Yuri Manhwa Review: Lily Love 2 ~Frosty Jewel~

Spoiler Warning!

lily love 2 frosty jewel yuri manhwa manga

Title: Lily Love 2 ~Frosty Jewel~
Artist: Ratana Satis
Status: Ongoing (30 Chapters)
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Since I felt like I needed more Ratana Satis in my life and seeing that Pulse is still is one of my all-time favorites, I decided to finally give Lily Love 2 ~Frosty Jewel~ a chance.

Despite the name, I was first surprised to see characters from the first Lily Love make a return, but what surprised me even more was the character choices they went with. Of course, you could say that Ploy and Ice were the obvious candidates, since they had some… let’s call it “special moments” in the first Lily Love. Still, to me, it felt like a rather big surprise, especially since Ploy probably wasn’t a fan favorite, due to her actions in the first manhwa series.

Lily Love 2 now focuses on how Ploy—daughter of a famous businessman who owns a prestigious hotel chain—manages in her new position as a higher-up in said hotel chain, and Ice, as the poor, little intern who has to work as basically a slave, or in other words, Ploy’s assistant.

lily love 2 frosty jewel ploy ice
Ploy (left) and Ice (right)

Either I don’t remember, or we actually didn’t get the information in the previous work, but seeing that Ploy is pretty much filthy rich came as a surprise to me, too. Though, it kind of fit the image of her that was already created in the first Lily Love. Now, adding Ice, who I previously didn’t even remember much in the first place, into the mix, it worked surprisingly well. The chemistry of the two characters is outstanding in a quite weird and sometimes even alarming way. They basically start out with Ice more or less despising Ploy for her obvious manipulative ways of making her her assistant her little slave, forcing Ice to do all of her work and dragging her into pretty much anything she pleases.

Of course, Ice isn’t too thrilled about that, and we can see how she constantly expresses her hate towards Ploy, but she does what is asked of her anyway, no matter how absurd. Throw in some inappropriate moments with Ploy at times undressing in front of Ice or simply teasing her for her own entertainment, and we surprisingly witness that despite the fact that Ice might hate how she’s being toyed with, she secretly enjoys the attention, too.

lily love 2 frosty jewel ploy ice
Totally wasn’t Ploy’s plan to change in front of her little slave girl… 😛

It’s a rather interesting relationship, and while it at times seems like quite the one-sided game Ploy is playing there, Ice has her moments of dominance as well, pretty much underlining the already quite obvious interest Ice has shown in her “captor”.

Now, while the main part of the story—that being that relationship between Ploy and Ice—is both interesting and fun to follow, the whole background story often times isn’t quite as much. We’re introduced to staff members of the hotel, family members of Ploy, as well as basically life in a hotel business in general. That last one especially plays a very big role and often times feels dragged out and boring compared to the exciting development of Ice and Ploy’s blossoming relationship. It’s already a known fact that I would sacrifice story in exchange for any yuri moments, really, so I guess it’s not that unexpected to see me not enjoying things, when those yuri moments are not in focus.

However, I have to say that I’m very pleased with the (so far) absence of any major drama. Ratana Satis is pretty much known for spicing stories up by adding some intense, and in my eyes, sometimes way over-the-top drama, like a little kidnapping here and there, or how about some “almost-death scenes”? So far, none of that happened, and I’m glad about that. But then again, I feel like this one will have quite a few more chapters, and there probably will be more drama. Let’s just hope it’s not as over the top as what we’re used to seeing from her.

lily love 2 frosty jewel ploy ice yuri manhwa

Speaking of typical Ratana Satis features, sex scenes seem to be popping up at a constant pace in this one as well, and we even start out with one in the very first chapter. Given that there’s not many more to come from that point on until later chapters, I guess that was a must, but it’s a pretty good start into the whole story, anyway.

