too young girl in a frilly dress… at many times it is just too much for me to swallow.

There is age gap, sure, but this anime is on a whole different level 😀 Somehow I can move past the stalking, the weird obsessions, like collecting Misha’s hair, and her constant attempts to marry this second grade girl- only because that is as far as the anime goes in the yuri aspect. There is no doubt you will think time and again, “This woman needs to be locked up,” but at the end of the day she really does truly care for Misha, helps her recover from the pain of losing her mother, and more importantly never crosses any physical boundaries.


Now, just when I thought this anime couldn’t get any stranger, another layer of “troubled personality” drops into the plot – Another former officer by the name of Midori Ukai quits her job and temporarily becomes another maid at the Takanashi household in order to be close to her true love, Tsubame. This is one interesting love triangle now, right?

To top it all off, Midori is extremely masochistic, which actually makes the anime extremely hilarious to me. I always found myself just laughing at all of the insane moments of obsessing over Tsubame, who rejects her, yells at her, and insults her – all of which only turns Midori on even more… It’s really a kick. And I can only repeat myself over and over while shaking my head and laughing, “This is seriously so ridiculous.” And she thus earned the spot of my favorite character in the anime.

One of the best episodes has to be when we are first introduced to Midori and she tells a story of her past with Tsubame. At Self-Defense Force she was in charge of training military canine. It took her years of work but when Tsubame was transferred to her unit and put in charge, the canine stopped listening to Midori and instead only to Tsubame. Now instead of getting upset about this, she falls in love with Tsubame and literally becomes a dog herself. See example below 😀


Now, let’s get somewhat technical. The animation is nothing to be excited over, but it does not look bad at all, I’m actually quite surprised at how good it is for a comedy and it makes me wonder what kind of a budget they had for this. The same can be said for the music. There is not much to say except you will HAVE to get used to the horrifying and ear-wrenching loop that comes on every time something borderline illegal/ actually illegal happens – because you will be hearing it a lot :P.

Overall, the anime is interesting, to say the least. The story and plot are complete fluff, but if you enjoy dark humor then I highly recommend it. And if you are like me, the introductory disgust will lessen after a couple episodes and you’ll end up laughing it up every time Tsubame professes her love to Misha during some weird situation… like fighting a bear.

Now to wrap it up:

Story: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Animation: 7.5/10
Sound: 6/10
Yuri: 8/10
Ridiculousness: 10/10


6 thoughts on “Guest Review: Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! – by NotATsun

  1. I did get really annoyed when I saw the synopsis for this at first. Can we please, pleaseee, have yuri with characters who are the same age? But reading your review, we’ll it doesn’t sound that harmful. Still, I don’t think I could enjoy this kind of humor. But maybe one day I’ll try it to experience the ridiculousness of it all!


    • Oh trust me, I totally get that. I would much much rather have characters of the same age… or at the very least OF age! It was harmless, but again, hard to swallow at first, definitely took me some time. lol

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  2. Nice review!
    Overall a pretty good comedy, and it did it’s best to keep it up by throwing all kinds of wackiness at you throughout. My favorite was Kumagoro, a solid performance! 😛
    And it ended on a really nice note with that touching and cute final episode 😀

    Now this is a sentiment I can get behind:

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    • Haha thanks, I was a little nervous.. this is Lena’s thing not mine! =P
      Kumagoro and especially the little hamsters <333

      Also, this is a great life quote, from now until forever! =D

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