My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Artists [Updated]

I guess we should continue the trend and keep updating all the old lists. Let’s continue with my favorite artists then. Enjoy!

love live nozoeri nozomo eri eli
10. Mushiyaki (Kanbayashi Makoto)

I know there are a lot of great artists around when it comes to Love Live doujinshi. Actually, thinking about it now, the number seems insane.

Anyway, the one name that pops up in my mind almost immediately when I think about those works, and especially while thinking about one of my all-time favorite couples—namely Nozomi x Eri—is Mushiyaki.

Be it the fact that those works are always cute, funny, and visually stunning, or maybe it’s the fact that I think this artist captures the relationship between the characters just perfectly. Well, certainly the occasional NSFW content helps me enjoy this to a certain degree too. 😛

hiiragi yutaka yuri doujinshi
9. Hiiragi Yutaka

Arguably, we could say that Hiiragi Yutaka’s most recent work, the one you see in the picture above, might not be the best, yuri-wise. We get a lot of yuri subtext, and the art is (of course) as beautiful as ever, but I’m sure longtime visitors of this blog know that this might not be the reason why I love this artist so much.

The glorious days of seeing glimpses of Hiyoko and Sato’s love life might be over, but, oh man, the few works we got were simply mind-blowing. Yeah, I know, we all see the pattern. Lena loves some good smut, but I’m arguably very, very picky when it comes to that.

Seeing how much I enjoyed these and still hope for a continuation is the highest praise you can get from me. 😛

milk morinaga girl friends yuri manga
8. Milk Morinaga

Milk Morinaga is considered to be something like the yuri manga queen, and to some extent, I agree with that. Girl Friends has been, and probably still is, one of the greatest yuri manga for many of us.

In my eyes, this masterpiece still hasn’t been topped by too many other manga, and there surely is a lot of competition out there. However, the fact that this one manga is so great doesn’t help the fact that her newer ones can’t really live up to it. I’m still waiting for another one by Milk Morinaga that at least comes close to her two greatest works, Girl Friends and Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink.

Nevertheless, this artist knows how to write a good story, and despite the fact that her most recent ones in my eyes can’t live up to my two favorites, it doesn’t mean that her other works aren’t great as well~

ratana satis pulse yuri manga
7. Ratana Satis

Oh, how much I fell in love with this artist over the past few years. First, the glorious Lily Love, followed by one of my of my all-time favorites, Pulse, and then to top it all off, we get Lily Love 2.

I consider all three of those to be some of the greatest works out there. Well, we of course have to admit that this artist likes to draw stories that are more on the (overly) dramatic side. Then again, good drama can make the underlying love story all the better, and Ratana Satis surely proved that to be true. More please!

amano shuninta yuri manga
6. Amano Shuninta

Unlike Milk Morinaga, this artist always releases works that are on the same level of awesome. In this case, however, I’m still waiting for that one work that will completely sweep me off my feet, and I’m pretty sure that an artist like Amano Shuninta is capable of doing so.

But with that said, please don’t get me wrong. So far, I loved all of what she’s released, and that alone makes her a great artist in my eyes.

Lately, I guess we haven’t see much of her, and I think Touma-kun is probably her most recent work and admittedly not my favorite. However, I’m confident that she’ll soon surprise us with something new and exciting, and I’ll surely be ready for that!

bloom into you yuri manga nakatani nio
5. Nakatani Nio (Rireba)

It’s weird. I bet most of you only know Nakatani Nio thanks to having watched or read Bloom Into You.

What I know this artist as, however, is Rireba, which is the name she used while delivering top notch yuri doujinshi, back in the day. Mostly known for her Touhou and Kantai Collection doujinshi, she surely made a big impression on me with titles like Nagi wo Matsu, and, of course, her collection of Touhou stories named Relation Valley.

I mean, Bloom Into You is great and all, but for me, my love for this artist just started way before that. Even to this day, I treasure these works dearly, and I hope that even after the big success Bloom Into You has proven to be, we will still see some more doujinshi of this great artist in the future.

minase ruruu yuri manga
4. Minase Ruruu

I think I’ve never fallen in love with an artist faster than I did with Minase Ruruu. It took me no more than one of her works to not only fall in love with her art, but also with the way she manages to simply get the story across to the reader.

Her works always show the same awesome themes. We see two girls falling in love, which is quickly followed by some sexiness. The great thing about it is that even though Minase depicts some pretty sexual actions, it usually never crosses the line, and it just teases us in just the right way.

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since Minase released a new yuri work, but I sure hope that it won’t take that long until we’ll get a new one.

tokoharu nanofate yuri doujinshi
3. Tokoharu

I know. This artist hasn’t been active in years now, and I doubt that we will actually see new (yuri) works in the future. Still, I can’t stop hoping that Tokoharu will rise from the dead and bless us with some more of these ultra cute NanoFate doujinshi that I love so much.

