Yuri News Update: March 2020

This may be the biggest Yuri News Update in our history, so I’ll stop yapping and begin. 😛

otherside picnic yuri anime

First up, we finally have another anime adaptation to talk about! Otherside Picnic, a sci-fi yuri novel series with survival horror elements, is what will be making the jump to anime form, and even though I’ve never heard of it before (big surprise :P), I’m hyped. A major reason for that is because of the director, Takuya Satou. If that name rings a bell, it should, considering he directed Asagao to Kase-san., Flag Time, and served as chief director on a little series called Steins;Gate.

In case you’re like me and aren’t familiar with Otherside Picnic, here’s the synopsis from J-Novel Club:

Her first encounter with Toriko Nishina was on the Otherside after seeing “that thing” and nearly dying. Ever since that day, exhausted university student Sorawo Kamikoshi’s life changed. In this Otherworld, full of mystery, which exists alongside our own, dangerous beings like the Kunekune and Hasshaku-sama that are spoken of in real ghost stories appear. For research, for profit, and to find an important person, Toriko and Sorao set foot into the abnormal.

LIDENFILMS and Felix Film will spearhead the production, and even though I’ve heard people refer to OP as more sci-fi than yuri, this sounds like it could be something a little different than what we’re used to.

The J-Novel Club forums led me to this very interesting interview that Otherside Picnic creator Iori Miyazawa did back in 2018 in which he goes in-depth about yuri, and it’s hard not to root for this guy! It sounds like he just “gets it”, so I hope the anime adaptation will bring him more recognition.

Later on in this post, I mention how we need more supernatural-themed yuri, and that applies tenfold for sci-fi. I don’t mean something like Symphogear or Strike Witches, but instead, something more… substantial. And this just might be it~

Can we get a QUALIA the Purple anime now? 😛

princess principal crown handler

From one highly anticipated anime to another, we now have our first look at the trailer for the first movie in the Princess Principal hexology, Princess Principal: Crown Handler. Take a look~

The movie premieres in April in Japan, so it should take a while for it to make it to our shores, but I’m already really hyped for this. The TV anime was surprisingly good, and with a pairing like Ange x Charlotte, this was probably one of the most enjoyable yuri-ish anime of the last few years. Let’s cross our fingers that these six movies won’t take forever to come out, but either way, prepare to hear a lot more about Princess Principal in the next couple of years.

summer at the edge of the universe yuri visual novel

Moving on, in last month’s Yuri News Update, we brought you the news of Studio Élan‘s newest yuri visual novel, and now they’ve pulled back the curtain and officially unveiled the project.

On the game’s official site, Studio Élan has provided some more details, including the synopsis of the story.

Take to the stars with Summer Nansen and her friends on an intergalactic adventure to the very boundaries of existence!

After drifting apart for several years, a chance encounter brings four best friends back together for the journey of a lifetime. For Summer Nansen (CV: Hikaru Station), this trip is not only a chance to rekindle old friendships, but also to discover what it is she wants out of life. Alongside a new robot friend named Curiosity, the four girls travel from planet to planet, exploring the natural wonders and diverse alien cultures that they come across. Their journey culminates at the borderline of existence itself: the very edge of the universe.

Also from the site:

The game features three routes, each centered around one of Summer’s friends. Every route contains both romantic and platonic endings. More fantasy than sci-fi, Summer aims to be a positive and uplifting experience, with one of the core tenets for the game being “good vibes only.”

Speaking of those three friends, in case you missed them, here are the video teasers for Quinn, Hanna, and Izzy.

Among the yuri visual novels that we usually hear about, I love how unique this one is sounding, and I think the sci-fi setting definitely helps Summer stand out from the pack. It’s unfortunate we’ll have to wait until 2021 for this, but between this and Lock & Key, everyone should be taking notice of the awesome things that Studio Élan is doing.

without a voice yuri visual novel

Further proof of the awesome things that Studio Élan is doing, later this month, their Bellhouse publishing wing will be releasing a yuri visual novel by developer L³ titled Without a Voice, and the best part of all? It’s free!

