My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Characters [Updated]

Oh man, it’s been a while since I made one of these. Well, instead of posting an all-new Top 10 list, I thought about updating all my existing ones, starting with my Top 10 Favorite Yuri Characters. As it turns out, quite a few of my picks from years ago still stay in my Top 10. However, there are quite a few newcomers as well. I hope you enjoy, and if you feel like it, leave your own Top 10 in the comments~

10. Shizuma Hanazono (Strawberry Panic)
shizuma strawberry panic

The award for the hottest lady-killer definitely goes to Shizuma. And even though I absolutely can’t stand people who play with the feelings of others, I can’t really get myself to dislike her. Also, it’s thanks to her that we got to see so many yuri kisses, or at least all these great moments in which kisses almost happened.

9. Shizuru Fujino (Mai-HiME)

shizuru mai-hime
Best Shizuru fanart ever~

So, apparently, Shizuru is a big tease, a lady-killer and… um, a little crazy? But the hell with it. Who cares! Just look at her!

8. Korra (Legend of Korra)korra the legend of korra

I actually wasn’t too thrilled with her, when I first watched The Legend of Korra. I guess I needed some time to warm up to her, but oh boy, when I did, I fell in love! It’s funny how you could say that the same thing actually happened to Asami. 😛

I guess there’s not that many people who could resist such a strong and kind-hearted dork.

7. Eris Kirishima (Sono Hanabira)
eris kirishima sono hanabira

I had some difficulties deciding whether to go with Shizuku or Eris, but in the end, I decided for the foreign beauty instead of the Japanese cutie. Also, I believe that Eris would make one of the greatest girlfriends ever. She’s cute, loving, sexy, and best of all, I believe that she’s pretty fun to be around~

Well, I’m gonna leave out the fact that she’s a huge pervert, so you can decide for yourself whether this is a good or a bad thing. 😉

6. Hyewon Suh (Moonlight Garden)hyewon suh moonlight garden

I think this one is a manhwa that’s surprisingly overlooked, and I can’t quite understand why. The characters are gorgeous, the story is compelling, and there’s enough yuri to drown in.

On top of it all, we see some great character development. We see Hyewon go from indifferent and cynic bully to loving, caring, and sweet protector, in the course of this amazing work. I guess I love the fact that I could witness a character I more or less hated in the beginning becoming one that I couldn’t help but actually fall in love with.

I guess she just needed to meet (and fall in love with) the right person, and she sure did~

5. Mel (Pulse)mel pulse yuri ratana satis

Speaking of great character development, we can’t forget Mel – a highly respected heart surgeon, a breathtaking beauty, but most importantly, a highly successful seductress.

Now seeing this seductress, who so relentlessly denied believing in love, fall head over heels for and finally love so earnestly and unconditionally, is a true joy. Well, to be honest, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to see players like her develop such strong feelings for someone and eventually change their lifestyle. So needless to say, her story was nothing but a feast for me~

4. Homura Akemi (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
homura mahou shoujo madoka magica

Isn’t it a huge plus that Akemi can be both the cute, clumsy girl who is really awkward around others, and also a total badass who doesn’t show any emotions and acts totally aloof?

For some reason, I’m a fan of both sides, because this way, she’s one of the few characters that I can call both cute and cool.

3. Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
fate testarossa magical girl lyrical nanoha

I know, we can’t be sure whether Fate really is in love or in a relationship with Nanoha, but in this case, I’m going to ignore that and list her anyway, simply because I’m totally in love with her.

She’s probably the most caring, gentle, and kindhearted character ever, and the fact that she is voiced by one of my favorite seiyuus, Nana Mizuki, makes her even more awesome than she already is~

2. Yuzu Aihara (Citrus)

yuzu aihara citrus yuri anime
That’s the face she makes after learning that she didn’t make it number one.

I guess longtime visitors already know that I’m a big fan of Yuzu and Citrus in general. On many, many occasions, I have let loose my inner Yuzu fangirl and went berserk, fangirling hard on YuriReviews and elsewhere, too.

Well, this is no different. Yuzu simply is one of the greatest yuri characters of all-time, with her bubbly and cute personality, her beautiful looks, and most importantly, her undying determination to get the girl. You go Yuzu, nothing can stop you!

1. Chikane Himemiya (Kannazuki no Miko)

chikane himemiya kannazuki no miko

I think every yuri fan that has watched Kannazuki no Miko has already fallen in love with this girl. She’s not only a total beauty, but she’s also kind, caring, and simply the perfect girlfriend in general.

Also, I think that her jealous side makes her even more precious~

In short, Himeko is one lucky, lucky girl to have someone like this chasing after her.

As honorable mentions, I’d like to list a few characters that came very close, but unfortunately couldn’t make it into the list.

Touko and Sayaka (Bloom Into You)

Toshino Kyouko (Yuru Yuri)

Tracer (Overwatch)


35 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Characters [Updated]

  1. Oh, man, top 10s are difficult. But I can go with a top 6, in no particular order
    Touko – BiY
    Yamada – Kase-san
    Mel – Pulse
    Ano – Kindred Spirits
    Suoh – Flowers
    Kyouko – Yuru Yuri

    Funny enough I like Fate alot more because of the doujins. Mekimeki specially writes a hilarious Fate.