As always, I have nothing to complain about when it comes to this. The sex scenes are just as well-done as we’d expect them to be, considering who the artist is. Surprisingly, however, we haven’t yet gotten any of the infamous dirty talk seen in her previous work, Pulse. 😛

Well, I guess the story is still far from over, which is a good thing, since while the blossoming relationship between Ploy and Ice might be interesting to follow, I feel like there’s still much more that needs to happen between them to get them to a level like Donut x Mew or Mel x Lynn. With that said, I have high hopes for this one to turn out pretty great. I’m also hoping to see some more of Donut, and hopefully even Mew, in the future. Maybe even a single chapter in-between just featuring them~

Story: 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Art: 8.5/10



15 thoughts on “Yuri Manhwa Review: Lily Love 2 ~Frosty Jewel~

  1. I’m really liking it so far myself. The charas are very interesting are distinct. With that said, the drama that is noe about to start seems pretty dumb, but we’ll just have to wait and see how much it’s dragged out. I’m very interested in Mook and black-haired-girl’s relationship, too. Considering both of them are great charas too and I hope Mook finally snaps some day because her mother is shit.

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  2. I’m liking this one just fine, but just not as much as the first Lily Love, and it’s probably for the parts you find boring too. Somehow the multiple chapters that cover ‘Introduction to Hotel Management 101’ kind of made my eyes glaze over. 😛
    The relationship parts however are really good when the focus is on the two of them! Especially the steamy sex scenes – no complaints there! 😀
    Speaking of relationships, it was interesting to get the back story of Ploy and Mew (starts at chapter 14 page 12). I guess what was surprising was how unexpectedly shallow Mew turned out to be once she found out that Ploy had slept with other guys, and as a consequence, the slow deterioration of their relationship afterwards. It’s the fact that Ploy blames herself for all that happened that kind of saddens me.
    Thank goodness Ice is there to talk some sense into Ploy though, and also set the foundation of a solid relationship start for the two of them 😀
    So, so far so good, and I’m looking forward to see where they go!

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    • I know right? The backstory between Ploy and Mew made me quite disappointed with Mew. Her little bubble being shattered just because Ploy had slept with other people, before they were in a relationship anyway, just seemed odd and shallow.

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    • I agree I just prefer LL 1 as Donut and Mew were just so likeable and the romance between them was so sweet. I think Ploy is perfect in a side role but Ice is a great character. Also LL 1 just flowed a lot better as well. I think LL 2 suffers from going off Ploy and Ice and moving into a storyline with Ploy’s step sister and her budding Lesbian romance.

      But overall LL 2 is still a good follow up overall so far.

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  3. When I read this review of LL2 by Lena K., I was puzzled. Since discovering Lena K. and this blog, I have been following the reviews, and I find that everything recommended, I also have liked and enjoyed with some very close agreement. So when I read that LL2 was about a (Ploy x Ice) pairing, I found the recommendation difficult to believe. That lying Weasel Ploy with my best girl Ice who is BFF to just about everyone? I mean what’s this slave girl Ice all about, shades of the Pulse Hospital Administrator! Gag me with a spoon!

    But Ms Satis has done a very fine deed here. She has taken an apparently very shallow character in Ploy, and then drilled down into her, like peeling back layers of an onion. We learn more and more about Ploy and how she came to be the person she is right now as of CH38. And this discovery process mirrors reality. The more we learn about another, the more we find, sometimes bad discovery, but also sometimes good discovery. We have misjudged a person without really knowing them initially.

    And this reader has done a sudden 180 degree turnabout, and may in fact be falling in love with Miss Ploy. I now really like her, even if I would not trust her yet. She indeed cares about Mook, although it is still unclear to us and to Ice what her true feelings are towards Miss Ice.
    I would not have otherwise read LL2, but only because Lena K. recommended LL2 did I get into it, and now I must say, I will never again doubt Lena K. LL2 is wonderfully complex and highly interwoven with crisscrossing relationships of all orientations and persuasions.

    I am finding that LL2 is even better than LL1.