Here’s the synopsis from the game’s official page:

In the depths of a dark and unforgiving forest, an exiled princess whiles her time in solitude. For a girl raised in the lap of comfort, the woods are impossibly harsh, and day-to-day survival is the most she can manage. One day, however, a mysterious, beautiful maiden appears, throwing her world out of its already delicate alignment. The princess is instantly captivated by this stranger, and begins to fancy herself the heroine of a fairytale, even as the maiden proves herself to be less and less of a fantasy.

Foolish princess. She should know by now that her life is no fairytale.

In seven days, the wheel of fate will splinter. Seven days, for better or worse…

Also from the official page, Without a Voice features over 15,000 words, 8 endings, and 12 event illustrations. So there’s really no reason NOT to get this when this releases next week. The game is free, but if you want to support the creators, a $5 artbook DLC will be released on Steam, which you can also get on itch.io with any pay what you want amount over $5.

But wait, there’s more! In case you missed it, Bellhouse’s first title is titled First Snow, and like WaV, this yuri VN is also free.

From this game’s official page, here’s the synopsis.

Having moved away from her friends and family to attend community college, Allison Merlo is a fresh student struggling with the day to day challenges of life.

Faced not only with living independently for the first time, but also having to get past her nerves to find new friends in an unfamiliar environment, she finds herself falling in with a group of eccentric writers and artists.

As she pushes through this new stage in her life, the art of the cold and enigmatic Eileen Turner takes her attention, setting her on a course she never expected.

The game is a prequel spinoff of another VN, Twofold, and the Steam page is already up, so go on and add it to your wish list already. Studio Élan has also released a short teaser video that you can see below.


vlad love yuri anime

For yuri fans, perhaps the most intriguing anime of 2020 looks to be Mamoru Oshii’s new project, Vlad Love. Thus far, details have been pretty hard to come by, but ahead of the series’ October debut, we’re slowly starting to learn more about this show. These newest bits of info include a look at a couple of the main characters.

From the official site (translated by ANN), Mitsugu and Mai are described as follows. “She is in the second year of high school and is passionate about donating blood. Because she has very exceptional type chimera blood, her blood is hardly useful for other people. She safeguards Mai, a beautiful vampire girl who she happens to meet, and struggles to get blood for the hungry girl. She sets up the Blood Donation Club at school and assumes the post of its captain.”

I’m already liking how this anime is sounding, and even though it doesn’t really benefit anyone outside of Japan, there’s also a contest where people can guess Mitsugu’s voice actress in order to win a spot in a lottery that’ll send them to a screening event. Here’s a sneak peek of what she’ll sound like.

Hopefully this anime will be much better than Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san, and hopefully this leads to even more supernatural yuri anime in the future~

assault lily bouquet anime

Keeping with the anime theme, we have Assault Lily: Bouquet to look forward to this summer, and we recently got another peek at this anime in the form of another teaser video. Let’s take a look.

To be honest, I think this kind of looks and sounds like it’s going to be pretty run-of-the-mill (I’m getting some Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka vibes), but it’s Shaft we’re talking about here, so I’m already mentally prepared to be wrong about that. And with a name like Assault Lily, this anime should have that sweet sweet yuri that we crave, so can we just skip the spring season altogether? 😛

canno goukaku no tameni yuri manga

Next up, fans of A Kiss and a White Lily have something new to be excited about. Canno’s new yuri manga, Goukaku no Tameni! Yasashi Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon, recently began its run, and with an English translation like An Easy Introduction to Love Triangles, it’s pretty clear what this is about. But in case you need more convincing, here’s the synopsis from Baka-Updates and a couple of other pix~

Middle-schooler Mayuki wants to enter Ohtomo high school to join her beloved senpai Akira. Problem is: her grades are so terrible there’s no way she can make it into such a high level school.

