Anime Spring Season 2020: First Impressions

2020 spring anime season

It’s that time of the year again, so enjoy our First Impressions of the 2020 spring anime season that just started~

Studio: Trigger • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Super Power

BNA anime brand new animal
Thanks to Kill la Kill, I’ll almost always be interested when Trigger comes out with a new anime, so it was an easy decision to pick up BNA. Between this and Beaststars, it seems that anthropomorphic animal person anime is in style lately, but unlike Beaststars, this seems to be about the volatile relationship between humans and beastmen. It didn’t take long for violence to flare up between the two sides, with our dear protagonist (and tanuki girl), Michiru, caught in the middle.

Even in the supposed safe haven of Anima City, there’s already some backstabbing and shady dealings going on, and I’m expecting a whole lot more of that in future episodes. Like all Trigger anime, BNA isn’t lacking in style points, and although we only got a glimpse of it in this first episode, I’m expecting the action to be over-the-top and chaotic, just how I like it. Also, I got some Zootopia vibes for a minute, and since I love that movie, I’ll at least keep watching for a bit. That said, I don’t always finish non-yuri shows that I pick up, so BNA has some work to do in order to win me over. The first six episodes of this anime dropped all at once, so I should find out pretty early on if this is worth my time. For old times’ sake, let’s hope that Trigger once again saves anime~

Kaguya-sama: Love is War 2nd Season
Studio: A-1 Pictures • Genre: Comedy, Psychological, Romance, School

kaguya-sama love is war 2nd season
THIS. This is what I’ve been waiting for. The first season of Kaguya-sama was a huge surprise, so if there was one thing I was sure about for this season, it was that this was going to fun. Lo and behold, the second season of Kaguya-sama hit the ground running and is already in midseason form. Like before, episodes consist of several segments, and just like before, all of the segments in this episode produced plenty of laughs.

Kaguya and Shirogane are still trying to get the other to admit that they’re in love, and even though their tactics are genius, of course they continue to backfire in the funniest ways. After more than a dozen episodes now, you might think the the comedy and (ill-fated) romance would start to grow repetitive or predictable, yet that doesn’t seem to the case yet. As far as romcoms go, this series is probably one of the best that I’ve seen, and I especially liked how this first episode incorporated the entire cast of characters. It’s only like five characters, but they’re awesome and their chemistry is great, so I’d just put them all together as much as possible. And even the great narrator is back!

In case you’re wondering, Kaguya and Chika got married… in a board game, so that explains that pic. It’s just for a laugh, so for anyone who’s not familiar with this show, that’s not a good representation of what to expect (but the pic was too good not to include). A yuri blog can’t be the best place to heap praise on a het romcom, but I can’t help it. This series is hilarious, and even though it’s only one episode, there’s no reason to think that season two won’t (at least) be just as good as the first season.

Studio: MAPPA • Genre: Action, Mecha, Music, Sci-Fi

listeners anime
I don’t know why I picked up this show. Probably had to do with it coming from MAPPA, but more or less, this original anime seems to be about “players” using mechs and the power of rock music to fight monsters. Seems kind of strange but intriguing. This first episode spent the majority of its run time getting us acquainted with the two main characters, Echo and Myuu, but business picked up at the end, and this became a lot more interesting to me.

A lot of the time, music anime seems like it’s just idol anime, so I like that the musical aspects are pretty different than what we’re used to. Thus far, the role of music hasn’t been totally explained, and the two main characters seemed decent at best, yet I think this anime has some potential. I’m not a big fan of mecha anime, but besides in Listeners, I can’t say I’ve ever seen an amp transform into a mech before, so this might not be your typical mecha anime. In another subpar anime season, I might as well give this one a shot. And did I spot Prince in the ED?

Studio: Studio A-CAT • Genre: School, Sports

tamayomi anime
First off, I should probably mention that I don’t like baseball at all. Never have, never will. That said, I did use to watch college softball on TV, but baseball (and variations of it) just isn’t for me. Anyway, I wasn’t really expecting a lot from Tamayomi (except for some yuri subtext), but I don’t think this first episode made a very good first impression on me. As expected, Studio A-CAT doesn’t impress with their production values… or much else.

