Yuri News Update: November 2019

The year is almost over (thank goodness), but there’s still more yuri news to report, so let’s begin.

shoujo kageki revue starlight anime film

Let’s kick things off with some awesome news. One of the most pleasant yuri surprises in recent years, Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight, will be getting TWO anime films. One is your standard compilation film (which will open in summer 2020), but we can also look forward to a brand-new entry in the series. Check out the short announcement video.

After years of stale music anime, Revue Starlight came along and really shook things up, and to me, it ended up being a lot more entertaining than the likes of Love Live! and The iDOLM@STER. It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes, but if this new movie doesn’t result in a two-on-one Karen and Hikari versus Kirin duel, I’m gonna be pretty upset. 😛

flag time fragtime ova

In anticipation of this week’s debut of the Flag Time anime film, the first five minutes have been posted online. So even though there aren’t subtitles, let’s kick back and enjoy.

I’m one of those terrible people that hasn’t read the manga (even though I’ve heard enough about it to know what it was about), so it was nice to experience it this way. Since it’s from many of the same people that brought us the Kase-san. OVA, there’s no reason for this not to be the yuri anime of the year (it helps that it has practically no competition), and I’m certainly looking forward to eventually watching this in its entirety.

And staying on topic, the good folks at Sentai Filmworks have done us the favor of licensing this, so expect a home release sometime in 2020. Thanks, you guys!

kancolle zoku-hen season 2

How long has it been since the first season of KanColle? ALMOST FIVE YEARS?! Considering many of us were expecting the teased second season around three or four years ago, it’s just crazy that we’re still waiting at the end of 2019. Anyway, there was a lot of doubt about whether a second season would even happen at all, but the leaked footage from earlier this year put any doubt to rest, and now Kadokawa has officially confirmed that the second season is indeed still in production.

Azur Lane is currently scratching that ship girl itch for a lot of people, but we all know that there’s only one true Akaga, so whenever it finally premieres, it should be nice to get to see some of these characters again.

kiniro mosaic manga

Next up, it lately seems like we’re always talking about a yuri/yuri-ish manga that’s ending. This month, that yuri-ish manga is Kiniro Mosaic, which will be ending its 10-year run in four chapters. The manga launched in 2010, and thanks to two anime seasons and a movie, it’s been one of my favorite comedy/slice of life series out there, so it’s gonna be bittersweet to see it go.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and get another anime season or at least an OVA, but either way, it’s been a good run, and I salute you for all the good times you’ve provided to us, Karen. *salutes*

highway blossoms next exit

On to some visual novel news now. If you were craving more Highway Blossoms, you have something to look forward to in 2020. Highway Blossoms – Next Exit is the all-new DLC that’s set a month after the original. It sees the return of the original’s voice actors, so if you weren’t already, I think it’s time to get hyped.

jun ogino yuri manga

Lastly, Gamma fans rejoice! Jun Ogino is returning with an action yuri manga that’ll may or may not be a continuation of this one-shot, but even if it’s not, the world could always use more big-boobed battles, so I say bring it on!

This new series is in the January issue of Yuri Hime—which went on sale this week—so maybe a translation will be coming our way pretty soon. As is often the case, thanks for shadesan for bringing this to our attention.


27 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: November 2019

  1. Wow I got shivers from that Revue Starlight trailer! I am so excited to be getting new movies, even the compilation one seems interesting since it seems to be in Nanas POV. I would kinda be surprised if the new-new film has the other three schools (from the mobile game) in it.


    • I kind of miss that show. It was hard to understand at times, but it felt like a big deal, and it was so different from pretty much every other music show. And all those yuri pairings weren’t bad either~


  2. When they kill that retarded giraffe i will see more of revue starlight , the show could have been far better without it
    Listing visual novels or other games with yuri is good too


    • I’m still waiting for some mysterious and great explanation as to why he’s there, but maybe it’ll make all the sense in the world and everyone will love (or hate) it all of a sudden.

      He could be this anime’s Kyuubey and use the girls he pushed into competing into an evil idol group! Okay, seems the great explanation won’t be coming from me… 😀


    • A retarded Giraffe is hardly the strangest creature to turn up in an anime.
      Have not seen revue starlight, so would like to know if it is worth seeing or not.
      Can you go into more detail? The trailers and The Rock’s comments seem to make it interesting.


      • I liked it. I’m terrible with describing things, and I’m sure you’d find a trailer more informative, but it’s kind of what would happen if you were to combine the imagery and (to a lesser extent) symbolism of Utena set against the backdrop of an elite music academy, a competition that’s supposed to involve song and dance but somehow instead involves weapons, several yuri pairings… and a talking giraffe.

        *looks at that monstrosity of a synopsis that I created*

        Yup. It’s official. I suck at describing things. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The wait for the Flag Time was brutal but it’s finally here! NOW we just have to wait for the home release next year! 😛 The OVA looks great though!

    I think that new Ogino Jun yuri manga is a re imagining of the one shot released some time ago rather than a continuation. Either way i am interested to see how the story and yuri goes! And I agree, we are long overdue for more big boobed battles! 😀


    • The only good thing about it debuting so late in the year is that it’s gonna make next year seem a little better, since that’s when most of us will actually get to see it. 😛

      The only thing I’ve read is Shitsurakuen, so maybe if I were to give this one a chance, I might like it as well. You never know… 😛

      Liked by 2 people

    • I’m totally the wrong person to ask for that… 😀

      But since we’re always open to guest reviews, you could always write one yourself and we could publish it on here. Or if anyone else wanted to do it. 😛


  4. Still waiting for Flag Time(sigh), any day now hopefully. With this anime season being so bad, right now is a good time to pick up Revue Starlight again and finish it, since I hear a lot of good things from it aside from the giraffe.


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