Thus her mother hires a high school girl named Rin as a private teacher to help her daughter. Seeing how the girl looks so much more mature than her, Mayuki ends up asking Rin to teach her more than just school subjects…

canno goukaku no tameni yuri manga

canno goukaku no tameni yuri manga

Easy to like, no? A Kiss and a White Lily already made it onto our Don’t Know What to Read Next? series of recommendations, and it’s probably only a matter of time before this manga makes it on there as well. Bravo, Canno! Bravo!

love bakudan yuri visual novel

We’ve already covered a few yuri visual novels so far, but none that are NSFW… until now. Noodletub Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for LOVE BAKUDAN, and with twelve days to go, as of this writing, it’s still a little short of their goal.

You can help make the project a reality at the game’s Kickstarter page, and that’s where you’ll find the following synopsis of the story.

Receiving a letter in the mail is almost never a good thing. Almost.

Between bills, bad news and junk mail, nobody in the modern age cares to keep up with what gets shoved into their mailboxes. But our protagonist, Haruka Mishima, receives a bittersweet letter that changes her life forever; her cheeky grandmother has just passed away, but with her passing comes an inheritance to a very particular type of bookstore, located back in her hometown of Akiyama.

The type of books this place sells? Erotic ones, of course!
Bakudan Books has been in the Mishima family for generations. The store is located in a particular area that quickly became Akiyama’s local red light district, filled to the brim with hedonistic living everywhere you looked. Haruka’s parents saw what the area surrounding their home was becoming, and quickly moved somewhere a bit less risqué – leaving the once tame family business in dear ol’ granny’s capable, smut loving hands.

One shameless rebranding later, the rest is history!

Haruka’s going to meet faces new and old upon returning back to town, not to mention the gorgeous women who frequent the store; dying for their own chance at love… could Haruka turn out to be the one they’ve been looking for all this time?

Whoever said you can’t mix business with pleasure clearly didn’t run a store like Bakudan Books!

I’ll never look at a Barnes & Noble the same way again! But seriously, this sounds like another interesting (potential) addition to the evergrowing library of yuri visual novels, so let’s hope that Noodletub Games reaches their goal~

the conditions of paradise yuri manga

Lately, Seven Seas has been absolutely killing it with how many yuri manga it’s been licensing, and don’t look now, but it’s at it again. Last month, on Valentine’s Day no less, it announced that they were licensing a double dose of Akiko Morishima goodness, The Conditions of Paradise: Our First Time and The Conditions of Paradise: Azure Dream.

Here’s what Seven Seas had to say:

In The Conditions of Paradise: Our First Time, a collection of manga tales about multiple lesbian couples, time turns back to when love was new…and how things led to how they are today. The Conditions of Paradise: Azure Dream is another collection of manga stories exploring adult women balancing work, life, and their love for each other. Influential manga creator Akiko Morishima, the artist behind Yuri Bear Storm and Hanjuku Joshi, is known in Japan for her long history in the yuri genre, and Seven Seas is pleased to be expanding the company’s publication of The Conditions of Paradise from a single volume to a robust trilogy.

Our First Time will be released in North America (in print and digital) in September, while Azure Dream will follow in November. And each will be released in a single volume, in case you were wondering. If you remember, last year, Seven Seas licensed The Conditions of Paradise, so just as it’s fixing to arrive, Seven Seas goes ahead and sweetens the deal even further. All hail Seven Seas!

If you’re a fan of NSFW yuri doujins, you have to be familiar with Mira, aka Peachpulsar. She’s long been releasing all sorts of sex-filled works, and it looks that all that lewdness is paying off. Irodori Comics recently announced that they’ll be publishing her works, with Dream-Colored Replica, Seinaru Chichi no Elf Hime, She loves me so much it bothers me, and Show Me How You Do It featured prominently in the tweet.

