[Guest Post] Don’t Know What to Read Next? Part 14 – by shade

hino-san no baka yuri manga

Title: Hino-san no Baka (Hino-san is Dummy)
Artist: Kinniku Tarou
Genre: 404: Men Not Found, Blushing, Comedy, Delinquent, School girl, Yuri
Status: Ongoing (12 Chapters)

Class president and overall good girl Koguma is concerned that her classmate Hino often skips classes by spending her time behind one of the school buildings. Koguma feels it’s her duty to guide Hino down a better path, even if it means going along with Hino’s unusual requests.

I just love the way Hino teases Koguma through misdirection that results in her giving in to Hino’s various requests. The playfulness of their back and forth conversations leave me laughing at the end, especially when a frantic Koguma finally gives in. In the end, between Koguma’s dedication to looking after Hino as well as Hino’s ability to pull Koguma along, they are slowly able to close the distance between them. Also, Koguma as a cat is too darn cute! 😀

tadokoro-san yuri manga

Title: Tadokoro-san
Artist: Tatsubon
Genre: Blushing, Comedy, Mangaka, Romance, School girl, Yuri
Status: Ongoing (25 Chapters)

Tadokoro’s mangaka tendencies distance her from the class since she is perceived as a ‘gloomy otaku’.  But it’s her hard-shelled drawing style that lures the class princess Nikaidou into getting intertested in her.

I love the simple but expressive art in this work. With short chapters, things do develop quickly, but they do so at a comfortable pace that makes this easy to take in. It’s just great to see Tadokoro pulled out of her isolated existence by the attention Nikaido showers on her. And while it’s mostly fluff, it does deal with Tadokoro’s history of being bullied. It never hurts to have a totally OP girlfriend that’s looking out for you!

yuri moyou yuri manga

Title: Yuri Moyou
Artist: Hachiko
Genre: 404: Men Not Found, Blushing, Comedy, Yuri
Status: Ongoing (22 Chapters)

The four Sakimiya sisters all have their own love lives to deal with when it comes to being in love with other women. The eldest Ryou is dating her student Hikari, the second sister Serina has feelings for one of her coworkers, the third sister Yuika likes her childhood friend Miu, and the fourth sister Mizuki is going out with Tachibana, an older girl on the basketball team.

What’s most humorous about this series is that the youngest is the most experienced, while the oldest is the least. While each has a different kind of relationship, they also have different personalities to bring to the mix. The eldest being responsible and restrained, the second is patient and persistent, the third being uncertain and a bit dense, and the fourth so bold and dominating. Truly the hot pot of yuri stories!

acceept my fist of love yuri manga

Title: Accept My Fist of Love!
Artist: Murata
Genre: Adult life, Comedy, Delinquent, Yuri
Status: Ongoing (8 Chapters)

From back alley brawls to bashful bonds, two former-delinquents face their next fight: long-term relationships. During her high school years, Takebe was the top dog at her school. But with her old friends now living as happy riajuu, Takebe was faced with an impending sense of crisis.

What happens when two rival delinquents grow up and one still has unrequited feelings for the other? Well, they fight it out, of course! I really like the rough and surly style each of these two have going. What’s more, it brings that “graduating from delinquency” story to the fore for them in their hilarious and awkward struggle to leave it behind them. It’s tough love for the both of them! 😀

swallow tail yuri manga

Title: Swallow Tail
Artist: Tima
Genre: Adult life, Full color, Lots of staring, Yuri
Status: Ongoing (3 Chapters)

Chae-yeon Kang is an established photo model doing a shoot with newcomer Seung-ha Sohn.  Turns out they were childhood friends, and Chae-yeon wasn’t nearly as confident back then when Seung-ha took the lead.

This one’s just getting started with only three chapters so far, but it’s the first series from Tima that has me excited about this one! The pencil sketch style, with the luscious coloring, pulled me in right from the start. It’s pretty early in the story, so we just get introduced to our main characters and a bit of backstory. Still, I really like how the two play off each other, so am planning to keep my eyes on this one.

like a snowfall in spring yuri manga

Title: Like a Snowfall in Spring
Artist: Neji
Genre: Supernatural, Yuri
Status: Completed, 2.5 chapters

Yuki the snow maiden has led a solitary life of dedication for the purpose of taming the dangerous snowy weather for a small town.  She first meets Haru as a frail child who she rescues from a bad fall.  Over time the two meet each winter and as Haru gets to show Yuki new things from the ‘outside world’ so does their feelings for each other grow.

Neji’s style is so distinct and different. This is one of their shorter works, and, of course, it features a human and monster girl relationship. The relationship they share starts with Yuki saving a young Haru, but as their dependence on each other grows, it’s Haru that gets Yuki to give up on selflessness and allows herself to be saved by Haru. Neji really has a knack for storytelling. If you like this one, you should check out their other works.

the shape of happiness

Title: The Shape of Happiness
Artist: Kougi Hiroshi
Genre: Adult life, Chika x Riko, Comedy, Marriage, Romance, Science babies, Yuri
Status: Completed (1 Chapter)

Doujin about Chika and Riko’s slice of home life with their daughter Rika.

This is seriously just a precious peek into what a married Chika and Riko would look like. The two of them are so great together, and between Chika’s antics and Rika’s groundedness, you can’t help but get swept up in the feelings they have for each other. To top it off, Rika is cute as can be!


6 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Don’t Know What to Read Next? Part 14 – by shade

  1. I give this list a 0/10 because I’ve read them all.
    JK 10/10 these are all great stories but I would have added Adachi and Shimamura.
    Haru and Midori is looking promising also, if you don’t mind the age gap. (I love age gap btw, preferably high schooler x college student/young adult under 30)
    I definitely like your top 3 picks, all 10/10…except Tadokoro-san, it’s a 100/10 even with the bully arc (I hope they don’t bring it up again).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!
      I’m really looking forward to the Adachi and Shimamura upcoming anime, as the manga is just starting to get really good. It almost made this list, but at the time I wrote this it was pretty much just getting started, and I didn’t feel like there was enough there to recommend yet (and my list was like way too long 😦 ). Present me would have definitely included it though! 😛

      And yeah, I can’t help but want more of Tadokoro, it just seems to hit in all the right places. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    • Neji really has a great way of pulling you into the worlds they build, it’s just amazing when someone has such great story telling abilities.
      Hope you enjoy the rest of them as much as I did! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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