    Ms Satis’s art is exceptionally beautiful, and while I am not a big fan of graphic bedroom scenes, which are usually tawdry, sleazy, leering, and basically pornographic, (certainly because of their random insertions into these types of stories in order to sensationalize)! I must say that Ms Satis’s art rises to Art, and beautiful art for all that. Her scenes of Ploy and Ice making love, reads like a love story. They are beautiful, and romantic, and also very erotic with no hint of perversion or pornography.

    But as Ice is asking herself, and also the readers might be asking, what is the meaning of all this? What are Ploy’s true feelings towards Ice? Is this just a one-of, a trivial one night stand? Ch38 ends with this open question, and I am hooked now. Cannot wait for the rest of the story.

    But there is one point of difference that I have with both Lena K. and shadesan, and that is Ploy’s
    backstory. I cannot take this story as literal canon.

    First off, this is Ploy’s story told to Ice, and there is no second party corroboration to any of the details of this story. Absolute factual Truth? Very large exaggeration? Outright lie?

    Ploy has been teasing Ice ever since they met in LL1, and Ploy knows that Ice really responds
    emotionally to her. When she employs Ice as her personal assistant, she begins a very heavy
    courtship/seduction of Ice. And this is both good and bad.

    What looked like a relationship that was going to damage Ice, we find that Ploy is not into dominance and submission. She is not an elitist or looks down on others. She is quite an egalitarian, and is fine with allowing Ice to lead, which Ice does. Also both in LL1 and LL2, Ploy is never mean. She teases, and she certainly lies, but she does not hurt others the way Mew’s Father, or Ploy’s Step-mother in fact do so. (If I have to go through one more
    scene with that Father, I think I will scream)

    There is reason to question Ploy’s story. The picture of Mew in LL1 and the picture of Mew in Ploy’s story do not seem to be the same person. The Mew told by Ploy is unjustifiably judgmental on moral grounds, where the Mew in LL1 is not judgmental, and in fact tells Donut not to be jealous of Ploy because of the past (LL1, CH16.6), and yet in the back story, Mew is exactly that.

    Also if you examine Ploy’s story, there are a number of inconsistencies. “Liars should have a good memory” is a very ancient saying, and true. But as Ploy tells the story, many of that story’s elements are inconsistent, and outright contradictions. If she is lying, then that would explain why all the elements do not mesh.

    And in fact we know that Ploy does lie, and big ones at that.

    For example, the comedy element in Lily Love 1 where Ploy comes running in desperation to Mew to protect her from her dangerous, psychopathic boyfriend who is out to hurt her. That is what Mew is lead to believe by Ploy, and that is what the readers believe. Well its all a lie.

    The boyfriend is just mad at Ploy, probably justifiably, and when he realizes he has kidnapped the
    wrong girl, he is embarrassed, and apologetic to the extreme, and when Mew finds him, she just beats him down. Some dangerous psychopath!

    Ploy was lying to get between Mew and Donut, and attempt to break them apart in her controlling way. And Mew readily accepts her back into her life! Ploy enjoys playing with people and jerking their chains. Its a fun game to her, and as Yuzu says to Matsuri, “Relationships are not games!”

    This character quirk of Ploy, is rather constant, and leads Ice to question Ploy’s intentions.
    And in stories, as Koyomi says, “Its hard to write stories about characters without any kinks.” and that is very true. Ploy abounds in kinks, but that is what endears her, and draws out the sympathy of Ice and of the readers to this story.

    Because of Lena K’s review, I am into LL2 big time, and am excited to read more about Ploy who has become, certainly, the Most Interesting Girl in both LL1 and LL2.

    Like Chitanda says, “I’m curious!”