Who knows if this will include works besides those four that are shown, but either way, it’s nice that fans will get the chance to own her wares and still support her at the same time. We’ve already talked glowingly about what she has to offer, and now, even more people will get to experience it for themselves~

flag time yuri anime

After the studio behind Flag Time fell off the map, only to re-emerge and announce that they were filing for bankruptcy, a lot of people were wondering what (if anything) that meant for the home release of the OVA, and now, we now what. It turns out that Flag Time will indeed arrive on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan this May, and since Sentai Filmworks had already licensed the project, it’s safe to say that it should definitely be making its way to the West at some point.

There’s been so much drama surrounding this project that it’s almost overshadowed the movie itself, and that’s unfortunate, given how this was supposed to be 2019’s biggest yuri release. Anyway, I’m just glad that we’re one step closer to finally being able to watch this for ourselves, and hopefully those animators can finally get paid now. 😛

tamayomi anime

Lastly, it’s not yet known if Tamayomi will be a yuri-ish anime or not, but let’s include the story anyway! The baseball anime that’ll premiere next month recently had it’s first teaser video hit the webz, and somehow, I’m already more interested in baseball than I’ve ever been! 😀

After Studio A-CAT’s flirtations with CG during Frame Arms Girl and Choukadou Girl ⅙, some people were worried that this might be CG as well, but luckily, that’s not the case. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of sports anime, but how many baseball anime can you name that feature girls? I don’t know of any others, so it’s nice to get something a little different.

17 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: March 2020

  1. On Otherside Picnic, I’ve always wanted a yuri where the main plot is actually not the yuri, but the protagonist is still a woman with clear romantic interest in women (and hopefully has/gets one, of course <3), so that sounds quite exciting for me. I know there are titles people would point out that are supposedly like that, but none of them are yuri *enough*, so to speak, for what I'm talking about.

    And wow, that really was a lot of stuff this time. I don't know how my wallet is supposed to keep up with all of this!


    • I also like anime like that. Sometimes, it feels like more time is spent on the romantic relationship at the expense of the rest of the story. And that includes Simoun? It has plenty of yuri, but I think the main plot is definitely strong enough to stand on its own.


  2. So many interesting new VN’s coming soon and soo litle time… oh well i’ll find some room on my schedule for sure 🙂


  3. Gonna look forward to seeing more about Otherside Picnic , i have to finish Princess Principal since i keep hearing about , Vlad Love looks interesting too.
    Assault lily 😏 , i like seeing it as it’s own thing , it is from the studio of Madoka Magica do that is a billion points more (can we give praise to that studio for making amazing yuri and not failing? AND over the years) , the transforming weapons i fucking loved it (in games i try to play as much as that type as i can haha) , im totally watching it (i finally saw a trailer from it).
    I still have to check Flag Time.
    This list had a lot of animes i want to watch haha.
    I might be harsh with Magia Record anime but it is because the game story is amazing (except for minimal details that are personal preference for me) but i have to say that for example anime Felicia is WAY better than the game version (The game is like an insane tier visual novel now that i think about it)
    Talking about Yuri vampires , have you seen Vampeerz? I mentioned a few times haha , i like it a lot and keeps getting better


  4. so late to this news update but I am so glad to see lots of new yuri stuff coming our way!

    Definitely want to check out Otherside Picnic. Would be nice to get more sci-fi yuri like this! Might check out the visual novels too.

    Seeing a few of Morishima Akiko’s manga get licensed is a dream come true. Already got my copy of Conditions of Paradise, can’t wait for the others! now if we could just get Hanjuku Joshi released too…

    Was pretty shocked to see Mira’s hentai stuff getting licensed for release, and I have to say, I love the future! 😀 Hopefully this will open the door for more licenses from authors like Mira, maybe Kurogane Ken perhaps?

    I am glad we are still getting the Flag Time anime. When I heard the studio behind it shut down I was pretty worried. We will also be getting the manga still too! Hopefully next month’s news update will be just as good as this one!


  5. For the record, this isn’t the first girls’ baseball anime/manga. There have been a couple more, but the definitive one is Princess Nine. (Haven’t seen it, so I don’t know if it’s any good, but the clever title got my attention.)


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