Compared to something like Harukana Receive, the first episode of Tamayomi seems like it might be more serious about sport than that anime (even though it’s far more saccharine), but to me, this seemed pretty cliché and boring. Like the recent Koisuru Asteroid, the two main characters, Tamaki and Yomi, reunite after many years and made a promise when they were young. Seems pretty typical, yet I had practically no interest in either Tama or Yomi. In fact, I liked the twins more than the two main characters. This whole setup just seemed overly cute and bland for my tastes, and I think the same can be said about the characters.

At least there was some subtext in this first episode, and that might end up being what makes me keep watching. I’m ultimately not really expecting anything more than some strong friendship vibes between Tama and Yomi, however, this season seems mediocre enough that that might not be too bad. There have been a decent amount of girls-centric sporty anime in recent years (Harukana Receive, Kandagawa Jet Girls, Hanebado!, etc.), but at first glance, I’m not confident that Tamayomi has as much going for it as those shows.


13 thoughts on “Anime Spring Season 2020: First Impressions

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Kaguya-sama is absolutely hilarious and one of my fav of fav’s! But Kag is a Het rom-com as you state and with regard to the Yuri genre, this first impression is not cause for any great hope. I hope 2020 is not just another 2019.


  2. Damn, TamaYomi is such a painful let down. Where do I even begin with this, the art in the anime looks butt-ugly, characters are bland and some with annoyingly high-pitched voices or just downright one-note (looking at you Baseball fan-girl). Honestly I’m just watching this show to siphon its Lesbian Energy and nothing else, my hype was completely demolish after the 1st episode.

    Damn, come to think of it, Love Live SIP had waaaaay more characters and personality than modern day Girl’s Club anime.

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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like the voices. Yomi’s voice especially got on my nerves. Just like you said, too high-pitched and cheery for my taste.

      And that’s why you gotta set your expectations low, in yuri-ish anime and in life. It’s what I live by. 😀

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  3. Tough season to fill in COVID.

    If anything, the Otome Destruction Flag Villainess anime is starting to look okay in comparison to this season’s yuri offerings. But it’s from Bofuri’s producers, is another isekai-based show with a Mary Sue, and only yuri subtext with a bi-harem scenario. Do you want to get hurt Bofuri-esque again?


    • I’m a glutton for punishment, man! 😀

      There are such few things I’m watching/planning to watch this season that maybe I’ll take one for the team and watch it. It can’t really be more disappointing than BOFURI, right? 😀


  4. The love is war is yuri?
    I heard there is canon yuri incest in kill la kill but dropped it way before because i found it annoying
    I forgot it is a new season already lol , ill check the seasonal anime list to see if there is something interesting

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  5. The marriage between Kaguya and Chika which is quoted by The Rock above is indeed canon. It is real and it happens at least in the dream world of Miss Kaguya. You know times are tough when one must depend on the dreams of dream-like characters in an imaginary story. EP2 of S2 (The Birthday Cakie) which just aired a couple of days ago, has to be one of the funniest things, laugh out loud, fall down funny funny ever.
    Desperate times require desperate measures!


    • I forgot to watch the second episode over the weekend. Once I finish this week’s post, I’ll have to make up for that. And since you mentioned it, my expectations are now super high! I hope you’re right about that. 😀

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      • Sorry but I made a major error (and I never do that (Fantasy Element in his thoughts))! The marriage quote does not take place in S2 EP2 but rather in S2 EP1 where the gang is playing Fujiwara’s card game and Kaguya lands on the marriage card, but because she earlier pulled the “Distrust’s all men” card, she has to marry Fujiwara. As a result, Kaguya imagines being married to Fujiwara which is the image in question. So it does not come from Kaguya’s dreams bur rather from her imagination. Still canon but from a different source. So sorry to build such hope, still EP2 is marvelous funny.


  6. One Spring entry you might take a look at is “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” Sort of a Isekai version of “Kiss him, not me” and its somewhat juvenile but it has real Yuri moments. Older woman caught in this game as a young princess pursued by 4 handsome guys and two pretty girls. All the known play routes end in doom. Protag has to maneuver to avoid. But the relationships between the girls is very well done, and rather cute. Not great, but desperate times, require desperate choices!


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