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    • I also admire the ‘bedroom scenes’ she draws, they are never rushed, and so gorgeous and steamy at the same time! 😀

      I find your idea that Ploy’s backstory about her and Mew might be fabrication an interesting one. To say that the way she portrays herself as ‘oh so innocent’ and Mew as highly judgemental is really jarring to the reader – have to agree with you there. But with LL1 it felt like Ploy had finally turned a page and in the face of accepting Mew and Donut as a couple, that the lying and manipulating was something she might finally put behind her.
      And let’s face it, if she really did lie to Ice about this story and it gets found out (it always does), then there will be heck to pay, as Ice would take that as a major violation of the trust and understanding they had built from then to now. I am not so sure Ploy would risk that…
      In the end it might just be that Ratana wrote that backstory like that to fit the mood for the current story. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      • When I started reading your comment I was getting ready for some harsh criticism on how this one would turn out the first of my recommendations that you don’t agree on.
        But, as it turns out, I guess this is love at second glance for you, huh? 😀
        I’m happy I could recommend you something that now has such a big impact on you and your analysis of the characters is pretty great too!

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  4. Say you go to lunch with your good friends, but your BFF is not there
    for some reason. Well, suddenly, in she comes rushingly, and you
    notice she is wearing a new outfit. Your first thought is,
    “That is the ugliest outfit I have ever seen!”. Your BFF apologizes
    profusely for being late, but she says she was out shopping and she
    bought this wonderful new outfit, that she just loves to pieces.
    And as she sits down next to you, she asks, “What do you think of my
    new outfit?”.

    There is only one true answer here. Truth is one, but lies are many.
    What do you say to her? Do you beg the question? Well, trying to
    change the subject is obvious to your BFF. You do not want to hurt her
    feelings in any way. You love her and would never hurt her. So once
    again, what do you say? If you say what you think truly, you will say,
    “That is the ugliest outfit I have ever seen!” I would be willing to
    guess that you would never say that, and you would not ignore the
    question. You would do what we all do. We would lie.

    We even have a category for these types of lies. We call them
    “White Lies”. There is no intention to hurt or harm the other. In
    fact, we lie like this to protect the feels of the other. We also
    white lie to protect our own selves from something which is
    embarrassing, and we don’t want to talk about. We also white lie to
    gain affection or sympathy from someone. This is why stories get
    highly embellished as they are told or retold. We juice the story to
    make it more interesting. That is how we end up with Myths, some of
    the greatest stories ever told.

    I read Ploy’s back story in this fashion. Ploy is seeking the
    affection of Ice. So Ploy tells a story that is designed to capture
    the sympathy of Ice. That it’s a lie, does not make this evil in any
    way and in my reading, I see no reason why Ice would be shocked that
    Ploy fudged a story. As I said in my original post, there are numerous
    inconsistencies in this back story. I will pick just one.

    Ploy says she was embarrassed being nude in front of Mew, another
    girl. Is Ploy ever embarrassed about anything in LL? That is hard to
    play. Ploy also says that she had been nude with many boys before Mew.
    Humm, shy about another girl, but bold with boys? She even goes to Het
    clubs to be the center of attention of all the pretty boys, and she is
    vibrant, charismatic, and usually the center of attention. She is
    shown several times in these clubs to be the actual center surrounded
    by pretty boys. She will select a pretty boy and take him home with

    In her back story, she says that Mew barges into her condo, while she
    is alone with a pretty boy on the couch. Her explanation is that this
    saved her from a fate worse than death, the implication being that
    she was about to be assaulted?. Well what did she do all the other
    times she took a pretty boy home with her? Why does a girl pickup a
    pretty boy at a party and take him home with her, certainly not to
    study the bible together. Yes indeed, the truth be told, to make like
    the three toed Aardvark.

    Because of her life style, she tells Ice that she has substantial
    negative self-worth. Nowhere in the larger story is Ploy ever shown to
    have anything less than the highest amount of self-worth, and she is
    never shy or embarrassed about anything. I mean she strips in front of
    Ice, she invites Ice into her dressing room to watch her change
    clothes, she is always sure to be the center of attention. Yet in her
    story, she is shy, embarrassed, and a victim?