Well, in this case, I wouldn’t even mind if this artist decided to draw some doujinshi for completely different pairings as well. As long as they are as adorable as Tokoharu’s previous works, and, of course, stay on the yuri side of things, I’m totally fine with it.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out works like Sweetest Love, Harmony, or Love Countdown. Actually, just check them all out!

shinoasa vivit gray mokokeine yuri doujinshi touhou
2. Shinoasa (Vivit Gray)

Shinoasa has pretty much stayed at the pole position of many, many of my top ten lists for years now. I guess you could say it was about time someone else took the crown. However, I doubt this artist will ever leave my top three, since even after years, I’m still stunned with how someone can write such perfect stories.

Well, unfortunately, Shinoasa has changed two crucial things over the past few years. One, not all of his/her works are MokouKeine-related anymore. Hell, I even remember one original hetero doujin that was released in the past. Secondly, this artist, alongside many other great ones, seems to have vanished. No more heartwarming MokouKeine works, and in general, no new releases at all, which is a freaking shame.

Maybe this artist is now publishing works under a different name, and maybe those might not even be yuri ones anymore. In any case, I really hope to see Shinoasa return to us in the future.

nekomura akaga kancolle yuri doujinshi
1. Nekomura

Are you surprised? Probably not. 😀

I could literally go on a one-hour rant, just going on and on about why I love this artist so much. But let’s not overdo it, and let’s do a simple check-list to see what Nekomura brings to the table here.

  • A stunning art style? Check.
  • Doujinshi about the best pairing in history? Check.
  • Quality NSFW content? Check.
  • Heartwarming stories? Check.
  • Being able to do both original stories and doujinshi? Check.
  • Picking up the right pairings over time? Check.
  • Is still an active yuri artist? CHECK!

Hell, this artist is the whole reason why I even fell in love with Akagi and Kaga in the first place, and it is a shame that there is not a thousand more works by her available.

The best part, however, is the fact that Nekomura is still an active yuri artist that can do both original works and doujinshi, and I just love that!

Plus, I saw her in person, and oh boy, she is a cutie. 😛

I wanted to name so many more artists, but I decided for a Top 10, instead of a Top 100.

Just for convenience, here are some of the artists that at least came close to my top ten.

Nanzaki Iku
Team Gaji
Ooshima Tomo
Momono Moto
Kang Unnie
and so many more!


5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Artists [Updated]

  1. It’s pretty rare to find an artist who puts out great work consistently. Lots of examples of artists with one or two hits, or who only seem to have one, maybe two titles under their name.

    Oddly enough, most of my favourites are done by these one-off artists, rather than those who consistently output quality work. (Though that’s probably just statistics at play)

    Still, the baseline quality attached to names like these always gets me excited when I see they’ve released something new. I’d throw Tamamusi, Nishi Uko, Tima and few others names into the mix.

    Maybe “Artists who I’d love to see draw more Yuri at some point cause that one time they did it was excellent” could be another list. Or an “Up and coming newcomers” list, for artists still working on their first series who haven’t yet a made for themselves but have a lot of promise.


  2. Another reduxed list! 😀 A few of my own favorites are on your list: Morinaga Milk, Amano Shuninta, Minase Ruruu and Hiiragi Yutaka. It sucks Minase Ruruu hasen’t done any yuri in a long time though. Anyway here are my top 10 yuri authors:

    10. Takemiya Jin
    9. Minamoto Hisanari
    8. Mira
    7. Kodama Naoko
    6. Amano Shuninta
    5. Morinaga Milk
    4. Kurogane Ken
    3. Morishima Akiko
    2. Ogino Jun
    1. Tamamusi

    Honorable Mentions are Saburouta, Tachi (tabbo), Namori, Hattori Mitsuru, Asagi Ryuu, Kishi Torajirou, Amagakure Gido, Satoshi Urushihara, Nagashiro Rouge.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh wow, I totally forgot about those stories by Hiiragi, thanks for that, rereading that four part story again was just what I needed!

    Glad Morinaga made the list once again, I wish she would get her mojo back and floor us with something new. Still we always will have so many classics from her to enjoy. 😀

    Nekomura is such a visual delight, almost like your eyes just devour the page from corner to corner. And a big thank you for scanalating so many of her works! 😀


  4. another amazing list lena! its nice to see doujin artists on the list! im surprised saburo uta-sensei isnt here, she is definitely one of my favorite yuri artists, her art just conveys so much emotion and i just love the way it looks too, just so beautiful!


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