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    • “The main character”? Well, Himeko and Chikane are both the main characters, but that aside, Chikane did sexually assault Himeko. It makes her character easy to hate, but I tend to like the ones everybody hates haha.


  2. Squee! Awesome post!! I don’t know my top 10 fave yuri characters yet, but of the ones you mentioned, I love Chikane, Shizuma <3, of course Korra, and Homura. Since you brought them up, I also am a big fan of Sayaka from Bloom into You, and from Yuru Yuri, my favorite is Chinatsu. 🙂 Any ideas for a first blog post about yuri / shoujo ai?

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  3. My short list:
    1. Sato Sei from Maria-sama ga Miteru is an absolute legend
    2. Aihara Yuri from Citrus is such a pure doofus
    3. Utena from RGU has all the style
    4. Nanachi from Made In Abyss is a fluffy boss
    5. The adult couple from Bloom Into You are a delight

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  4. Wohoo, another top 10! And Chikane Himemiya is #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 It always puts a smile on my face when Chikane and/or Himeko make into the top 10 of lists like these but seeing Chikane at the top spot is just the best! Glad to see Shizuma in your top 10 too even if it is at spot #10 😛

    As for my top 10 the list goes like this:

    10. Asuka(Nurse Love Addiction)
    9. Yuzu(Citrus)
    8. Yaya(Strawberry Panic)
    7. Kasumi(Valkyrie Drive)
    6. Hazuki(Yamibo)
    5. Mai/Kaede(Sono Hanabira)-I just coulnd’t pick one over the other so a tie! 😛
    4. Nagisa(Strawberry Panic)
    3. Suoh(Flowers)
    2. Arisa(Bright and Cheery Amnesia)
    1. Chikane and Himeko(Kannazuki no Miko)-I had to put both at #1. I know it’s cheating but for me you can’t have one without the other! they are two havles of the same whole after all! 😀

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  5. This is the only place where KnM actually gets mentioned at all anymore. Feels bad, eh? It was a great series that’s worth remembering. Although I guess the fact that it could’ve been so much better is a reason some people don’t really think about it. I personally think it would’ve been so much better if it hadn’t been a mecha anime. Swordfights are way cooler. But it’s nice to see Chikane get the top spot.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Same – I think they should have focused on something other than a mecha story since that was exactly the weakest part of the whole thing.
      It’s funny, we’re actually writing up a post that involves talking about Kannazuki no Miko. Let’s see when we can finish.

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  6. Pretty solid list except Shizuma (TamaoxNagisa all day!). Personally I couldn’t come up with a top ten fav list since I have so much yuri characters I love and it would probably be impossible to rank them but it is always nice seeing other’s top ten list.

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  7. Wow, nice list as always!
    it’s interesting to see what stayed and the new ones that made an entrance. I especially liked the addition of Hyewon and Mel 😀
    At the same time kinda sad to see a Morinaga Milk character disappear 😦

    Thought I might try something a bit different in listing my favorites (listed in no particular order).
    My Favorite Subtext Characters:
    Kumiko (Euphonium)
    Konatsu (Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru)
    Hikari (Amanchu!)
    Greta (Manaria Friends)
    Yomiko (Read or Die)
    Hibiki (Symphogear)
    Kirika (Noir)
    Rakka (Haibane Renmei)
    Nadeshiko (Yuru Camp)
    Yuuna (Yuki Yuna is a Hero)

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  8. great list lena! these things are definitely really challenging for me since i love so many yuri characters but if i had to choose it would be:
    1. himemiya chikane (chikane definitely my number 1! she is just the best and i got to meet her japanese voice actor recently which made me smile so much!)
    2. fate testarossa (she is totally gay for nanoha and thats the biggest reason why i love her!)
    3. kumakura mariko (mari)
    4. aihara mei (mei grew so much on me over the course of citrus, she definitely had her many challenges and had to come to terms with herself and her love for yuzu and for that i really do love her!)
    5. sakurauchi riko (riko is here cause i love her so much and plus she definitely one of the gayest and cutest members of aqours!)
    6. akemi homura
    7. takayama haruka
    8. nishikino maki
    9. azumi risa
    10. chloe von eizbern (kuro)

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      • yep i got to meet the legendary kawasumi ayako-san the voice behind our very gay and loveable chikane at a convention i went to, i even got to meet shitaya noriko-san too aka ofc himeko! so i met chimeko in real life though not as chimeko but as saber and sakura from the fate franchise as well as ueda kana-san and sugiyama noriaki-san! so i met 4 of the main cast of the fate/stay night series and it was an unforgettable experience, as i got to go to a talk show panel for heaven’s feel and got to see them live voice act scenes from unlimited blade works and the best part is i managed to get kawasumi ayako-san, ueda kana-san and sugiyama noriaki-san’s autographs! i missed out on shitaya-san’s autograph cause the line was cut off but during her Q&A panel i got my questioned answered and she did say she would love to come back some other time so maybe in the near future i can get her autograph! all in all an amazing experience being able to meet my idols ive admired since i was a kid!

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