    There are many other inconsistencies in Ploy’s back story that do not
    jell, even within the back story itself! One could make a long list
    of these factoids.But what is most telling, is what happens in LL2
    after Ploy tells her story to Ice. Ploy rushes out, and Ice follows,
    where she gets into a long lecture to Ploy, even pinning her to the
    wall which seems to be a standard Yuri trope. Ice says,

    “In fact, you telling me that story made me admire you even MORE.”
    The word “more” is emphasized in the English text. (no access to the
    original text) LL2, 16.16 Ice to Ploy

    It is clear that Ploy has gained the sympathy of Ice because of the
    story, and now like a baited fish, Ploy intends to reel her in and
    Ploy responds.

    “I guess you really do care after all.” LL2, 16.18 Ploy to Ice
    While Ploy speaks this line, one needs to look at the picture here,
    bottom, lower right. Ploy’s face glazes over, and suddenly Ploy has
    bedroom eyes, with a tightly pursed set of lips, which almost forms
    a wry smile.

    This could be read many ways from Sunday. I read it, that her story
    has been successful, she has Ice’s feels on the line reeling in, and
    she is about to take possession. Ploy makes a move on Ice to kiss her,
    but the moment is broken by Mook’s phone call.

    The back story is a fabrication to some degree of untruth, whose
    intent is seduction, i.e. I want Ice to feel for me, to care for me,
    to love me (after all, it is all about me). The move makes the back
    story very clear as to intent, the back story is Ploy’s ploy in order
    to melt Ice’s ice. (I am sorry about that, I could not resist!)

    I love Ploy! She is best girl in LL2 followed closely by Ice. She is
    flawed, but that is precisely what makes her such a great character.
    And she is certainly fun to be with as a good buddy.

    And in the end at CH38, both Ice and the readers of LL2 have the same
    question, what is the intent of Ploy towards Ice? How serious is Ploy?
    Does Ploy care long term for Ice in the way that she cares for

    Stay tuned. I have swallowed the bait, and Ms Satis is reeling me in.

    (I promise that this is the last time I will comment here. I do not
    wish to be argumentative or trollish. I will wait until LL2 is
    complete and Lena K. writes the final review before opening mouth
    again and putting foot into it.)

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    • No worries! If anything you really thought this out, and present a very convincing case for the backstory being a lie for the purposes of manipulating Ice. It doesn’t come across as trollish at all, and if anything a good argument is worth the fight. 😀

      I have to admit you’ve pretty much won me over to your side. If for no other reason that it’s just not a consistent way Mew would act at all. Probably the only true part of that story is getting caught by Mew in the act of fooling around. 😦

      With the current developments we can only wait and see just what the two of them are going to do, but Ploy certainly seems set to take a bullet for Mook. Now that we have that drama point let’s see how Ratana is going to spin this one. 😛

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      • Well, Lily Love 2 is complete as you saw, and it was a very fun ride. Better than LL1. Ploy turned out to be one very interesting character. Surely a lying Weasel but even Weasels have hearts. Ploy never could tell Ice that she loved her, but it ends with love and that makes all the difference. Only minor complaint is that the ending felt rushed, but certainly not as bad as Citrus. I suspect that the manga publishing houses must step in and tell the artists “time to end it” or something like that. If you have insider info, would be interesting to know how it works.
        All in all a very enjoyable, loving story. And even the mother and father turned the love dial up. What’s not to like?

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        • It was really good, but the end of LL2 was a bit predictable, the beginning a bit plodding, and there wasn’t the big fluffy ending that LL1 had. So I guess I liked LL1 better overall.
          Donut and Mew are just more my kind of couple I guess 😀

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          • Yes I could run with predictable for the LL2 ending. Kinda what was meant by rushed. Ms Ratana Satis neatly wraps up all her plot points and everyone lives happily ever after. For me Mew was so male (beats up two guys) and Donut so girly. I like bad boys/girls in a story, especially when they show change towards the good side of the force, the way Ploy sort of blossomed under Ice. And you are right about the fluffy ending to LL1 being better than LL2. Sure looks like the publishing houses step in and tell the mangaka to wrap it up. Would like to know how that works in practice.

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